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Posted by Juan Carlos Yåñez Velazco

imageAlzo la voz desde un costal vacĂ­o de adjetivos para nombrar los sucesos de Ayotzinapa. Un capĂ­tulo, entre otros, que nos habĂ­amos prometido no permitir desde el 68.

Alzo la voz desde la renuncia a la desmemoria. Con la indignaciĂłn de sentir lo que sucede al otro que no soy yo, pero me da sentido.

Alzo la voz lejos de donde habitan la cobardĂ­a, la complacencia cĂ­nica o la indiferencia cĂłmplice.

Alzo la voz por el presente indignante para que tengamos, de una buena vez, un futuro digno. Digno para nosotros, y porque nosotros hayamos sido capaces de cumplir la tarea de no frustrar el porvenir.

Alzo la voz para que en esta pirotécnica sociedad del conocimiento, conozcamos el paradero de los 43 que sacuden a México y al mundo.

Alzo la voz por ellos… y por nosotros.


PD. Texto leído en un minuto para la serie radiofónica “43 voces” de Universo FM, la estación de la Universidad de Colima.

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  1. 1J J1 MejĂ­a Romero Fernando Rogelio

    -In the beginning, I thought it was a book.
    -I guess I miseed the transmission. Pity I read it late.
    -Just as I wrote in your last post, it seems we could do something big after a long time.
    -Even when someones do nothing and they don’t want to admit it, we all are part of this.

  2. 1E Jorge Luis Aguirre Martinez

    -Yañez joins the campaign of ayotzinapa.
    -For best mexico need best people that want best for this country and for young.
    -I raise my voice away from inhabited cowardice, complacency or complicity cynical indifference.
    -I raise my voice to this pyrotechnic knowledge society, know the whereabouts of the 43 that have shaken Mexico and the world.

  3. 1k VĂ­ctor Manuel GonzĂĄlez Ventura

    – I raise my voice for a better Mexico
    – I raise my voice so that is a better government
    – I raise my voice for missing persons
    – I raise my voice a world without crime

  4. 1E Alan Guadalupe Machuca Silva

    -I raise my voice from an empty bag of adjectives to name Ayotzinapa events. One chapter, among others, who had promised not to allow from 68.
    -I raise my voice to this pyrotechnic knowledge society, know the whereabouts of the 43 that have shaken Mexico and the world.
    -I raise my voice away from inhabited cowardice, complacency or complicity cynical indifference.
    -With indignation to feel what happens to the other that is not me, but I sense.

  5. 1 E Mario Ruben Saucedo Alvarez

    1-The government kills them.
    2-All of us are Ayotzinapa.
    3-Mexico people need to see the true.
    4-Turn off the tv and take a book.

  6. 1°K Marcos Antonio Avalos Galindo

    1-TV is a way to change reality.
    2-Mexico needs more people like this.
    3-We are all Ayotzinapa.
    4-I raise my voice for a better Mexico.

  7. 1 E Ceballos Miranda Olga Isela

    – I want to thank you, for being a brave man, speak out, being of the few who dare to speak to protest…
    – People need to wake up and not allow this type of injustice.
    – We are all with Ayotzinapa.
    – Profound words, calling for reflection.

  8. Orlando Arias 1Âș"E"

    The government does nothing to find.
    How long will the government stop killing students?
    Everybody are Ayotzinapa.
    Peña Nieto should resign.

  9. 1 K Alma Rosa Tafolla GarcĂ­a


    -We really appreciate that you share your words with all of us.

    -I didn’t had the chance to hear the radio, but now I can read it.

    -We can’t just ignore this things in MĂ©xico.

    -It’s sad that these type of things has to repeat in order to make people think that there’s somethin bad in MĂ©xico

  10. 1 E Horacio GerzaĂ­n Avalos Aguayo

    -The president must give more importance to the country’s security.
    -It’s a hazard class trips thinking about this.
    -Yañez speaks out for 43.
    -I raise my voice to change Mexico.

  11. 1 E Eduardo Angel De LeĂłn Garcia

    -The books are very interesting for the public
    -At Mexico occupy that the people read more
    -Lift the voice for a better mexico
    -Lift the voice and not stay at silence would help to a mexico have a the best economy that the now.

  12. 1 K Arroyo Elizarraraz Leonel

    It is very sad that happened, and more painful that at this time.
    It was believed that this sort of thing had been left behind but not.
    I hope with these marks that occur on all sides actually “move” something in the Government
    We all know that this type of “impunity” is not a country that pretends to be ‘Great’.

  13. 1E - Alan Ulises Montes RodrĂ­guez

    1.- It is good that someone cares about what’s happening.
    2.- Looks like we had forgotten our history because we are repeating or the government at least is repeating something similar that happened in 1968.
    3.- Right now the government I think is trying to hide all of this and make it look like it’s not a big deal when it actually is.
    4.- I also raise my voice for them and for their families which are the ones suffering the most right now.

  14. 1k Diaz Ortega Jose Ramon

    I rise my voice for all that people that is looking a better Mexico.
    I rise my voice for all that single moms that works every day for a better Mexico.
    I rise my voice for all that students that all they looks was a little of justice.
    I rise my voice for all the racism and discrimination.

  15. Ricardo Tomas Regalado Guerrero 1k

    > I think that it is useless to complain about the government, when the only thing people do is talk and talk, remember the words are gone with the wind.
    > on the other hand say nothing is like falling face and not put hands.
    > which would give serious results do not pay taxes, that would give them where it hurts them … in the wallet.
    > finally burn “los pinos” would be very helpful too.

  16. 1k Muñoz Osorio Alejandro

    -I rise voice for all parents of 43 students.
    -The violence is not solution.
    -Whats the problem ? the president or the people who dont whant see the reality.
    -I rise voice for all students.

  17. 1K De JesĂșs Ceballos Fernando

    >Mexico was like this since the rulers decided it.

    >We can’t ask for people who isn’t even alive.

    >We can ask for justice.

    >The population have and always had the power.

  18. Gustavo Abraham Urbina Torres 1k

    1. Professor Juan Carlos is manifested by the disappearance of the 43 normalistas Ayotzinapa.
    2. The text read on the radio station of the University of Colima.
    3. In Mexico had already passed this once with the killing of Tatlelolco and Mexicans themselves forbid we let this happen again.
    4. In spite of what we forbid we returned to happen.

  19. 1K Ochoa GonzĂĄlez JesĂșs Alejandro

    This text talking about the missing students.
    The people should knows more this blog.
    All we are Ayotzinapa.
    I feel so sad. 🙁

  20. 1K irving alexis vergara rodriguez

    all we are ayotzinapan
    he raiserd his voice for the was taken from us
    everyone demand justice
    that the guiltybe punished with all the hand of the law

  21. 1K Valenzuela Luis Juan Maritza

    We can’t just ignore this things in MĂ©xico.
    The violence is not solution.
    Peña Nieto should resign.
    Mexico people need to see the true.

  22. 2A Jesus Emmanuel Munguia Jimenez

    i hope, the real justice appear.
    i hate that kind of violence on MĂ©xico.
    Peña Nieto should be a real man and leave his goberment.
    MĂ©xican people be together more tan yesterday cuz we are in a difficult moments on our beauty country.

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