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La obligatoriedad del bachillerato

Posted by Juan Carlos Yáñez Velazco

Dos temas ocupan el debate educativo nacional. El estreno de la película “De panzazo” y el decreto que establece la obligatoriedad del bachillerato. Del primero solo diré ahora que su exhibición ante la élite de investigadores educativos apenas aprobó, justamente, de panzazo.

No se puede estar en contra de una medida a favor del derecho a la educación. Pero debemos prevenirnos y discutir implicaciones. Que el Estado deba cumplir el derecho a cursar bachillerato es una condición necesaria pero no suficiente. Nada garantiza el decreto, a priori.  La secundaria hace años es obligatoria, sin embargo, 17 millones de mexicanos no tienen su certificado.

Aunque soy optimista en la voluntad, los hechos, la historia, una rápida mirada al presente y la estadística inyectan una dosis doble de pesimismo. Sin una inversión cuantiosa, sin mejores docentes y sin resolver problemas de ineficiencia escolar no se concretará ese derecho.

Pero aún con una mejora sustancial de la escuela, queda pendiente un contexto social inequitativo que condiciona las probabilidades de ingresar a bachillerato y culminarlo oportunamente. Las estadísticas son inapelables: el ingreso y conclusión del bachillerato está ligado al origen social y al estatus socioeconómico de la familia. ¿Alguien puede afirmar que los habitantes de Michoacán, Guerrero o Guanajuato no van en su mayoría al bachillerato por incapaces o flojos; mientras que los del Distrito Federal y Baja California lo hacen por ser más inteligentes?

Como afirmó el rector de la UNAM en Colima: que se cumpla la promesa es responsabilidad de todos los mexicanos, y lo que no podemos admitir son pasos atrás: que en aras de cantar logros ficticios se abran opciones de baja calidad en las escuelas oficiales o se promueva más educación privada chatarra.

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43 thoughts on “La obligatoriedad del bachillerato

  1. francisco mayoral

    No debe ser permisible el crear ficciones a partir de una politica populista, con base a un subproducto de la imaginacion o de la ocurrencia sin sustento cientifico, la realidad del pais es tan asimetrica, que no se puede pretender homologarla, el nivel educativo per se no brindará mejores mexicanos, sin en contraste tenemos una ausencia cada vez mas progresiva de valores, una cultura que se convierte en subcultura y que confunde la realidad con la buena voluntad, se debe encontrar la perfecta sincronia entre los procesos educativos y las necesidades sociales.

  2. María Lizbeth Ochoa Sarmienta 2B

    that’s a big problem that has always existed in our country, but government As and society do not cooperate, you can never do anything about it.
    Parents also have the obligation to give their children a good eduacion and boost your performance and motivation study

  3. Armando Vázquez Zamora 2° B

    I think that, although in some States the boys do not study other itself, as mentioned it Carlos. Some worry about learning more and be something in life, because they know that they or we are the future of our country.

  4. Jonathan Andres Llamas Cruz 2B

    I think, like many of you, high school must be obligatory, but not all people has the opportunity to study it, like you say Juan Carlos, some ones because of economy problems and others for some reason else, but we should strive to make the people in charge of this work, be more responsive to requests and they do it, then arise more opportunities.

  5. Ramón Fco. Martínez Velázquez 1 "D"

    I think this will always be a never ending story because the truth as there are people or young people who can not complete their studies for lack of money there are others that one when they have or have not done for lack of vision for the future.

  6. Juan Pedro Tintos 2° B

    I´m absolutely agree with this, high school must be obligatory, but, how many of us are disposed to take this opportunity??? There one important aspect we must analyze, even if it is obligatory, it isn´t free, and evaluating this point we have two limiting things, some doesn’t study because of their low resources and some others because they´re lazy or irresponsible. Then we can ask ourselves this question: what is the advantage of this, if some of the student’s don´t study because they can´t and scholarships are really a joke here in Mexico???

  7. Luis Antonio Naranjo Mora 2B

    I didn’t know about the movie “De panzazo”. But now that you said Juan Carlos, Maybe I will watch it. About mandatory of finish the high school, I think that the Rector of UNAM is right , finish the high school is responsibility of the goverment and of the citizenship.

  8. cesar ivan castro carrillo 2*D

    I think that if it is important that mandate high school course, but it is also important that teachers prepare very well. And some ustad inificiente as I mentioned already njo fees all students can afford it, being possibly poor.

  9. Ricardo Ploneda 2°A

    I say if that necessar and binding the study for a higher average level, as the name was used before “preparatory” this is, prepare for a future, one future where we can giving and serving to ourselves.
    And is in hands own the choice to taking or not.
    And while we do not want to change the context social , we can not or will not give a step forwad as it should be.
    The part of best teaching, … I totally agree with you, I think having a better guide to the front walk faster and for the best path.

  10. Maribel Perallta Larios 1°D

    I like remember our teachers are beautiful remember grow and close cycles, and remember with love to teachers that were part important of our life development as professionals.

