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Posted by Juan Carlos Yáñez Velazco

Para que algunas cositas pudieran ser mejores en el mundo, me temo que debemos tomar decisiones radicales. Pensarlas y ejecutarlas de otra manera. Quizá imitando malos ejemplos y malas personas nos deje un saldo favorable. ¡En la historia habrá ejemplos dignos de copiarse!

Nos contaba un profesor y amigo que la papa se introdujo a Francia en un momento de terrible hambruna. Fue muy simple: la gente no quería comer papa, entonces, en los terrenos donde se sembró pusieron letreros anunciando que las personas que osaran invadirlos serían castigados por el Rey, dueño y señor de las tierras. Propensos como somos los seres humanos a sucumbir a la tentación, empezaron a meterse y robarse las papas. Fue un éxito.

Ya es tiempo de intentar, por lo menos, cambiar lo que no funciona pero con otro discurso y otros modelos, lejos de la moralina y los mandamientos. Creo, por ejemplo, que tenemos que decir, hasta el cansancio, que no es bueno ser bueno, que es malísimo ser buena persona. Hay que decir que es buenísimo tomar coca cola, o pepsi cola. Que el cigarro limpia los dientes y las drogas exorcizan la imbecilidad. Podríamos difundir que no es bueno caminar por caminar, ni respirar el aire limpio. Tenemos que decir que las cosas lindas de la vida están prohibidas, o cobrar impuestos por cuidar el cuerpo, apreciar los atardeceres y disfrutar los amaneceres caminando.

Tenemos que difundir con campañas -y todas las desviaciones de recursos que se conocen los partidos políticos-, que el planeta no se agotará y que el agua es un recurso infinito, que el planeta no dejará de ser verde o azul, aunque quememos todos los bosques y selvas del mundo.

¿Les parece una mala idea?

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43 thoughts on “Delirios

  1. Daniela Moctezuma Garcia 1A

    Is good have change radicals.

    The potato, undoubtedly was a good idea.

    Change what is wrong, for something that really works.

    As create campaign for change the world where live.

  2. Christian D. Rentería García 1.-D

    There are no Crazy things, if we really want it it’s simple.

    When we really like something we can do crazy things.

    We need to have our own limits.

    It’s wrong to be a very good person or a very bad person.

  3. Jose Manuel Tapia Gonzalez 1A

    In Mexico is like than France (with the potato), some people don’t obeys, therefore we have much corruption.
    I agree with you Doctor in the aspect of change the world.
    If we want take a better life the world must change.
    I think that is a very good idea.

  4. Saúl Alejandro Jiménez Mendoza 1°A

    In life there are always good and bad examples.

    The history of potatoes is very interesting.

    In my opinion the radical decisions can completely change things, to improve.

    In my opinion radical changes are good.

  5. Carlos Alberto Santoyo Lopez 1A

    Are necessary ultimates changes.
    For ameliorate we have to exitof the routine.
    In occasions bad is good.
    Easy is not always is better.

  6. 1ºB Marìa Guadalupe Alvarez Negrete

    Exactly, I think that this is a beautiful idea..
    People say.. I do .. You can be here but i do.
    Other words just can be make bad things .. For privacy legally or just say not to law

    Incredible.. But the best things are so difficult for humans, but everyone say -I can more than others.. And this the magnific problem

  7. SONIA


  8. David Toledo Zúñiga 1B

    I think that is a good idea.
    If the government prohibit some things, the most likely is that the people do the prohibit.
    Sometimes we need to be bad but the impact can’t be good.
    I like the history of the potatoes.

    1. Juan Carlos Yáñez Velazco

      Hola David, pues entonces pongámonos a trabajar!

  9. Luis Enrique Flores Ramirez 1°A

    I agree with it we mentioning

    I like as speech of France and potato

    not bad idea to the contrary is good idea

    we have to change the world

  10. Miguel Arias Sandoval 1A

    This is a good idea, is bad but not very bad.

    Be bad to be a good, sample is only psicology inverse.

    This is method is a very good, but the people not is comprensive.

    But finally can function.

  11. Jonni Eduardo Aguilar

    I am like it porpose your exmple.
    We start the moving different.
    I am propose is not obey law.
    I feet in the it is goob.

  12. Victor Ivan Lopez Gonzalez 1A

    Not a bad idea.

    Everyone can change.

    If everyone switched to think of better way everything would be better.

    And one day I hope most people think of a good way

    1. Juan Carlos Yáñez Velazco

      Pues hay algo tenemos que hacer Víctor, especialmente ustedes, los jóvenes.


  13. Felipe Lao-kiun Alcantar Lam 1B

    I always think that i can do everything.
    If I can’t do it, I just try again.
    I think your idea it’s good.
    The reverse psychology always works.

  14. Eduardo Jimenez 1D

    Nice article, sometimes need restrict some things to people do.
    I think people like to do things “forbidden”.
    I think, if didn´t restrict some things, the people don´t make it.
    Sometimes people do not understand.

    1. Juan Carlos Yáñez Velazco

      Gracias Eduardo!

  15. Marco Antonio Torres Soriano 1B

    Is a good idea.
    Maybe that would be the solution.
    People always break the rules.
    If the rules are doing bad things then people will do good things.

