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El estado de nuestra educaci贸n

Posted by Juan Carlos Y谩帽ez Velazco

Informes recientes de la Organizaci贸n para la Cooperaci贸n y el Desarrollo Econ贸micos, conocida por sus siglas como OCDE, aportan elementos para diagnosticar la situaci贸n de la educaci贸n mexicana. Con base en dichos reportes la conclusi贸n es desastrosa.

Los directores de secundaria afirman que 70 por ciento de los maestros mexicanos est谩n mal preparados, y m谩s de dos terceras partes tienen problemas de ausentismo y retardos. Entre los pa铆ses de la OCDE nuestros maestros son los que m谩s d铆as invierten en capacitaci贸n, con 34, m谩s del doble del promedio. A estos datos, nada alentadores, hay que agregar 340 horas que los profesores pierden en actividades distintas a la docencia. En suma, nuestros maestros son los campeones en desaprovechamiento del tiempo escolar. Por si fuera poco: 80 por ciento de los docentes aceptan que no recibieron adecuada formaci贸n profesional.

Otro informe del propio organismo afirma que M茅xico es el pa铆s que gasta m谩s en educaci贸n, aunque la inversi贸n por estudiante es muy baja, comparada con los pa铆ses de la OCDE. Mientras en promedio los pa铆ses de la organizaci贸n invierten 8 mil 800 d贸lares al a帽o por estudiante, en M茅xico se invierten 2 mil 700 d贸lares. En otras palabras: el pa铆s gasta mucho en educaci贸n, pero es insuficiente e ineficiente.

Hay otros datos crudos pero estos bastan para mostrar, aun contra el mayor optimismo, que al sistema educativo lo lastran a帽ejos problemas. Es urgente reformar a fondo el sistema escolar, y un punto vital son los docentes: o mejora su formaci贸n, organizaci贸n y desempe帽o, o el siglo 21 nos mirar谩 divididos entre una minor铆a viviendo en la sociedad del conocimiento y una gran mayor铆a en un atraso vergonzoso.

Si el presente de las escuelas es el futuro de las sociedades, ya tenemos una pista para enderezar el rumbo o, por el contrario, condenarnos a un siglo injusto y peligroso.

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64 thoughts on “El estado de nuestra educaci贸n

  1. Luis Antonio Naranjo Mora 1B

    As I discussed in the publication: “La educaci贸n no es una buena noticia”, these figures are shameful. How is it possible that nearly three-quarters of Mexican teachers are not well prepared? Maybe this will cause that nearly three-quarters of the Mexican students are not will well prepared when they are professionals. As stated for 80% of teachers.

    1. arthur edwards

      Luis, very good English! Very good critique.

  2. balvanero

    Por supuesto que hay que enmendar mucho el rumbo, mucho est谩 en los docentes, tambi茅n en el aparato administrativo de la educaci贸n, debemos tomar conciencia de lo que nos compete, en lo individual y en lo colectivo, reflexiones como las que nos compartes nos ayudan a ello.


  3. arthur edwards

    Teachers often get angry because they “get no respect”. However, teachers must EARN respect. A teacher can earn respect by being knowledgble, competent with regards to teaching methods, be punctual, work the entire class, enjoy teaching, enjoy students, be an example of learning, as well as many other aspects. My experience is that very many teachers do more damage than good!

  4. Salvador Hernandez Francisco 1-"A"

    My opinion about all this is no doubt that without offending or talk more but the harsh reality as well as students and teachers to blame for our education. Ill-prepared for each other by the desire not done enough to learn and pay attention in class. What I always say is that better education is always in the house …..

  5. Axel Orozco 1b

    I would like to use an example arthur said to us once: you dont see german or japanese kids missing out on their homeworks, do you??? Why is this??? It’s not only the students fault but also the teachers fault because they arent doing their work. But its not completely a teacher’s fault but also the student has some blame on that, laziness is a students number 1 problem as a student myself i sometimes become a bit lazy to do my homework.

  6. aldo david hernandez casta帽eda 1B

    I agree with you Juan Carlos. The teachers are poorly prepared are a disadvantage for our country. That allows students to fall be hind in their education we have to spend the money on teachers who have good preparation and whether students would take advantage of investments.

    1. arthur edwards


      very good observations! And well written!

