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La reforma: hechos y palabras

Posted by Juan Carlos Yåñez Velazco

No son las palabras las que definen las acciones ni las intenciones, necesariamente; no en el campo de la polĂ­tica, menos aĂșn en un paĂ­s llamado MĂ©xico. Las palabras son imprescindibles, quede claro. Pueden ser como puñales o balas, sin duda, sobre todo si son escritas por quien las profiere con absoluta convicciĂłn.

Por eso resulta bobo, ingenuo, irritante, irrisorio (un poco de todo ello) escuchar a quienes defienden tal o cual postura diciendo, por ejemplo: no se trata de privatizar la educaciĂłn (o Pemex, o el Seguro Social, en otro momento), invertiremos como nunca en las escuelas, no se trata de correr a ningĂșn profesor de su empleo, nadie dijo que vamos a incrementar el desempleo, no pretendemos empeorar la situaciĂłn del paĂ­s
 y pavadas asĂ­.

Nunca nadie lo dijo, ni en campaña ni sentado orondamente en el poder, pero muchas veces ocurrió, porque lo afirmado con tonadas melifluas, con juegos de palabras, trampas legales o mentiras impunes, luego se convirtió en hechos contundentes: aumentaron los despidos, las cuotas escolares, los precios; vinieron los recortes en åreas sociales, los apretones del cinturón para la gran mayoría. Un ejemplo dolorosamente reciente y próximo es ahora España y Mariano Rajoy.

Aquí sucede de nuevo con la reforma educativa. Los defensores convencidos y los defensores de oficio apelan a los mismos argumentos. Y los presuntos ofendidos o agredidos contraatacan. Nosotros, los ciudadanos, en medio, debemos tenerlo claro: no podemos fiarnos a ciegas de su palabra a la que tantas veces faltaron en la historia. Nadie dijo que son imbéciles, pero tampoco deben creer que nosotros lo seamos; no, por favor. La historia es bien simple, unos y otros la ignoran o no quieren recordarla: las reformas educativas no se pueden hacer, nunca se hicieron, sin los profesores y menos contra los profesores. Afirmar, por ejemplo, que la reforma se harå, pase lo que pase, contra todo, solo exhibe escasa sensibilidad y vano afån de cambio.

Nos guste o no, la educación escolar real, la verdadera, es producto del trabajo cotidiano de los profesores, de los buenos y de los malos (de ambos abundan), no de quienes toman decisiones o pretenden tomarlas. Responsables y razones no es ahora tema, pero si ellos, las maestras, los maestros no estån convencidos, preparados y motivados, esos agoreros del éxito ya pueden cantar victoria, nosotros, que miramos pacientemente impacientes la historia del presente de la educación, apuntaremos un habitante mås en el extenso panteón de las reformas estériles.





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35 thoughts on “La reforma: hechos y palabras

  1. 2A Daniela Moctezuma GarcĂ­a

    Words are gone with the wind, in occasion not have value as a paper.

    True, for example in politics promise and promise and nothing fulfill.

    Always they promise improve education and we don’t see clear.

    Should sign what they say to respect it.

  2. arthur edwards

    In the end, a good teacher and a good student must interact if we are to produce a better educated society. There are so many things that work against us improving education. First and foremost, I think it is teachers, as persons and professionals, who must improve. I have found that students will go to where they are led. Teachers fail to provide legitimate leadership based on knowledge and consideration for their studentsÂŽneeds.

  3. Keneth Michell Luna Naranjo 1B

    Is disappointing that the new reforms are ignored. There are always important changes that adversely affect the people instead of helping. Mexicans don’t learn from the mistakes made by leaders.

  4. Keneth Michell Luna Naranjo 1B

    Is disappointing that the new reforms are ignored. There are always important changes that adversely affect the people. Reforms should help the people. Mexicans don’t learn from the mistakes made by leaders.

  5. Marco Antonio Torres Soriano 2 B

    Politics is always bad, always promise changes and the country remains the same. No matter who candidate we choose all will do the same, and so is difficult for the country change.


    That when using words must be used as well as it can be lethal weapons or insults if they are written by someone with absolute conviction. Same with education reform advocates convensidos and public defenders appeal the same.

  7. 2 D Christian Daniel RenterĂ­a GarcĂ­a

    Every person is part of Mexico.
    We are getting into a change , so we have to be ready for it.
    The scholarship its complemented by everyone.
    They should respect their own rules

  8. David Toledo ZĂșñiga 2B

    The words are sometimes very painful.
    In politics is common only mentioned things but there aren’t facts.
    I agree with you, the education real is the work of teachers.
    I like this publication.

  9. Saul Alejandro Jimenez Mendoza 2A

    Politics is a topic very difficult to treat.
    Politicians promise a lot and met little.
    Our education needs urgent reforms.
    Education depends on students and teachers.

  10. Carlos Santoyo Lopez 2A

    ItÂŽs very easy to say and promise.
    Only people brave meet.
    We should take the country in our hands.
    Words should become doing.

  11. Marco Antonio Lopez Mendoza 1B

    I hope someday you can find a great solution that eliminates all the details, which prsentan daily in our country because of the bad decisions of our political leaders.

