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Posted by Juan Carlos Yáñez Velazco

Juan Marsé, escritor catalán, dice que en España el auténtico ministerio de cultura es la nefasta televisión. En México pasa lo mismo, y quizá de manera más cruda por ausencia de tal elefante burocrático que ya pretenden crear en un sexenio obsesionado con reformar todo lo que es mueva.

En una medición del rating entre niños mexicanos de 4 a 14 años, el primer lugar lo ocupaban las telenovelas, enseguida, los reallity shows. Repito para escandalizar un poco: niños de entre cuatro y catorce años educan sus emociones con la maestra Laura en América y la basura que produce abundante la televisión mexicana comercial, Televisa, principalmente. Es ella, ellas, Laura Bozzo y las telenovelas, las pedagogas más influyentes entre la gran mayoría de niñas y niños en este país.

¿Le preocupa a la autoridades ese tipo de minucias, que no fueron tocados por la más sensible de las plumas en la reforma de telecomunicaciones o en la educativa?


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  1. 1E Glenda Gpe. Camarena Gtz.

    1. You are quite right with this saying on TV.

    2.-My cousin and my sisters are very fond of a televised novel.

    3.-and I think that should go on TV many things more appropriate for children.

    4.-in the end I think that here the fault lies with the parents for allowing their children to see certain things.

  2. 1E Eduardo Martínez Santoyo

    1. The gobernment should do something about this problem.
    2. Children should´t see that kind of TV programs.
    3. That kind of TV programs don´t teach anything to children.
    4. The authorities don´t care about this problem.

  3. 1E Otoniel Ramos Andres

    1.- I say this article, is the true history of mexico, because the people prefer watch TV than read a book

    2.- Some people believe in televisa, because is the only TV Overhead chain

    3.- some Tv programs is not for childs, but that does not matter to the father

    4.- good article, a lot of people need read this

  4. 1 K Alan Cerna Olivares

    1. I think that the tv only brings entertainment
    2.- how is posible that the fathers of the mexican kids thinks that Laura en america is a cultural show.
    3. the reality show only its about who drinks more beer or stuff like that.
    4.- is sad that kid of 4 years have seen laura en america.

  5. 1 K Alan Cerna Olivares

    1. I think that the tv only brings entertainment
    2.- how is posible that the fathers of the mexican kids thinks that Laura en america is a cultural show.
    3. the reality show only its about who drinks more beer or stuff like that.
    4.- is sad that kid of 4 years have seen laura en america.

  6. 1K Daniel Gerónimo Chacón Carrillo

    *i think that that is convenient for the government.
    *the government its no interserting to educate the students.
    *the tv educate the people with goof programs.
    *The children will repeat what they see in the tv.

  7. 1E José Juan Santillán Torres

    1.- Its terrible that the kids in Mexico see that trash.
    2.- This situation not should continue.
    3.- I meditate about this post and this situation.
    4.- The question made me think about the future of Mexico.

  8. 1E Noel Gabriel Camacho Cardenas

    1.I think unfortunately the Mexican TV programming is full of uncultured.
    2.the televison is the first media used by the Mexican government for its policy sick.
    3.Laura Bozzo programs are just as cheap entertainment.
    4.the government is working on reforms to be only beneficiaries themselves.

  9. 1E Luis Gerardo Galindo Luna

    1. Televisions are a problem that distracts kids and some teenagers but what they watch is up to them.
    2. It sucks how the shows they watch are garbage, though.
    3. I more or less agree with you.
    4. I think this problem exsists all over the world not just Mexico and Spain.

  10. 1K Anuar Avimael Jiménez Anguiano

    1.- I totally agree with this article, TV shows are just for entertainment and nothing more.

    2.- Televisa just show us cultureless programs, instead of good entertainment or educational programs.

    3.- Education comes from home mostly.

    4.- A few parents should read this, children are watching to TV everyday.

  11. 1k Gustavo Fernando Morentin Ballesteros

    1. it´s true that television in mexico is bad for the people.

    2. Childrens should not see that tv shows that are bad for their minds.

    3. The government of mexico should quit some tv shows of television

    4. I prefer see channels like national geographic that mexican television.

  12. 1J Jose Ricardo Mendoza Martinez

    1. Unfortunately that’s a sad truth.

    2. The Public Television (Televisa & Tv Azteca) only bring us trash content.

    3. We have the “Pay per View” options, but not all the population have the money to afford that.

    4. But the people never change, even if they don’t have a tv, they search on the internet content that was on tv before, as you said, reality shows and soap operas.


    Children ‘s mind is full of violence schedules.
    I believe that the novels that happen on TV are part of infidelities and divorces that in Mexico not only increase the problem of children but of adults so many broken families and the worst of the bear children
    what you see it is reflected in what you do

  14. 1K Alvaro Rodriguez Ramirez

    1.- When childs seen those programs catch stupid ideas.
    2.- I like see TV. but only like entertainment.
    3.- Government must know that those programs give bad education to young people.
    4.- They’re our future and i really don’t like this way.