  7. Juan Pedro Tintos Mendoza 1 B

    It is embarrassing to see that information about our teachers, as Edwards said 鈥渢eachers must earn respect鈥 but what if they don麓t do the necessary to earn it? Teachers and students, both have the responsibility to make this country better. It is sad that teachers here in Mexico spend a lot of time wasting precious opportunities to teach and make the students learn. There are a lot of really good teachers, especially in university of Colima, but unfortunately this numbers are true and education isn麓t really efficient .

  8. Armando Vazquez Zamora 1掳 B

    My opinion is, teacher are not bad ill-prepared, but do not prepare their lesson that will give next day for students. The OCDE spend more dollars because have to invest more in students, while in Mexico spend less because few students we find studying.

  9. 1A Omar Alejandro Rios Del Toro

    This is one shame to the Mexicans. See how ours techers are little profesionals and have a little of contribution in the studios. The cuestion is what doing with the teachers? Really they are the guilty?. Saddens me to see my county how this of bad.

  10. Ismael Perez Avalos 1B

    In my opinion, to be a teacher or having other profession, you should love it. If you love what you do, there’s going to be almost no challenge to be good at it. Teachers and students, we have to find the way to work together. Education ensures future of a country, if we don鈥檛 fix this problem, what can we expect of tomorrows society?

    1. arthur edwards


      If teachers love teaching and students love learning, then anything is possible!

  11. J. Enrique Madrigal Diaz 1A

    The problem is always, bad educations in everything, is true. Mexicans learn average or bad, pero there are always exceptions.
    The president from Mexico promised better education, but all i see are new schools.
    But what good is it if not have good teachers?.

  12. Jos茅 Carlos Llerenas Montes 1-A

    This absenteeism by teachers affects the student learning. That wasted time could have been used to deepen in his learning. As for the money, Mexico must be more efficient to use it. Else, just is throw money away.

  13. Pedro Madrigal Velasco

    I think which is something vocation of the person that study to teacher. If the person doesn鈥檛 have vacation to the moment study don鈥檛 will good teacher because it not serves.

  14. Pedro Madrigal Velasco 1掳B

    It鈥檚 there where the educandor fails.

  15. Jose Antonio Aguiar Palacios 1A

    I think it is horrible for our education. Knowing that our teachers are not trained or they do their work worthwhile. Well this is Mexico. But they do not depend so we have to study on our own.

  16. Eduardo Valent铆n Hern谩ndez Aguilar 1-B

    Knowing that condemn us to an unjust and dangerous century could be our future is so sad, what is the point of having so many teachers, if even a few can perform the role it should play. But something is true, in this situation the way to progress is not blaming others,is needed to root out the problem.

  17. diego alejandro 1b

    much is on teachers, too in students we must be aware of what concerns us I personally and we mention we share is in reality and it is unfortunate but we do not do to change that no one will do

  18. alvaro arellano galvez 1"A"

    My opini贸n that the teachers have that receive a better preparation. For that so halla a better teaching to the students. And that no falten tanto a classes and try be punctual. To that it that expend in education sea checked in acts and no in words.

  19. Jonathan Andres Llamas Cruz 1B

    This sounds so bad from the teachers. Supposedly, students wait for a capacitation from somebody professional. It鈥檚 not possible that some teachers are not good academically qualified. What do they do, or better ask, they say they do 鈥渢eachers鈥 when they suspended classes because they have a course.

  20. Hernandez Hernandez Jose Carlos 1B

    I can’t believe that in mexico government spend a lot in the preparation of teachers.
    There are many teachers who doesn’t have necesary preparation.
    I think this happens because those teachers are older.
    I also believe that teachers will improve when finally all the old teachers out and in people better prepared.

  21. Ram贸n Fco. Mart铆nez Vel谩zquez 1 "D"

    I think if as you say that “the schools is the future of societies” are wrong, and I think this is what is causing so much violence and deaths in our country.

  22. Rodr铆guez Niebla Manuela 1B

    Education is a painful issue in Mexico, poor education and vocation is low that teachers have today. Mexico is a country Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Formerly was an honor be a teacher is now a well paying job without proper preparation.

  23. Miguel rosales ochoa 1A

    I think education much talk of the society.

    The love for teaching and the love the work educate is lost with the time.

    My opinion some of the teachers single want teach basics and the students not learn more that they.

    Figures, money spoken much but results where are?

  24. Edgar Daniel Gaitan Rodriguez 1掳A

    Mexico’s government spends too much on preparing students and teachers.
    There are many teachers who lack preparation.

