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El rezago educativo en Colima

Posted by Juan Carlos Yáñez Velazco

El 8 de septiembre, al conmemorar el Día Internacional de la Alfabetización, el Instituto Estatal de Educación para Adultos informó que en Colima existen 23 mil 865 personas analfabetas y 61 mil con primaria incompleta. En  total, el organismo estima que 179 mil colimenses mayores de 15 años sufren rezago educativo, el 38.35 por ciento de la población.

En marzo pasado, el director del Instituto había declarado que 94 mil colimenses tienen secundaria incompleta. Las estadísticas no son edificantes. A pesar de las condiciones del Estado, el rezago escolar de Colima es ligeramente mejor al nacional.

La dimensión del rezago en México es digna de análisis frente a la aprobación del decreto que establece la obligatoriedad del bachillerato. Para alcanzar su universalización habría que considerar a los millones de ciudadanos que no terminaron la secundaria, esos 94 mil en Colima. Es un esfuerzo descomunal, cierto, pues si se lograra que el diez por ciento terminara secundaria y luego fuera al bachillerato, necesitaríamos solo en nuestro estado una infraestructura semejante a la que hoy tiene la Universidad de Colima con sus 32 bachilleratos.

Si esa es la magnitud del reto, hay preguntas inquietantes: ¿conviene escolarizar a los millones de rezagados en este país? ¿Hay voluntad –y recursos, por tanto- para esa tarea?

Pero cuidado, el analfabetismo no es un problema lingüístico, pedagógico o metodológico. El analfabetismo es una cuestión política. Y, como afirmara Paulo Freire, constituye una manifestación de sociedades injustas; en otras palabras, debemos terminar con el, por supuesto, pero sobre todo debemos terminar con la injusticia que impide que todas y todos puedan leer y escribir.

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40 thoughts on “El rezago educativo en Colima

  1. Jose Manuel Tapia Gonzalez 1A

    The information that sheds Colima is very alarming.
    Is shameful that 23,865 people are illiterate.
    Yes, is a question political, because intervenes much the government in the education.
    In fact we must reduce the figures.

  2. Daniela Moctezuma Garcia 1A

    This statistics are quite alarming.

    I think it should be obligatory the high school.

    For have better level education in Mexico.

    We have that finish with the illiteracy.

  3. Keila Abigail Valdéz Pérez 1D

    These statistics are very sad.
    Colima have low population should be relatively “easy” ensure the literacy of the population.
    I think if it is difficult and expensive in Colima, it will be even more for the country.
    It is sad young do not go school because laziness although have opportunities.

  4. David Toledo Zúñiga 1B

    I agree with you, the illiteracy is a political issue.
    These figures are very high.
    I think that many people left school due to financial problems.
    We must end the ignorance.

  5. Eduardo Jimenez 1D

    Is interesting know many people are illiterate in this time.
    Is important have the persons have a Licenciatura because now the economy isn’t good.
    I think many persons don´t finish his studies because of the economic situation.
    I think sometimes the people are lazy because of the quality of studies that gives the goverment.

  6. Miguel Arias Sandoval 1A

    I think that is volition everone’s to change of illiterate to intellectuals.

    We need a good education system.

    Thus we can reduce figures that only give a bad look.

    But this is work only achieved through effort.

  7. Jonni Eduardo Aguilar 1A

    The literacy in Mexico is large.
    The not read and write is for people.
    The University in Colima account 32 baccalaurete is good know.
    You information is very important.

  8. Keneth Michell Luna Naranjo 1B

    The problem begins of some points. Unfortunately we can’t attack all these points at the same time, because the budget isn’t enough, but is necessary. This ignorance is the reason of too politic problems.


    The text is very interesting.
    I think it’s too bad that colima have 94,000 people who didn’t finish high school.
    The schools should have plans of education for all these people.
    I hope that the university can do something about it.

    1. Juan Carlos Yáñez Velazco

      Gracias por tu opinión José Eduardo!


  10. Oscar Arturo Gonzalez Ramirez 1°B

    The agency estimates that 179,000 colimenses over 15 suffer educational backwardness, the 38.35 percent of the population.

    The dimension of the lag in Mexico is worthy of analysis against the adoption of the decree establishing the compulsory school.

    Illiteracy is a political issue.

    The lag Colima school is slightly better the national.

  11. Antonio Torres Figueroa

    She means well, but impossible.

    Most of Colima earn the minimum wage, less or are unemployed.

    That money just to set them malcomer.

    Their priority is food, clothing and housing.

    Increase wages and reduce unemployment, decrease the literacy

  12. Luis Manuel Cruz Ortiz 1 A

    What you said is very important.
    The lack of education is a very interesting topic.
    We need to educate people so they can fend for itself.
    Cuanrto is right to their opinions.

  13. Felipe Lao-kiun Alcantar Lam 1B

    I only think that we can’t do something.
    Like you said is a politic problem.
    It doesn’t matter how much we wish it.
    It’s only out of our league.

  14. Edwin Preciado

    Very good blog is very interesting.
    The situation in the country is alarming and Colima.
    I think it is also economic problem so they leave school.
    Pity that happen in Colima

  15. Erick Donaldo Arceo Magaña 1D

    It’s very impressive the people number affect for the illiteracy.
    I guess that with the system new, it shouldn’t be a big problem, but the most of people prefer to work that to study.
    I’m very surprise than there are a lot of people without to study, because for me Colima has good schools.
    It’s very interesting your articule, and I hope that in the future the numbre of people is lesser.

