Maestros memorables de bachillerato

Posted by Juan Carlos Yáñez Velazco

Estudié en el Bachillerato 13 de la Universidad de Colima, al inicio de la década de los ochenta. Entonces se ubicaba en el campus central, primero donde hoy están las facultades de Contabilidad y Mercadotecnia, más tarde en las instalaciones que compartíamos con el Bachillerato 1. Poco después, el “13” se fue a Cuauhtémoc y culminó esa historia de una de las mejores escuelas de la Universidad; a juzgar por sus maestros.

En mis tres años de formación en aquel plantel tuve profesores excepcionales, de los que se rememoran a lo largo de muchas generaciones. 25 años después, en mi caso, recuerdo gratamente y reconozco su generosidad, dureza y rectitud. Entre esa generación de maestros algunos ocupan un sitio inigualable; quiero recordar a cuatro: Gregorio Macedo López, en Taller de lectura y redacción, con quien conocimos –y disfrutamos- “La Ilíada” y “La Odisea”. Junto a él tuve tres extraordinarios profesores de matemáticas: en primer año, Juan Lobato Sánchez; en segundo, Esteban Aguilar Sánchez, a quien conocimos como “el mayor”, y en tercero, un joven pero ya prestigiado docente, Rogelio Salazar Barajas, “la eminencia”. Inolvidables cada uno. Si en primaria y secundaria nunca sufrí con las matemáticas, en bachillerato aprendí a respetarlas, entenderlas, apreciarlas y no pocas veces a disfrutarlas.

El año 2012 nos trajo la noticia de la muerte de don Esteban Aguilar Sánchez, a quien ocasionalmente veía por los pasillos de la Universidad todavía hace pocos años. En 2011 había fallecido trágicamente Rogelio Salazar, siendo profesor activo del Bachillerato 1. El maestro Juan Lobato ya se había adelantado en el camino. Cada uno de sus decesos los conocí y lamenté.

La muerte de don Esteban cierra un ciclo de grandes maestros en mí vida, a los que conocí y tuve la suerte de tener como profesores, de quienes aprendí y a quienes agradeceré sus sabias enseñanzas de la materia, pero sobre todo, su emoción y vitalidad.

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44 thoughts on “Maestros memorables de bachillerato

  1. Luis Antonio Naranjo Mora 2B

    With your publication Juan Carlos, I also remembered my teachers of high school as my math teacher “Omar”, my professor programming, my Chemistry teacher “Nicole”, they are all excellent teachers.

    1. Juan Carlos Yáñez Velazco

      Luis Antonio, esos maestros se quedan en la memoria siempre!


  2. Arthur Edwards

    We are all blessed by professors we have had. We are all “sons” and “grandsons” of great academicians. I had Ruben Darst, a hitorian who survived Nazi concentration camps and made me love history because he had lived it. I remember Robert Acton, an ESL specialist who was the editor in chief of TESOL Journal. And, of course, Charles Willet, who stood with me during desperate times and gave me the strenghth to be who I am today.

  3. Ernesto alcaraz andrade 2 D

    I think than in our life we know a lot of professors than can let us a lot of teachings about theirs matters but we also know a few ones than can let us teachings about live and how we have to move in this one with values and beginning.

    I had the pleasure to know and be a student of Rogelio Salazar Barajas “la eminencia” when I was in “bachillerato tec. n.1”,undoubtedly was a great professor and great human being.

  4. Chan Remirez Francisco Javier 2 B

    Death’s something by which all will pass,some forward and some do not. Died some days ago an acquaintance from high school # 1, by an attack, he only had 17 years of age, bad to know that kind of news but there to face them. regards

  5. Osdy Fletes Arreola 2A

    My opinion is that when we’re in high school but begin to value our teachers are the people who teach us new things.
    We must always remember our teachers and have them in the memory forever.

  6. Alvaro Arellano Gálvez 2A

    My opinion is that like everything there are teachers who can explain very well and there are others who can not explain. I had a math teacher at CBTIS 226 which was an excellent teacher explained very well. And I had another physical explained nothing good about it say it’s like everywhere there are people who know how to explain and some people do not know.

  7. Jose Antonio Aguiar Palacios 2 "A"

    Waaouu feels great reminisce. Too bad, for the bad news to know that your best teachers just died. But you will always have a good memory you were teaching that the best thing we shared their teaching.

