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Momentos imborrables

Posted by Juan Carlos Yáñez Velazco

Después de muchos años decidí construir otro camino en mi vida profesional. El más reciente sábado me senté frente a Mariana Belén para explicarle los nuevos horizontes que atisbaremos. No preparé nada especial, solo decírselo con palabras claras y sinceras.

Con sus siete años escuchó atenta que no estaremos más en esa oficina a donde acudían felices, ocasionalmente, ella y su hermano Juan Carlos. Le dije que había tomado una decisión y mientras emprendo el viaje a Argentina me mudaré provisionalmente al cubículo en la facultad, la “oficina chiquita”, le llaman ellos cuando la visitan con no menos alegría.

No precisaba demasiadas explicaciones, no lo son para los niños, más inteligentes y perceptivos de lo que a veces suponemos los adultos. Mariana oyó con su borrego en el regazo, miró a la ventana  y lanzó dos preguntas para saber lo que hacía falta contarle.

Al término de la breve explicación no dijo una palabra, me abrazo el cuello, me dio un beso en la frente y yo pude mirarla con ojos emocionados y más tranquilo que nunca: por la decisión que nos conduce hacia nuevos senderos, pero sobre todo, por su solidaria y amorosa madurez.




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33 thoughts on “Momentos imborrables

  1. 1A Daniela Moctezuma GarcĂ­a

    I didn’t know that you undertake travel to Argentina.

    Is amazing that a girl at a young age take it with great maturity.

    Is intelligent as children give names to places that have for locate.

    I like, apart from that she did listen carefully to, also she ask doubts she have.

  2. Keneth Michell Luna Naranjo 1B

    Congratulations for this new phase in your life. Good luck for new challenges. It’s amazing how children are more open to changes. Maybe they aren’t totally conscient of the meaning of this changes but they can be more relaxed.

  3. Marco Antonio Torres Soriano 2 B

    Congratulations Dr. I think your children are very intelligent, because you have been a good father. I wish him well in this new way. Children are the future of Mexico and people should educate them very well


    recently decided to change his career path and told to prepare Mariana BĂ©lem although nothing is said in words clear and sincere, while undertaking a trip to Argentina is moved to the right cubicle. After the explanation did not say anything but hug him kissing her on the forehead so excited.

  5. 2 D Christian Daniel RenterĂ­a GarcĂ­a

    I hope you have a nice travel.
    Kids are always listening to their people around them understading them.
    If you go to another country your going to start over again.
    She knows that’s important to you.

  6. David Toledo Zúñiga 2B

    Doctoy, congratulations for all you have done.
    It is a important that you have made that decision and it’s great that your daughter understand.
    I believe that good decisions are always taken with the family.
    I wish him well in Argentina.

  7. Saul Alejandro Jimenez Mendoza 2A

    His daughter listen to maturity.

    It’s amazing how children locate places.

    True, children are smarter.

    It’s great to talk to children.

  8. Carlos Santoyo Lopez 2A

    It´s very good a change.
    Children are more intelligents of we think.
    Always is best to made decisions in family.
    Good luck in your new live.

  9. Felipe Lao-kiun Alcantar Lam 1B

    Doctor, I wish you good luck
    I am surprised about your daughter
    Learned so much stuff
    Be a better person

  10. Edsel Barbosa 2"D"

    Just as I wrote in the previous publication
    I hope he does well in Argentina
    all your dreams come true and that you enjoy
    of these great moments.

  11. Keila Abigail Valdez Perez 1D

    I wish you have a nice travel.
    Is good say to kids what we going to happen.
    Kids are very intelligent and understand more than we think.
    Congratulations for your travel and your pretty daugther.

  12. Erick Donaldo Arceo "2D"

    Congratulations Doctor.
    Good travel to Argentina.
    The childrens are smarter and understanding.
    Good luck.

  13. Carrillo Mosqueda Gustavo Alberto

    I think, not love material thighs, their children’s was preferable you well of where of place ugliest
    Always moments very good unforgettable with family, moments that many wrong enjoyed.

  14. Jose Eduardo Cortes Cernas 2B

    This is a very motivating text.
    I can see that the kids can have a lot of maturity.
    I know there is many of these children in the world.
    Most of them are more intelligent and capable than people think.