    1. Juan Carlos Yáñez Velazco

      A trabajar entonces Marco Antonio!


  16. miguel virgilio jimenez brena 1A

    Sometimes we need these changes.
    These are good ideas.
    People always says “rules are make to break”.
    I hope changes and good ideas will make us progress.

  17. Luis Manuel Cruz Ortiz 1 A

    It is a good idea.
    People try to be bad to be good.
    That idea can make a change in the way of being of the people.
    It is very clever to think of such ideas.


    I take only desisiones Devem radicals to make things better.

    A teacher and friend told Lapapa was introduced to Mexico in a time of famine.

    That planet no longer be green and blue but all forests burn.

    People who enter a property where he had planted potatoes aa Hibbaan be punished very severely.

  19. victor fidel garcia sanchez

    Is quite right for some things to change you have to take radical deciciones.
    I like the expression “in history there are examples worthy of copying”.
    If you try to change things that do not work.
    I like the way you think and how you see life.

  20. Edwin Preciado

    I think it would be good to apply these ideas in Mexico.
    Perhaps promoting drug sales.
    Promoting corruption.
    Promoting junk food.
    Maybe there would be no corruption, drug addicts were fewer and perhaps less obesity.

  21. José Eduardo Aguilar Anguiano 1°B

    there will always be something to copy, and if it is to change something, it’s a good idea.

    Was a good strategy was used for the consumption of potatoes.

    It´s a good idea change what is not working, but to achieve this is very difficult.

    We need to value the planet.

  22. Erick Donaldo Arceo Magaña 1D

    It’s incredible like humans, we always do the things that we shouldn’t do.
    You’re right, we must to start do it.
    Haha, yes i think it’s a “bad idea.
    We need changes like these.

  23. Keneth Michell Luna Naranjo 1B

    Nice viewpoint. It’s truth! Generally, the temptation wins over the logic.
    I wish we could be in armony with these two parts. But while we are weak, it’s a wonderful idea.

  24. Ignacio Ramirez 1A

    I like your comment
    I think we can all put some of us to improve
    Interesting history of potatoes
    This is very interesting reflection Doctor.

  25. Jose de Jesus Jimenez Garcia 1D

    Time to apply different education plans in Mexico.
    Although not only in education, but also in society.
    We must get used to the change, to improve.
    And of course, open your mind to new techniques.

  26. sergio rodrigo ceceña lares 1b

    Very good idea mr. Juan Carlos Yáñez Velazco we have to of giving him another approach to the reality of the things, the persons must understand what is good for them and what not, and if the way of making them deal is applying the inverse psychology I do not believe that it is worse than today is, we all work to be like that better.

    1. Juan Carlos Yáñez Velazco

      Gracias Sergio, que bueno que coincidimos!

  27. Jever Amezcua Garcia 1D

    The idea is to use reverse psychology.

    It may be a good idea since we like the forbidden.

    But remember that not all the time it works.

    It would be something to try and see results.

  28. Oscar Arturo Gonzalez Ramirez 1°B

    It is a good idea.

    Sometimes if it’s good to change things.

    Prone as we humans succumb to the temptation

    The good things in life are prohibited.

  29. Jesus Roberto Trejo Quiroz 1B

    Not all things forbidden are bad.
    This is a good psychological trick.
    We have to change the things that don’t work.
    We can’t hide the real problems with only an “ok”.

  30. Amayelli Itzel Silva Contreras 1ºD

    The article is very good and very educational.
    Sometimes it must prohibit the good things that are made.
    Like any human being, sometimes we are tempted to do things forbidden.
    To perform desired actions that we should not ban them to be made, but do for the simple fact that they are good for us.

    1. Juan Carlos Yáñez Velazco

      Hola Amayelli, me alegra tu comentario.

  31. Roberto Banda Flores 1A

    It’s not what they say, but how they say it. resources there,lack commitment and dedication, my country Mexico.

    All the balance.

    Tomar radical action without measure and plan B is catastrophic.

    And not I seems good idea,there people so lazy that will use your words for continue without think in the wolrd.

  32. Roberto Banda Flores 1A

    Take a radical action without measure and plan B is catastrophic.

  33. Manuel Salvador Saldaña Rojas 1°A

    Take a best decision help to be best people.
    Maybe the history is true.
    Done a good change, can change a more something.
    Need a way for have a good change.

  34. Keila Abigail Valdéz Pérez 1D

    I like your article.
    It show how the forbidden is the most wished.
    The reality is what if tell us “you cannot” then we say “I can”.
    The forbidden do we question us why not?


    This publication is very similar to the previous.
    The text mentions reverse psychology.
    An example of such was used in France.
    I think needs a little this psychology in university.

  36. kevin roberto gomez peralta 1 "D"

    Seems to be that people only care about breaking the rules.
    A radical change is needed to improve the world.
    In a world where corruption governs we can not advance.
    We need to change our thinking in order to change.

  37. Edsel Barbosa Gonzalez 1D

    The history of the potato is very
    Interestingly, the story that tells us
    is that you decide to follow what others are doing
    or do whatever you want.

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