Lección de Osho: la estupidez como secreto de Estado

Posted by Juan Carlos Yáñez Velazco

oshoHace un par de noches dormí temprano. Cansado del ajetreo en casa y de pasarla bien con mis hijos luego del cine, el libro que había elegido para la lectura nocturna quedó tirado a mis pies. Como no tengo por costumbre dormir tantas horas, en la madrugada desperté y tomé el libro; se llama “Una sola semilla hace que la tierra sea más verde”, del místico hindú Osho. Casi cien páginas recorrí en la noche silenciosa. Tengo que confesar que no son las mejores que leí de quien tuviera por nombre original Chandra Mohan Jain, pero lo terminé la siguiente noche.

Un par de lecciones me provocaron risas, reflexiones y ácidas preguntas. Quiero compartir con ustedes la segunda de ellas, sobre la clase política y los secretos de Estado.

Ziggy Zoldoz, un ciudadano checoslavaco, es condenado a quince años de cárcel por llamar “idiota” al jefe del partido comunista.

Bernie Beanball, el corresponsal en el extranjero del Nueva Era Times, le pregunta al portavoz del gobierno por qué la sentencia de Ziggy es tan severa. “Seguramente”, dice Bernie, “la pena por insultos personales nunca es superior a doce meses”.

-Eso es correcto -contesta el político- pero no fue condenado por los insultos. ¡Fue condenado por revelar un secreto de Estado!

La anécdota me hizo parar la lectura y divagar algunos minutos. Pensé, por ejemplo: ese mal no es exclusivo de los comunistas, ni de países o razas. En México hemos tenido y tenemos personajes así; sus nombres los ahorro. En Estados Unidos tuvieron el reciente caso del segundo George Bush. En Europa los hay, en Sudamérica abundan. Pensé en el cuento de Hans Christian Andersen, “El traje nuevo del emperador” o “El rey va desnudo”, publicado hace más de 170 años, es decir, que también es un mal del presente y del pasado. En fin, un mal extendido en los confines del mundo.

Aunque con los reyes y los jefes de partido no aplica la historia de Osho, porque no los eligen los ciudadanos, me pregunté: ¿en verdad, los ciudadanos tenemos los gobernantes que merecemos?, ¿ellos son los idiotas o nosotros que los votamos una y otra vez?

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28 thoughts on “Lección de Osho: la estupidez como secreto de Estado

  1. arthur edwards

    That is a very difficult question t try to answer. I think the answer to both questions is “yes”. I think the people who govern us are idiots, but lesser idiots, because they take advantage of the rest of the people to live better, manipulate things in their favor, etc.

  2. 2A Daniela Moctezuma García

    I think that many years in prison for what he said that citizen.

    For me this is called liberty of expression.

    The saddest is that this happens in many countries.

    Abuse power they have.

  3. Keneth Michell Luna Naranjo 1B

    What a funny reflection. Along the history governments have been good and bad. Unfortunately in Mexico, I think that recently we have had the imposition. Obviously it’s because, in the past we have allowed that they humiliated us.

  4. Marco Antonio Torres Soriano 2 B

    I think that politicians are the idiots, because people we do not have many options to choose, then we think who will be the less bad and is the one we chose, not because it is good but because will be less bad.


    the book I had chosen to read and left him lying in the woke up early and went for the comenzoa read.

    a couple of lessons he brought laughter and some refexiones.

    a correspondent asked the government spokesman about the case of ZIGGY and replied that he was convicted sereto reveal a state and not for what insults.

  6. 2 D Christian Daniel Rentería García

    It’s amazing how the government take the situations on their favors.
    They know they have power and we cant do anything without getting punished.
    Its a true story.
    Its something that affects our past , present and future

  7. David Toledo Zúñiga 2B

    Is apparently a good book, I will investigate more about it.
    Is something curious what happened to Ziggy Zoldoz.
    I think that in México there are people so.
    The two questions at the end are difficult.

  8. Saul Alejandro Jimenez Mendoza 2A

    Reading is a good habit and calming.

    No respect for freedom of expression.

    It was unfair to the citizen’s arrest because he did nothing to affect the political integrity.

    There is no justice to one hundred percent.

  9. Carlos Santoyo Lopez 2A

    The book have more reason.
    It´s a reflection very funny but it´s true.
    In México we would all be in the jail.
    Governor is our choice.