  25. Ivan Alejandro Novela Macias. 1掳B

    And yet the teachers continue to make protestsmarches, riot for most amenities meager do not think it fair. With that face come Ask more pay plus benefits etc. If you not working as it should be that type of teacher to me are parasites that fuck each time more and more of to the country.

  26. osdy gersaid fletes arreola 1 "A"

    My opinion is that it’s amazing how in the country of Mexico may have so many teachers do not use their time to teach the student.

    This demonstrates that Mexico still has a long if you ever want to be a developed country and that this shows that there are still preparing their teachers who are teaching young people who are the future.

  27. Miguel Le貌n Bautista 1潞 "A"

    In my opinion I think that if you spend much less time on other things in education.
    Mentioned that there are few trained teachers but also needed capasitaciones so they can perform better.
    In my opinion education in Mexico is on the floor so there is a lot of crime.

  28. cesar castro carrillo 1*D

    in all this, you are right i am going to compare what is the preparation of a teacher with that of a professional footballer. this is when you are ready to give everything to achieve its objetive to be able to do so and reach your goal, give all your time on that. when they do get ther and not get the interest reach out and be better every day because they already achieved their goal.

  29. Ana Laura Ochoa Vallin

    I agree with your opinion Carlos Ya帽ez. Two problems presented in the teachers are punctuality or absenteeism and poor preparation.
    However, Mexico is country that biggest spender in education. But I think is inefficient and insufficient because some teachers are not well trained.
    Is true that the education system has problems but can be solved. The teachers are aware that students and schools are future of our society.

  30. Maribel Perallta Larios 1掳D

    I like approach of question asked the text you make think about the future.
    I like to know data statistician is really embarrassing realize as be education in M茅xico.
    I my opinion Mexico’s future is in student necessary revise and changer way in which education is exerting.

  31. Maria Dolores Ad谩n Santill谩n 1.-D

    I think has reason some the students is to study for some reason.

    All time the teachers spend preparing is a loss time because the students do not learn in the allotted time.

    And the time on we do not learn middle adequacy the subject we should.

    I think how to prepare should change to find other reasons learning.

  32. Alan Riar Guzman Delgado 1陋D

    I don’t have idea of what the nation was invest in education, is impressive. Why still being insufficient if the nation is the one who is invest more. I agree with Salvador the best education is in the house in the family. And I believe that teachers must love and enjoy his job.

  33. Alan Cisneros Godinez 1A

    My opinion is: not just a problem of teachers,
    any amount of money they spend on each pupil is not so important, we just have to be more responsible about the study.

  34. Carrillo Mosqueda Gustavo Alberto. 1-B

    1.-My opinion is that if they spend so much money not drop statistics.
    2.-But the wing students see we have obligation.
    3.- But the masters also.
    4.-We must the batteries.

  35. Alejandro Gilberto Heredia Moran 1B

    I think that separate that an economic investment also we must take advantage of the existing resources. We needed to operate the human and material potential to the maximum. All together ones we can end the illiteracy and the deficient education. We must demonstrate that we are able to obtain incredible things.

  36. Ivan Alejandro Vega Flores 1掳A

    In my opinion the money designated for education in Mexico is quite enough. It’s just that the schools, the teachers and even the students do not improve it. The waste of time by the teachers and the indifference by the students make this money feeling like not enough.

  37. Mar铆a Lizbeth Ochoa Sarmienta 1B

    One of the saddest things is to see that instead of getting better every time human material comes with less fundamental knowledge to undertake their studies and this causes low performance of Mexico this present.

  38. Rub茅n Ricardo Trujillo Garc铆a 1 A

    In my opinion I think it is disastrous as the government is giving full support to education, and teachers are the ones who are missing these opportunities for students.

    I wonder how many teachers are those who attend all their classes without missing any days.

    The truth is clear to me that teachers are doing things wrong with his tardiness to school or simply do not arise.

    Invite them to improve these acts of responsibility.

  39. Roberto Quintero Cervantes 1`D

    It’s true about the teachers that are not well trained to teach.It’s embarrassing that kids that go to school and want to study and the teacher don’t know what to say.Hopefully this situacion can get fixed.

  40. Jose Nicanor Ruiz Lopez 1.D

    I liked the information about the OECD.
    By that us puts think and see how we are really in Mexico.
    by that is shameful.