  12. Felipe Lao-kiun Alcantar Lam 1B

    There is so much change
    I am disappointed about that
    It should be to help people
    Nothing have value now

  13. Edsel Barbosa 2"D"

    To my opinion the government plays with the people
    because while they are in campaign promise many
    things, but when taking deciciones, take a very
    silly, that harm us and believe that we do not realize.

  14. Keila Abigail Valdez Perez 2D

    People many times say a thing and do other thing mainly politicians.
    Politicians say what we want listening.
    But they do the opposite.
    We must learn to donÂŽt vote for politicians that have failed us.

  15. Erick Donaldo Arceo "2D"

    I agree the words sometimes could be like bullet.
    The politcs always do that, i don’t know why we trust in their.
    It’s time of change that but if we want it, we must do!
    If this still so, we couldn’t pay the food.

  16. Jose Eduardo Cortes Cernas 2B

    I am very disappointed in the education of today.
    I hope that in the future may have many changes for the better.
    I hope that teachers improve their knowledge.
    Well all this will be discussed over time.

  17. Jesus Roberto Trejo Quiroz 2B

    My best wishes to you in your new venture. I guess, it is a big change but you can overcome this challenge. Your daughter take it with calm and maturity, and it is good.
    I hope I can see more of your posts soon.

  18. Carrillo Mosqueda Gustavo Alberto 2ÂșA

    I think, every word has effect.
    Is wrong movement disguised.
    Is heed interest of learn that of teach.
    For avoid, this there that think before of act.

  19. Jesus Roberto Trejo Quiroz 2B

    We need more facts and less words.
    I hate to see politicians who promise you improve education and they don’t do nothing.
    We want a change, but first we have to change other things.
    I don’t like the politic by this things but if anyone can do the difference, it will be better.

  20. Jose de Jesus Jimenez Garcia 1D

    No need for labor reform.
    While a broken system everywhere, no.
    We need more effort in education.
    For me, is the key to the future of society.

  21. Jorge Caballero 2 "D"

    Maybe some of the comments published here are not entirely opinions. Because it is not always known about the topic discussed here. To be honest, the young, we are not aware of the history. But we are willing to contribute to a better story than the last. That’s why we are preparing to have a better lifestyle as mexicans. Reading, stdying and practicing human values.

  22. J. Manuel Tapia Glez.

    I agree with you Doctor.
    In Mexico always is just promises that commonly aren’t fulfill.
    The Education is an example very apparent, we have of worst academic potential I don’t say that we haven’t capacity.
    Single lack more support.

  23. victor alejandro escalera sanchez "2D"

    The scholarship its complemented by everyone.
    It should be to help people.
    I agree with you, the education real is the work of teachers.
    that harm us and believe that we do not realize.

  24. 2A Roberto Banda Flores

    Very bad that we happens to each time.

    The political maybe would be good that they sign a planning of her actions with power.

    The end the sweat to learn is in class is with teacher and classmate.

    Is difficult to have certainty that not lies and to meet people with the heart in the hands in the lips.

  25. Amayelli Itzel Silva Contreras 2ÂșD

    True words are not actions, many say and fails.

    Politicians talk in campaigns and assume power because they forget what is spoken.

    Wanting to retain or privatize does nothing, makes things worse.

    Taking correct deciciones rather helps you to find improvements.

  26. Luis Enrique Flores Ramirez 2°A

    The words are sometimes very painful

    The scholarship is complemented by everyone

    In politics is common only mentioned things but there aren’t facts.

    I hope that teachers improve his knowledge

  27. miguel virgilio jimenez brena 2°A

    Some politicians promise a lot of things and they just do nothing.
    Its sad how we can see this kind of things every day.
    Eduction only will work if the teachers take seriously their job.

  28. VĂ­ctor IvĂĄn LĂłpez GonzĂĄlez 2A

    In the country making decisions that are sometimes wrong.

    People think that running is a place for good.

    Education can improve.

    We all have to make it happen.

  29. Alonso Hernandez 2A

    I very much agree with you Dr.
    I think and I want to add that disagreement
    their words
    if it’s all wrong in our country
    at least we have to rescue education
    as it is important pillar for the country’s development

  30. Jonni Eduardo

    The people no known condemned repeat.
    The teacher motivates are work.
    The acts are spoken.
    I like as think you.

  31. Manuel Salvador Saldaña Rojas 2°A

    Good thinking sir!
    Our education system needs a change maybe.
    I think the problem is not in some if not all.
    Educational reforms should be changed for the benefit of all.

  32. JosĂ© Luis Garza Gallegos 2ÂșD

    – I’m exhaust to her about jobs, schools, politic, and economy.
    – The worse is that it will be forever, won’t it?
    – Who have the worse situation, Spain or Greece?
    – “Nothing to do here” sounds easy with all this problems, but there and there are the same…

  33. Miguel Arias Sandoval 2A

    This factors will never change, not for now.
    The jobs is good but we need to know use our favor
    Otherwise never result the need.

  34. Gerardo Borjas Carrillo 2°A

    -Education is essential for citizens.
    -If all the authorities were correct, the citizens’ lives would be different.
    -Imagine how we would be with a higher level of unemployment.
    -Do things well speaks well of you.

  35. Jever Amezcua GarcĂ­a

    Good teachers are the foundation of our country.

    The best teachers are those who enjoy their work.

    True or not the government has always done what he wants education.

    Although not a bad idea for the government to invest in education in the country.

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