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image La imagen que acompaña esta página la encontré en el muro de Facebook de mi colega y amigo Juan Miguel Batalloso. Es un desafío a la indolencia. Un retrato que retrata una situación y a quienes lo observan. Ojalá fuera sólo un simpático cartón. Tal vez divertido si no fuera dramática expresión de un rasgo central de la sociedad venal y banal en que vivimos, consumista de basura material y virtual, frívola en gustos y actitudes, insensible y voyerista, egoísta y chismosa. La sociedad habitada por personas que prefieren mirar la pantalla del celular o una computadora antes que el atardecer, las calles o los árboles. Que escriben saludos en el mundo digital pero no a quien pasa por su lado o a sus vecinos. La misma que se enferma por los Me gusta o el retuiteo, o en ellos sostiene la autoestima de cada día. Una sociedad en la que todos nos contaminamos de a poco, tan sigilosamente que no nos damos cuenta que segamos la rama donde estábamos en pie y de la cual caemos en picada, extasiados, tomando fotos desde la caída o sin dejar de teclear las pequeñas letras del teléfono.

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20 thoughts on “LA SOCIEDAD DE HOY

  1. 2A Alejandro G. Chávez Larios

    *That’s right, now a days people just want to be on celphones.
    *People don’t care of what can happen to others, they just want to film them on their celphones even if they have a very sad accident.
    *Sadly people prefer computers and celphones instead of be outdoors playing with friends.
    *Technology is a big step for human race, but now we don’t know if is a big step for the good life or for our extinction.

  2. 2A Ashley Cepeda Mendivil

    I find this article very right,because people these days are very focus in the technology,is so hard for them to live without it, now if they see a crash accident or something very sad the first thing they do is to take a picture and post it on Facebook and twitter, at that moment you realize the necessity of that people to use their cell phones and other electronic devices!

  3. 2A Luis Ernesto Mendoza Osorio

    * That’s right, today the people are interested in the technology
    * Now the people don’t care the nature or welfare the society
    * The internet is more important than other thing like help to people if they need it.
    * It’s unfortunate that the people can’t live without internet.

  4. Beatriz Alejandra Baltazar Balmaceda

    *I agree with you, in this days the society prefer use the tecnology than go out with friends, the most teenagers are stupids because the tecnology are eating his brain, always spent all day in facebook or twitter.
    I seee boys and girls with 5 o 6 years old with a smarthphone or the best cellphone, in my times, i dont have that, y was in the street playing with my friends like, running, skate, marbles, or just hide and seek, but i cant change the world.
    Other thing that you mentioned, is the contamination, the people now its lazy, and always trow away the thrash, just, i feel sad of this world 🙁


    I think society today more than anything the young are more attached to phones, laptops and tablets.
    This is a problem because now instead of helping someone who is in trouble or recorded climbed blogs, pictures on it to gain recognition in society.
    but this can be changed because we are in the age of digital revolution is needed to make a clarification that technology helps us solve problems but do not abuse their use.
    the technologies as facebook create a need for the person is commenting or uploading photos and this causes a technological addiction.

    technological problems and addiction cause an inactivity antisocialism mainly in mexico.

  6. 2B Celso Alejandro Maldonado Mendoza

    That passes all day on everywhere, i did whatch some videos

    that a people don’t help an other person in the train way,

    just take his phone and start recording.

    why they do that ? i dont know, maybe the new technology’s do the people like that, and they are less feeling.

    1. Juan Carlos Yáñez Velazco

      Es una pregunta en la que los jóvenes podrían decirnos muchas cosas. No crees Celso Alejandro?

  7. 2A Gustavo Gómez Amezcua

    Absolutely truth, it’s really sad to see that society is losing humanity sense, they just care for how many likes they will get for their post, video or picture, even when it shows someone that is suffering or when they use it for bullying, technology is good, the problem is that we don’t know how to use it.

  8. Oscar Alfonso Romero Manzo 2B

    I’m in totally agree with you, because today in days the young people are more interested in a virtual lifes, playing all day on their cell phone and computers and we forget how beutiful and funny is the real life and our real family.

  9. 2A Diego Padilla Morfin

    *I think that life has developed a society that continues as in the years before.
    *This is very true, because we give importances to other things and not living in society.
    *It is also a point that has always existed, but did not want to accept.
    *In life has always been a problem the relationship of societies and because everyone has their world, so why is today.
    *I think we can modifiacar this but we just start with a change in each person.

  10. 2A Edna Isabel Martinez Gomez

    *Now a days people just want to be on cell phones.
    *Technology is a big step for human race.
    * It’s really sad to see that society is losing humanity sense, be only cares about technology all the time.
    *I think society today are more attached to phones, laptops and tablets.

  11. 2°J Jorge Salvador Ciprian

    The internet is more important than other thing like help to people if they need it.

    Sadly people prefer computers and celphones instead of be outdoors playing with friends.

    I think society today more than anything the young are more attached to phones, laptops and tablets.

    Technological problems and addiction cause an inactivity antisocialism mainly in mexico.

  12. 2A Alvaro Padilla Mendoza

    Well, this is truth in our own reality and personally I think that is a bad indicator because
    we show to we that in really the society in we live, the society is coming back more increasingly disinterested for our similars and in many cases only they do things like this only to show the inhumans that we are.

  13. 2A Jose Carlos Gonzalez Ramirez

    society is very different in times past and all that is dependent on the technologies and lost humanism of each person should have anyway, when someone is in trouble or when a person does not have sufficient resources ignore, especially since became colder and more dependent on the mobile technologies
    Very Good post!

  14. 2B Oswaldo Ignacio Aburto Farias

    you are quite right in this, i thing that in this society it’s more important to meny people the tecnology actual that hi’s our family.
    in meny time the people can lose the realy of thecnology and for this can’t give a good use and lose your control.

  15. 2B Orlando Daniel Sotelo Cobián

    Surely this poster speaks for itself.

    Although I do not like to admit it, society is now more influenced by technology than by a book.

    This is the reality and the technology is growing and developing without apparent end.

    Nowadays people prefer to communicate via the internet, instead of visit the person.

  16. 2J jose guadalupe ojeda

    This article is interesting for the interview.

    I think, every student could learn, this is not the teachers problem, if one student learn something, the teacher did a good job

    Congratulations on your new achievement Yañez

    congratulations keep it up.

  17. David Batista 2j

    this information is very interesting.
    It is very true .
    Now the people do not care the nature or the society welfare .
    We do not live.

  18. 2B Edgar Michel Martínez Tintos

    unfortunately, its very sad watch the situation in the cartoon, because the people preffer to be spectators, the mexican people is very appatic in the most times.
    This is other great problem, give more importance to take a photography so help a man in problems its a disunity’s caracteristic.
    I dont kwnow qho wants public this image in a social network, but if a person do it, he most think it in what situation going to used.
    My last questions is, When the society acquired the caracteristics of the image and why?

  19. 2J Garcia Elizabeth

    I study a career where technology is vital. However I have a motto: “Living with technology but not be part of it.” In my generation, we have turned addicts technologies because of the need to have a place in society. I do not think that this addiction to technology is more important than the real people around us.

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