Hasta siempre, maestro!

Posted by Juan Carlos Yáñez Velazco

Me gusta recordar a los grandes maestros, siempre.  A los maestros, maestras que son inspiración, luz, esperanza. Y hoy en México es un día especial para ello, pues se festeja el día del maestro. Por eso quiero compartir un fragmento dedicado a un educador entrañable, a Paulo Freire.


Menuda estampa nordestina,
hombre humano hombre-honesto hombre al día,
al compás de cada tiempo y lugar históricos,
al ritmo de los hombres y mujeres reales,
de todas partes y de todos los días.
Como el sol del sertâo pernambucano,
lo iluminaste todo.

Abriste entonces con los demás los nuevos cauces
a una educación como práctica de la libertad,
a la pedagogía liberadora,
reproductora de hombres, no del sistema,
funcional a los hombres, no al mercado;
… liberación interior del hombre,
liberación del hombre en relación,
con los otros y la naturaleza.

Pedagogía del oprimido, de los nadie, de los excluidos,
subversiva, por supuesto, y armada, para colmo,
con el arma nuclear e incontrastable de la conciencia.
Por eso tus libros fueron a la hoguera de la dictadura.

Te saludamos de nuevo hoy
con un Até, maestro Paulo Freire!
Hasta siempre, educador entrañable,
nos seguiremos viendo!

Carlos Falaschi, fragmento de Até mais, maestro!



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19 thoughts on “Hasta siempre, maestro!

  1. Ricardo Ploneda 2°A

    An excellent fragment teacher. I agree to celebrate Teachers’ Day, but there will be those who make a lot of effort or dedication that title and the appointment of a teacher, and unfortunately others do not.
    In my view, teachers not only inside the school, but all around us.
    At home are our parents, they are the main shapers of what we learn and fundamental for our lives every day. In society, to teach us some things friends will know of course that some good, some not, but at the end of the day we decided to whom and to learn.
    I’ll take this medium to congratulate you for your great efforts doubles, since smith is a teacher and in the classroom and at home!

  2. 2A José Carlos Llerenas Montes

    Teachers are very important, not only in school education, in any area of life.
    They are our guide toward understanding the wonderful world around us.
    Some may be better than others, but all with the effort and desire to perform their profession.
    So, although a little late, I would like to congratulate you Dr. Yañez and all the teachers who could read these lines. Congratulations!

  3. Luis Antonio Naranjo Mora 2B

    I hope all the teachers had a good time in your day. I still remember my dear teachers of all my life, Miss Blanca, Miss Marisol, teacher Omar and all my teachers of elementary school, high school and also my university teachers. Happy teacher’s day!.

  4. Ramon Francisco Martinez Velazquez 2°D

    Very nice. Teachers would we do without the people who live the crucial part of our lives that help us straighten if we are walking evil greetings to all teachers a little late but safe.

  5. Balvanero

    Así es Juan Carlos, en mucho anima y fortalece volver la mirada hacia aquellos que han ofrendado su vida por la educación, por la persona, la superación… gracias por compartirlo…

  6. Chan Ramirez Francisco Javier 2 B

    Effectively, teachers are essential people for students to learn more each day. It is important to recognize the labor of then on May 15 “teacher’s day”, that is a special day established in the calendar. I think that teachers without experience have like a boon for teaching because it is represented in a different way. Congratulations for all the teachers in the world for your special day.

  7. Alvaro Arellano Gálvez 2A

    In my opinion there are teachers who deserve to be celebrates his day for their effort and dedication they have for students.
    But not only because they teach in schools also because some are parents and have to educate their children.
    Therefore, this small fragment is well to thank some of everything they teach.
    Happy Teachers’ Day

  8. Jose Antonio Aguiar Palacios 2A

    In my opinion there is like all great teachers you can learn from them. I agree to hold this important day for our teachers. I say that a teacher can tell that person that helps you learn something you must have a degree to become a teacher can be anyone your friend, your parents, is more to yourself. We must thank our teacher even once a year.

  9. Luis Ricardo Hernández Rebolledo 2°A

    Very good text to get teachers to think as if we spent their work and believed in us, this very special day for them, I also congratulate each of the teachers I have taught classes, good to actually the merit that unfortunately many do not deserve to be teachers, happy day!

  10. Ivan Alejandro Vega Flores 2°A

    Teachers are guides for us students, an example, role models to follow… we need more good teachers, people we can look up to; I always think about the teachers that really did well their jobs, and made a difference in my life; the ones that made me study harder, the ones that listened to what I had to say instead of just assuming I was wrong; the ones that helped me grow; there are many teachers of whom I keep a fond memory… I just hope that everyone gets in their lives teachers as good as the ones I’ve gotten in mine.

  11. Miguel Leon Bautista 2A

    In my opinion the best way to thank or congratulate a teacher
    show that their effort is worth it.

    Because there are extraordinary teachers, others less so, but even so they are still important in our forging.

    Always good to remind teachers that we are “favorites” “the enojones” “strict” and so on.

    But each of them always will be part of our lives.

  12. Madrigal Velasco Pedro 2°B

    Be a teacher is one of the most important profession, because teachers educate the tomorrows society. Teaching means share years of experience, years of knowledge. Good teachers make their students be interested in the class and they love what they do. Thanks to all of them, every one of us are how we are in part because of them.

  13. Jonathan Andres Llamas Cruz 2B

    All of us always will remember teachers who have teached us to be something in life. Also of home education, education from teachers is necessary to form us ethically. This day i wish the best to all of them, because they have helped us to get up a step. And they are still helping people to go ahead.

  14. Ruben Ricardo Trujillo Garcia 2 A

    Today I think I just want to congratulate all the teachers because learning and good values ​​are learned in school.

    But it also depends heavily on the family in which we live but the value of a teacher to show his affection Asia students every day trying to overcome that is a great value and we thank you wholeheartedly.

    I also worth noting that the teacher is the one who guides children, teens to be an adult of good for children when they become adults they may become the best in all professional and social aspects.

  15. Jose CARlos Hernandez Hernandez 2B

    Our teachers prepare us for saps the life lessons they teach us to read, write and create good habits.
    From small value we give, love them and remember them in every win and sad that life throws at us in the future.
    A good teacher is one who cradles our dreams, forging the morning and spares no effort for human betterment.
    In short, teachers are the light of childhood.

  16. Juan Pedro Tintos Mendoza 2B

    well, I agree with this idea, teachers are wonderfull, there are some really good teachers whose knowledge and experience is really incredible, it is really amazing, but what I don´t agree with is to have a day to celebrate them, nowadays it is just a reason to lose classes and remember, without students there are not teachers, why don´t somebody celebrate the students day????

  17. adrian alejandro vizcaino martinez 2B

    Perhaps the day of the teacher is important, but for others not so important, on the day of the master we get to remind teachers that we have taken over our studies, I hope and continue to have good teachers in what I have left of my studies.

  18. Rommel Salvador Juárez Rodríguez 2B

    There are things that we complain, we think there are a lot, but actually if we start counting good things which receive us always with a smile, we don’t have idea how many are they. I get sad when I think that Universities instruct us to work for those companies. this day i wish the best to all of them, because they have helped us to get our road

  19. Omar Alejandro Rios Del Toro 2ºA

    There is always a teacher who is the best proof of the dedication of many years of work. Great teachers are the mark of a student and even the student can recognize when a teacher is great. For my part I would like to applaud the teachers who make the difference. Honest men are men of respect.

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