  15. 1E Rodrigo Velasco Rivas

    1. I’m personally disgusted by local TV productions, both by TV Azteca and Televisa.

    2. Most of their shows are just lame TV novels or realities showing people in bad situations, so the viewers can feel better about themselves.

    3. The worst part is that at this point, they’re a huge part of the country’s economy, so they have heavy influence on society now.

    4. Not to mention they’re controlled by the government too, like TV’s their mind controlling tool to get ideas in children’s (and even adult’s) minds.

  16. 1E Alan Fco. Sánchez Cazarez

    1. Mexican TV is indeed disgusting.

    2. Honestly I don’t watch TV at all.

    3. Some old people still like that kind of shows.

    4. I don’t think Televisa will change their sytle of shows in the future.

  17. 1E Carlos Alberto Vera Villegas

    1- it is incredible that the TV Overhead is a major news media knowing the programs that pass

    2 – mind unfortunate children watch TV a lot , it’s not that bad but passing programs

    3 – perhaps many people do not create programs that harm the perspective of children but unfortunately it is the truth

    4- nice

  18. 1E Nájera Cortés Brian

    1.- Unfortunately the “Public Televisión”, It seems to forget that our children are with us.
    2.- Everyone can´t pay for PayTV
    3.- It’s shameful to see such TV shows.
    4.- This problem must be solved with this supposed “Reforma”

  19. 1K Israel Alfonso Chavarín Castillo

    1.- Sad reality, the government is not interested in the negative consequences of watching TV all day, especially youth are the most affected.
    2.-Government wants to keep away from reality the population with soap operas and other programs that only harm mental health.
    3.-In this way, politicians can commit all sorts of crimes and the people will not know.
    4.-So, we must avoid spend much time in front of the TV, and not believe everything that Televisa says, because only shows information at its convenience.

  20. 1K Miguel Angel Carrasco Olvera

    1. “¿Le preocupa a la autoridades ese tipo de minucias, que no fueron tocados por la más sensible de las plumas en la reforma de telecomunicaciones o en la educativa?”


    right on the key !!!!! .

    2.the t.v. is the principal problem in mexico, and all people they see this as a requeriment for the life.

    3 i’m sad because Mexico It must have have been the first world power

    4.The world definitly is over, we have the responsabilty of cure for this.

  21. 1E Erik Parra

    1._ The mexican people have no conscience about the shit that they watch on Tv.
    2._ Even if yhe people dont like all of those programs, it’s because we have that monopoly and the Tv pay are very expensive to might get.
    3._ Televisa knows we have a lot of people that is illiterate and they pray about that.
    4._ Tv Azteca works somthing like that too.

  22. 1E Juan Carlos Vazquez Heredia

    1.-In my opinion, the programming today is horrible to let the children see.
    2.-It is very bad to let children watch television alone and more if only see Laura or soap operas.
    3.-If the programming was very different to what it is now and spend more educational programs , perhaps the ideology of the people in exchange Mexico.
    4.-Good article.

  23. 1E Juan Plata Hernandez

    1.-The TV does nothing for the formation of a minor

    2.-It is that television is a distraction , but in my opinion, does not help us at all, but his work is ” entertaining ”

    3.-Most homes have at least 3 TV

    4.-At My no longer strikes me watch TV

  24. 1E Rogelio Oseguera de la Cruz

    1. I think television is bad.
    2. We should leave television and change it for books.
    3. Televisa is the most troublesome company for kids since their shows get kids addicted.
    4. There should be some reform that changes this.

  25. 1E Moreno Olmos Atzin

    1. This topic is very interesting
    2. For me, television is ruining the lives of children
    3. Television is a means of controlling people
    4. The TV will impose Ideas

  26. 1K Francisco Xavier Batista Ibarra

    1. This only happen in broadcasting TV, sadly, this is the only thing that Mexico watch.
    2. Personally, I don’t really watch TV.
    3. It’s sad to know that not only adults watch those things on TV, also kids do it.
    4. I hope one day everybody shut off their TV, only for one day.

  27. 1E Omar Guadalupe Manriquez Bravo

    1. The government should implement educational programs instead of that garbage.
    2. I don’t watch TV show like laura because is so annoying.
    3. I think this type of TV can affect the thinking of the kids.
    4. There are better and educational TV channels but you have to pay …

  28. 1J Luis Fernando Gonzalez Sandoval

    1.-the government have no interest if the tv shows are good for the children.
    2.-there are way better tv shows that the garbage that its on air.
    3.-even some animated shows can teach something to the children.
    4.-the sad part is that the parents let the children see the shows.

  29. 1K virginia martínez castro

    1.-How is it possible that parents allow their children from watching these television programs?
    2.-It is unfortunate that the parents are not the slope of the children when not watching television.
    3.-Television stations should change its contents.
    4.-These programs make the children are aggressive.

  30. Pablo Miguel Jiménez García 1J

    1.- Its not good tv or bad tv, the problem is the content that the childs see.
    2.- The tv lose more people overtime.
    3.- The real deal its the world wide.
    4.- Isnt good control of what the kids see

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