  8. Armando Vázquez Zamora 2° B

    Very good publication Juan Carlos, you made me remember my teachers that I have had in the course of my life. Starting from high school I had a good teacher of Mathematics “Salvador” who do not forget never, en el bachillerato technical # 2 had as good teachers throughout high school, in physics to “Luis Amador” in chemistry “Miguel Ángel” in mathematics to master “Ema”, are missing others but they were good teachers in my life who taught me their knowledge.

    1. Juan Carlos Yáñez Velazco

      Gracias Armando, saludos.

  9. Carrillo Mosqueda Gustavo Alverto 1-B

    My opinion is, because in my teachers are an example to but the pupils blade do not realize that, on the contrary ignore this partand do not know to appreciate a teacher worthy of job, and his works.

  10. María Lizbeth Ochoa Sarmienta 2B

    me too had excellent teachers in the highschool of which I learned a lot, I will always be grateful with life for teachers that had,sometimes it is good to remember, always be in my heart.

  11. Rodriguez Niebla Manuela 2 B

    I remember all my high school teachers pleasantly. They give us the passion of life; I respect their patience, wisdom and I always listen to their advice because They are an example for me.

  12. Javier Alexis Cernas Avalos 2°D

    I had the opportunity to meet the teacher Rogelio “La Eminencia”, that kind of teachers are who changes our lifes. They are examples of perseverance, I think teachers teaches us about school, but also they must teach about the life.

  13. Roberto Quintero Cervantes 2D

    I think high school were the best years of my life.I met all my good friends and I will always remember all my teachers from high school.Some of my teachers were a great example to me because they would give out good advice,there wisdom and just being a great teacher.

  14. Diego Alberto Rodriguez Jaramillo 2D

    There are teachers who can change your life, and sometimes us, like students we focus only in learn, in test, homework and we forget the human sense. And is there where the teachers can guide you through your career and find stability in your way of life.

  15. Ivan Alejandro Novela Macias 2°B

    Just as there are very good teachers in the high school #20 my teacher of analyzes clinical and microbiology “meche”, can also be bad as Covarrubias theacher computation , and we can find all kinds of teachers in school life.

  16. Miguel Rosales Ocha 2A

    I think a person at death closes a cycle but their memories and lessonsnever forget.

    I think the teachers of the past and currently serving his career with more than 50 or 60 years olde those with more commitment to education and learning of their students.

    Teachers learn the most are teachers who are remembered more and bear in their hearts.

    An institution is renowned for the quality of students if she is the best this will be respected and named as the best today 1 to 4.

  17. Juan Pedro tintos Mendoza 2º B

    Definitely, high school was one of my best life`s time, I enjoyed it every day, even the hard assignments. It is a shame to lose so important people and I also remember some teachers with affection and love, and I`m sure I`m going to remember my university teachers too in the same way…

  18. Rommel Salvador Juárez Rodríguez 2B

    It’s nice to remember our old teachers, because without a doubt left a mark in our hearts and that mark would be recorded forever, each of remember them them back to life.

  19. Omar Alejandro Rios Del Toro 2A

    I believe that all teachers are good. But some have different ideologies and sometimes do not want to change your how to evaluate. By the way there to mourn for Mr. Esteban Aguilar Sanchez at least one minute of silence. Just have to say that improved the quality of high schools.

  20. Madrigal Velasco Pedro 2°B

    I think that the teacher good never and the little leaves many lessons that last, but who said it takes a long time to properly educate someone.

  21. J. Enrique Madrigal Díaz 2 A

    Juan Carlos I think everyone at some point had teachers we will never forget and as teachers were very good and as people are better, I just like you remember them fondly

  22. Jonathan Andres Llamas Cruz 2B

    I think there are persons who we will never forget, among them, we will find those who formed us academically and more than helped us growing in the study, they helped us to get up when we used to think that we can’t any more, teachers always will be an example to follow for everyone of us.

  23. Jose CArlos Hernandez Hernandez 2B

    There are people who appear in our life that leave you an idea, a lesson, or a comment that makes a mark in your life and is so sad when one of them leaves us. I also remembered people like this and its better remember what they did than when they gone.