  16. miguel virgilio jimenez brena 1A

    I think we should resolve this problem.
    This problem probably affect to our society.
    Also, I think that people who be affected by this problem,is because they maybe didn’t have the opportunities.
    And like you I think is a politic problem.

  17. Marco Antonio Lopez Mendoza 1B

    the truth is very sad that we have, to a 21st century in such unpleasant situations I think you should work more on education to be doing more road bridges and creating puzzles me about all this, that someone can not even finish high school.

    Congratulations and good that someone is always reminding the evil that we are still able to cope.

  18. Carlos Alberto Santoyo Lopez 1A

    Colima has much people illiterate.
    It´s incredible, youngs only study to high school.
    The society is not good knowledgeable.
    We should carry forward.

  19. Jesus Roberto Trejo Quiroz 1B

    I think, We must have willing to do the things.
    The rest is easy, if we want, it must be possible.
    These figures could decrease.
    We don’t want illiterate on Colima, we want the knowledge.

  20. Roberto Banda Flores 1A

    “They don’t want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking. They don’t want well-informed, well-educated people capable of critical thinking. They’re not interested in that. That doesn’t help them. That’s against their interests.”George Carlin

    You know, since I entered college, I always hear “excellence, excellence.” Something in the SEP only hear it from a teacher.

    Recently I asked two children, in sixth grade, What is geography? and responded = “A book”.

    We need more teachers who make the difference.

    Most of my colony are cholos, and when I go to school, I wonder if go to school, is easier than being mason lifetime. Why not go?

  21. Amayelli Itzel Silva Contreras 1D

    1 The information is very important.
    2 Education is compulsory but many do not study.
    3 The statistics are alarming and disturbing.
    4 It is true that education is sometimes hand in hand with politics

  22. José Eduardo Aguilar Anguiano 1°B

    It’s a shame that Mexico has a high level of illiteracy.
    It’s an excellent publication.
    I don’t know why they have to celebrate a day of illiteracy.
    This is a very serious problem.

  23. Victor Ivan Lopez Gonzalez 1A

    People who are illiterate have to worry.

    Do not strive to be otherwise.

    But do not do it out of ignorance.

    Deverian get to school.

  24. José Luis Garza Gallegos 1ºD

    This help us to know what is the actual state in education of Mexico.

    If our goverment build all schools that are missing, who will pay to their teachers.

    2 weeks ago I talked with a teacher from CENDI, they have some months without their salary.

    We need to redirect our resources and to put education on the first places.

  25. Manuel Salvador Saldaña Rojas 1A

    Education in Mexico is more bad than another countries.
    Statistics are very large.
    Sometimes people don´t want study.
    Sometimes they don´t can study.

  26. kevin roberto gomez peralta. 1"D"

    Literacy is a problem for the country.

    Do not think the country wants to spend all that money.

    Or that people have the desire to study.

    And that’s a problem.

  27. Ignacio Ramirez

    would be a big task but benefits the country.
    We must promote the study for the country to progress.
    this is very important and very serious we should put all of us to improve the country.
    Good article Dr.

    1. Juan Carlos Yáñez Velazco

      Muchas gracias por tu opinión Ignacio. Saludos!

  28. Jever Amezcua Garcia 1D

    Literacy is an advantage for the government as it is better to have ignorant people.

    The alphabets are not because they want to but because they can not afford to study.

    Not worth opening more schools because some people do not have the money to go.

    We need better wages and jobs to reduce literacy.

  29. Luis Alonso Hernandez 1 A

    yañez hello sir, I think it’s a very serious issue, with sadness, that our population Outreach to these indices, the statistics really do not fail, I agree that I should be of compulsory school exercise for every citizen.

  30. María Guadalupe Alvarez Negrete 1°B

    Iliteracy in Colima it’s no swtrong because people dont thing about the future and others have the “capacity” than others for don’t be smart other people say that we are ignorant and the iliteracy it’s the problem when everyone want to learn and the UNIVERSITIES dont NEED people that want to study and learn

  31. Luis Enrique Flores Ramirez 1°A

    But not only is colima in other states also

    It is of great importance here in Colima the education

    questions are fine but no authority wants to answer the

    I like what you write

  32. Christian D. Renteria Garcia

    If we want to succed in our life we need to study.
    Your writes are something usefull on my life.
    In Mexico we have a lot of problems with Ignorance.
    Kids Are now more careless about life.

  33. Edsel Barbosa Gonzalez 1D

    Although we make progress in
    reduce the population illiterate, is a reality that
    every day we have more people illiterate,
    need for educational reform.

  34. Hector Jose Manzo Briceño 1D

    Celebrate something we should not.
    But do not do it out of ignorance.
    Ignorance is winning mexico.
    Although people know the problem does nothing.

  35. Jose de Jesus Jimenez Garcia 1D

    We need more commitment to education.
    Colima politicians should put the batteries.
    Students also need to commit to education.
    Only until when.

  36. Jose Ivan Martinez Najera 1D

    This statistics are sad.
    We need more schools.
    More money.
    And the most important “Ganas de ir”.

  37. Luis Enrique Flores Ramirez 1°a

    The information is very important.
    We need a good education system.
    We must reduce the figures.
    Their priority is food and housing.

  38. Shad

    Hi there colleagues, how is the whole thing, and what you desire to say regarding this article, in my view its actually awesome in support of me.

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