  15. Jesus Roberto Trejo Quiroz 2B

    My best wishes to you in your new venture. I guess, it is a big change but you can overcome this challenge. Your daughter take it with calm and maturity, and it is good.
    I hope I can see more of your posts soon.

  16. Jose de Jesus Jimenez Garcia 1D

    All changes must be for good.
    I hope that in Argentina have the same success as in Colima.
    And her daughter, I guess she understands things quickly.
    Good luck and success.

  17. Jorge Caballero 2 "D"

    All that remains is to wish you a good trip. Enjoy your stay in Argentina and met all its objectives. Be sure to keep writing. Good Luck.

  18. J. Manuel Tapia Glez.

    Doctor, firstly congratulation for you travel to Argentina.
    Respect to the text, I think that is very important the communication with your family.
    I hope you have a excellent travel at Argentina.
    Good Luck.

  19. victor alejandro escalera sanchez "2D"

    I hope you have a nice travel.
    Just as I wrote in the previous publication.
    The childrens are smarter and understanding.
    Kids are very intelligent and understand more than we think.

  20. Amayelli Itzel Silva Contreras 2ÂşD

    The maturity of the children is great.

    Sometimes children are more mature than some adults.

    When faced with problems we have to do not only as children but as adults.

    We must not think that children do not understand things that if they do and better than adults.

  21. 2A Roberto Banda Flores

    I like more the publication with the photo.

    But you do not discouraged, all will excellent.

    She is seems well educated.

    You will not cry in the moment of the “bye” that They will remember you with great smile.

  22. Luis Enrique Flores Ramirez 2°A

    Es interesante lo que comenta de su hija. 🙂

    Es importante que también usted intervenga un poquito en sus decisiones y mostrarle lo correcto.

    Es increíble como todos los niños les llaman al lugar de trabajo de los padres.

    Me imagino que tan contento debiĂł de sentirse

  23. Luis Enrique Flores Ramirez 2°A

    It’s interesting what your daughter says.

    It is important that you also involved a little in their decisions and show the right thing.

    It’s amazing how all children are called to the work place of parents.

    I guess it must have felt so happy

  24. miguel virgilio jimenez brena 2°A

    I think it’s great how sometimes childrens re so mature.
    Sometimes they can understand this kind of things.
    Its important to have support of our family.
    Good luck with your travel.

  25. Víctor Iván López González 2A

    Children can be as adults.

    They can understand what we say.

    We think not, but they may be more ready than usual.

    Greetings to their children.

  26. Alonso Hernandez 2A

    The children are the source of inspiration
    Dr. I think nothing beats the smile of a child
    and see in it the illusion
    I wish you all realize change
    their welfare is always even

  27. José Eduardo Aguilar Anguiano

    Congratulations Doctor.
    I wish you good luck.
    His daughter listen to maturity.
    She is seems well educated.

  28. Jonni Eduardo

    Doctor good change.
    The children are intelligent.
    Congratulations Doctor Juan Carlos.
    In the road find with new adventure.

  29. Manuel Salvador Saldaña Rojas 2°A

    Good luck sir!
    Is well that your sons know understand.
    Your travel is good.
    Never lose touch with their children.

  30. José Luis Garza Gallegos 2ºD

    – We must be like children, Jesus said it.
    – In what moment we stop of being childrens?.
    – I wonder how will be my sons…
    – Childrens are watching everytime, they aren’t fools, there are some childrens wiser than some adults.

  31. Miguel Arias Sandoval 2A

    The girl has a great feeling for you.
    She undestand because you to go.
    She can see the situation and undestand.
    I would be very proud

  32. Gerardo Borjas Carrillo 2°A

    -People who love us,we receive valuable of happpiness and life will not change for anything.
    -Knowing a person is nice but know a friend is the best one can have.
    -Esan are thins I can not buy anything.
    -We think we want people who not only take advantage of convenience.

  33. Jever Amezcua GarcĂ­a

    You have a very sweet and caring daughter.

    I’m glad you can go to Argentina.

    I wish him well on his trip to Argentina.

    The changes are we stronger every day.

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