  24. Irving De La Mora 2B

    There are teachers who stay in our memories forever, who guided us it through our learning, we will be proud of them.

  25. Adrian Alejandro Vizcaino Martinez 2B

    As with all, this publication made me remember the good teachers I had at school, one of them is the master Cenobio Jimenez “El tigre” a master who taught me many things and I feel always proud of having had a teacher like him.


    I think that is true with the death of one person always ends a cycle, but start a new one that is the memories.

    I think we can meet many teachers throughout our lives, but they are only a few who let us more thoroughly marked his teachings and those who are remembered fondly.

    And fortunately I had the opportunity to meet great teachers that I really have left their mark with their teaching.

  27. 2A José Carlos Llerenas Montes

    I think we all have or had some teachers who project of the others by their control of their work.
    At remember them we relive their classes and their teaching.
    I also had the opportunity to be a student of Professor Rogelio “La eminencia” and I can corroborate his great knowledge.
    His tragic death shocked us to all the students of his last generation.

  28. Heredia Morán Alejandro Gilberto 2B

    I agree with what he says of the professor Rogelio Salazar. The experience of being his student in the preparatory was pleasant. He was a teacher who taught us how to be true students but especially how to be true human beings capable of defending what we think and fight for our objectives. Always remember him with respect and admiration.

  29. Alan Rair Guzman Delgado 2D

    I think the high school was great. I met many teachers an friends. I learn a lot from that persons, some teachers are very wise. I the high school teachers are memorable

  30. salvador hernandez francisco 1°A

    My opinion is that like everything there are teachers who can explain very well and there are others who can not explain.
    think we can meet many teachers throughout our lives, but they are only a few who let us more thoroughly marked his teachings


    I think there teacher that deserve all our respect already that know give good classes and explain about their topics.

    I think it will be in the memories of all.

  32. Alan Cisneros Godinez 2A

    I am new to Colima but the school did here.
    The truth was very surprised to learn that teachers have the majoritarian specialty.
    They were feeling their knowledge to the course of the semester.
    They are very good teachers and college too.

  33. axel j orozco 2B

    i guess that my most memorable moments were in high school its a stage where your mind begins to start thinking in a different a mature way…(for some) but most important are those persons that help you begin this new stage in your life the teachers…

  34. 2ºA Ricardo Ploneda Espindola

    Good teachers are the people who encouraged and supported to move on, the good values ​​instilled in us to be good people.
    These teachers remain in our memories as they changed the way we see things.
    Sure its teachings are also important and how their teaching is what is left of them.

  35. Maria Dolores Adan Santillan

    In my opinion that always to find teachers that excellent as teachers and people, that always will live in we hearts

  36. Ruben Ricardo Trujillo Garcia 2 A

    In my opinion there is that as all teachers who can explain very well and there are others who can not explain. I had a professor in the CBTIS infotmatica 157, which was an excellent teacher explains very well. And I had another physicist explains nothing good about it say it’s like everywhere there are people who know how to explain and some people do not know, or different form of expression and there are students who occupy more than machetes come forward or do not know and there are others who with the pure readings teach you what you just look for your own teaching.

  37. Juan Francisco Arreola Hernández 2A

    Sometimes there are people who teach you what they know but we learn what we want, ie a teacher can teach what he knows, but you can learn more, just enough that you want.

  38. Luis Guillermo Briecño 2 "D"

    I remember many of my teachers, but only a few are those who I remember with my heart, and not by their teachings;but the kind of person they were. And i value so much more what I learned from them as people than what they taught in the classroom

  39. Luis Ricardo Hernández Rebolledo 2°A

    I review all of our teachers go through my life will be remembered and I thank you for being who were my teachers!
    I remembered some of them to see this text.

  40. Ana Laura Ochoa Vallin 1 D

    It’s nice to remember our old teachers, because without a doubt left a mark in our hearts and that mark would be recorded forever, each of remember them them back to life.

  41. Manuel Alejandro Rodriguez Valdovinos 2°D

    Sorry to hear of such tragic losses, surely these men gave more than a good education, but we all comes time to leave this world. It’s good to give them the space in your blog.

  42. Ramon Francisco Martinez Velazquez 2°D

    It’s very nice to remember old times and scolding by teachers at that time bothered us much, but look now they were for our own good.

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