  41. Francisco Javier Chan Ramirez 1掳B

    Again our country occupies the first places, this time in education and it’s not favorable in but the minimum thing, What the teachers should realize is to get mas into his educators’ paper and to be formed well. And majority of educators only perform that work by the amount of money received in exchange and that is not good.

  42. luis humberto urzua araiza 1b

    In my opinion. Education in school is very important but also which is given at home. A I mean, if our first parents and teachers do not inculcate values like us to demand we get to study when they are grown and used to receive all of the parents without anyting useful agan are cautom made and continue transmiting their descendats

  43. Julio Daniel Rodriguez Puga 1A

    In my opinion the problems of absenteeism and tardiness are the great lack of accountability of teachers. And that truth we celebrate many students are missing and we have free classes, and it also shows a great lack of responsibility on our part. Teachers should start preparing to have a real value and develop a bigger responsibility. I admire many teachers the truth, but there are some who do not do much for our education.

  44. Irving De La Mora 1B

    Since I remember, the teachers of basic education go to many capacitation courses, wasting class time. But, curiously, not reach to perceive a difference after taking courses.

  45. adrian alejandro vizcaino martinez 1B

    It麓s certain, that pity that the education in Mexico this so badly. That pity that the teachers are not preparations well, but also the students we are the guilty not to take advantage of our studies.

  46. Diego Alberto Rodriguez Jaramillo 1D

    I think a good teacher not need a title to prove it. I think a good teacher need to do it with passion and dedication to prove himself. In my opinion that is more important that a title.

  47. Ernesto Alcaraz Andrade 1*D

    I really get sad when I read that kind of think even I lose hope in mexico like a productive society with future but then I think that without hope we are allready out of the fight even without fight so I we like a contry have to change day by day.

    1. arthur edwards


      Quisiera verte en privado.

  48. Manuel ALejandro Rodriguez Valdovinos 1掳D

    I realize that your posts lately dealing with education.
    It is true that this issue leaves a lot to talk about, there are many problems and not many solutions, your posts make me open my eyes and realize what is happening in my country.

    1. arthur edwards


    2. arthur edwards

      Excellent, great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Alicia Soto 1掳A

    I agree with you that is urgent reform the
    system school from teachers, as
    the education is based in their teachers.
    Therefore the need to strengthen their
    formation continuing, organization and
    performance for promote teaching students.
    Therefore each school year the teachers
    attend to courses state chords your needs.

  50. Javier Alexis Cernas Avalos 1掳D

    In my opinion this information is reality about education. That only make a bad future for new generation. If we want a better future for our children, we have change now.

  51. Alicia Soto 1掳A

    I agree with you that is urgent reform the
    system school from teachers, as
    the education is based in their teachers.
    Therefore the need to strengthen their
    formation continuing, organization and
    performance for promote teaching students.
    Therefore each school year the teachers
    attend to courses state chords your needs..

  52. Luis Guillermo Brice帽o Ochoa 1掳 "D"

    The education in Mexico always has been poor, because most of the resources are used in a wrong way or has been stolen,so i think that to change that the first thing that have to change is the government of nowdays and some ways of thinking of the people.

  53. Rommel Salvador Ju谩rez Rodr铆guez 1 B

    It鈥檚 a shame that the teachers are not prepared well, because they suppose to be the ones who prepare de students to graduate and to have a better future, but with this problem, What鈥檚 is waiting for us? Will we someday be one of the first places of the best students of the OCDE鈥檚 countries?

    1. arthur edwards


      Wonderful writing and thoughts!

  54. 1A Ricardo Ploneda Espindola

    In my opinion the teachers are taking easy the education to their students, therefore education in the country is not progressing.

    1. arthur edwards


      Very Good! You cannot use the word “the” with “teachers” because this is a general category!

  55. Pollyana Pereira Fernandes

    Gostei muito do seu blog.
    Identifiquei-me com as suas coloca莽玫es.
    Pelo pouco que li, percebi que algumas situa莽玫es que aborda s茫o bem parecidas com os problemas da educa莽茫o no Brasil.

  56. axel orozco 1B

    how can u show that you’re really a professional when you didn’t even learn half of what you should know??? this is a really big problem because there are people that have their degree in any career and have a minimum wage job, when other’s that dont even know how to do a simple math problem are siiting in an office behind a desk in a room with air conditioning enjoying $35 dlls an hour. it’s a shame.

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