  10. Felipe Lao-kiun Alcantar Lam 1B

    The dumbness have no limits
    It’s what Einstein said
    The humans always abuse of their power
    This happens always

  11. Edsel Barbosa 2"D"

    Citizens do not have the rulers we deserve
    because we need to rulers who care about
    our needs, and that if they or we somo idiots
    believe us, because whether eligamos to
    best candidate, always do your lies.

  12. Keila Abigail Valdez Perez 2D

    I think what if we have idiot politicians is because we are idiot people.
    If we are intelligent people, We would not allow that idiot politicians govern us.
    We criticize to politicians and we act equal everyday.
    We don´t overcome, we are dishonest, we don´t help others .
    The only different is that they are exposed.

  13. Jesus Roberto Trejo Quiroz 2B

    We have the governors “that we deserve” because the people allows it. Because we allow persons take advantage over others. When the people have tired, then really we have the governors that we deserve. State secret, jajaja it’s good it.

  14. Jose Eduardo Cortes Cernas 2B

    These are difficult questions to answer.
    I sometimes think that Mexicans do not elect the right people to represent us.
    Say that people are smart but the masses are dumb.
    I think we need better thinking whom we choose.

  15. Jose de Jesus Jimenez Garcia 1D

    I suppose that in every country there are politicians like that.
    In Mexico, primarily, there are hundreds of them.
    The good news is that in Mexico, do not they throw us in jail.
    we have freedom (?).

  16. Jorge Caballero 2 "D"

    I found it funny anecdote. And my answer is: none. We are not idiots, just ingenuous. Ignorance and ingenuity make us believe again and again. That is the real guilty.

  17. J. Manuel Tapia Glez. 2A

    Funny your ultimate question.
    Mexico can be a better country.
    I think that lack be more smart when we choose the governants.
    Very Text Doctor!

  18. victor alejandro escalera sanchez "2D"

    The saddest is that this happens in many countries.
    The dumbness have no limits.
    The two questions at the end are difficult.
    hink that in México there are people so.

  19. 2A Roberto Banda Flores

    Jaja, In the actuality are not secrets of some.

    I think that the fault is of ours for apathy general of the education.

    They are not silly they manipulate very good.

    I see that you are effort for be good dad. You Keep it up.

  20. Amayelli Itzel Silva Contreras 2ºD

    The readings show us many things that we all see normally.

    Knowledge and ideas are awakening through the books show us new knowledge or ignore.

    On occasions governments create apatas sanctions are not for what you do.

    Everywhere there are people and rulers as the one mentioned in the story.

  21. Carrillo Mosqueda Gustavo Alberto 2ºA

    I think best truth.
    Feared the truth to punish thereby.
    that reveal if already know.
    Everything is handled by idiots?

  22. Luis Enrique Flores Ramirez 2°A

    Is very interesting what wrote.

    The book have reason.

    I think that in México there are people equal.

    These are questions to and nobody will respond.

  23. Víctor Iván López González 2A

    I think that no president will be the best ever.

    All the country are worse because they think of themselves.

    No matter where we vote, all leading to a change.

    This change is mostly for worse, little for good.

  24. Alonso Hernandez 2A

    and efect

    I want to say:

    a literary book we do open to all the world of ideas
    emoctions, thoughts, feelings, tastes, tears, happiness and much more.

    I want shared with you my hapinnes for read a good book even night.

  25. Jonni Eduardo

    The governing us deceiving.
    The civic can have eyes to blindfold.
    Maybe we do not have the rulers we deserve but now we have to fight and support justice.
    I good pansy leave reason.

  26. José Luis Garza Gallegos 2ºD

    – All we are humans.
    – Humans are idiots.
    – That’s all, the only diference is that stupid actions with power have more range.
    – That’s sad… but i think is our fault. All have blame of be stupids, but the people that chose to rise another stupid are double stupid, aren’t them?

  27. miguel virgilio jimenez brena 2°A

    We need to read as a hobby.
    This a funny lection as you say.
    We deserve better politicians.
    Also this book looks interesting.

  28. Jever Amezcua García

    Presidents do what they want with the people.

    The presidents think more about the good of the rich people in poor people well.

    I have hope that someday Mexico is a country without unlawful acts straight.

    I think that will only happen with the revelation of the people against the government.

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