  11. Maria Dolores Adán Santillán 2°D

    In my opinion the education is very important that these autorities to be interested that all will studying but some people that not have economic livelihood to do also some studying and the that study in some matter bases and are missing in some form as is approved panzazo.

  12. Jose Antonio Aguiar Palacios 2 "A"

    My opinion is that now a documentary film directed by and Carlos Loret de Mola is a great documentary based on education in Mexico. Do not know if happy for this day as our country based on education or take pity we see the error and do nothing about it. If education is compulsory and so far not met if it were not so wrong.

  13. Roberto Quintero Cervantes 2D

    The education is very important,I think that the students of the UdC should finish high school with good grades.Becuase some of the students rather get a 6 than get at least an 8.And the teachers should be better prepared with their clases so that the students can learn eazier.

  14. Francisco Javier Chan Ramirez 2 "B"

    I think that’s true, that commitment’s for all and not just some, and if the majority of individuals don’t have either a certificate or complete their studies for lack of sustained economic,it’s true if there scholarships but they aren’t sufficient, and the worst thing is that for these scholarships they put requirements that some of they of them don’t fulfill and this support isn’t granted them.

  15. Javier Alexis Cernas Avalos

    I think that high school should be necessary, because people needs better education. But if the leaders don’t try to give us that, that idea just would be a dream.

  16. Rodriguez Niebla Manuela 2 B

    I´m agree with your comment, education should be equal for all Mexicans and the motivation for to study begins at home. I think that we must to cooperate for to the success.

  17. Irving De La Mora 2B

    Correct, this situation only depends on us, real education reform; we need only political authorities that are interested in the education of his people

  18. Alvaro Arellano Gálvez 2A

    In my opinion it seems very well put and high school as mandatory because it would make more progress in the sense of education and opened many improvements in this country and it could reduce crime.

  19. Adrian Alejandro Vizcaino Martinez 2B

    At first glance it seems that the better-off are better educated, but those who come to be recommended that should not be a place that did not win by his good grade, had also should speak of this topic, I hope everything will improve.

  20. Diego Alberto Rodriguez Jaramillo 2D

    It´s good to hear the approve of the law for mandatory high school, but it´s not only make it mandatory is necessary to create a culture to prevent the dropout, is needed to the students to be perseverant, so we can grow as country.

  21. Ruben Ricardo Trujillo Garcia 2 A

    In my opinion I think, as many of you, high school should be mandatory, but not everyone has the opportunity to study it, as you say Juan Carlos, some more, due to the economy and for some other reason, but we must strive to make those responsible for this work, be more responsive to requests and they do, then more opportunities arise, but also very difficult to study through high school because the truth is not always financially prepared for the expenses that are the stage of school because the truth is spent lots of money and no high schools that are not page below 1000 pesos plus expenditures made during the semester are many reasons why many drop out of people.

  22. Omar Alejandro Rios Del Toro 2A

    I think your comment is well written. The more education there is more culture and more importantly there is less ignorance. The school today is a necessity. Furthermore students should leave the famous panzazo.

  23. Rommel Salvador Juárez Rodríguez 2B

    I think that make obligatory the preparatori will not make a difference because that, as you say, when the high school was compulsory had 17 million people that neither even got, I think that what you should do is put more support so that the poor people, who actually have wanted to study, can achieve to meet their goals and dreams.

  24. Osdy Fletes Arreola 2A

    I think with the compulsory school in Mexico believe that many more people there will be more prepared and studied.
    Although I also believe that not only this is made mandatory high school is also in the people looking for that amount to reckless excess and make a successful people.
    I hope to be a successful idea.

  25. Heredia Moran Alejandro Gilberto 2B

    I think that our actions are limited by the statistics. Each time we see bad results arises in us the desire to do something to improve but in reality only stayed with the words; and when they are good results we stayed to sit idly by thinking that this is the best and you cannot evolve more.


    I think that the mandatory of baccalaureate be an big step because thanks to this will see people more responsible and a future a little better.

  27. Jose CArlos Hernandez Hernandez 2B

    In the 21 century the school has been an obligation since kindergarten to high school.
    The truth is alarming that so many people, still being an obligation, dont go to school. what’s going on?!


    I think this has always been a problem, the school has always been olbigatorio, but still there are people who because of laziness or said do not come to perform such studies, while on the other hand there are people who really wanted to attend a school but by economic problems do not.
    I think this will always be an issue that is giving you plenty to talk about.

  29. Juan Francisco Arreola Hernández 2A

    I think that Mexican people have to do the things per their own and in this country the people is very ignorant, so is very dificult do that change, first people have to change them mentality per this happen.

  30. Madrigal Velasco pedro 2B

    We must be realistic to support those who truly want to, because that serves the obligatory high school if the students do not have the desire.
    That would make the country less competent in the field of education.
    Now anyone enters the ISENCO And where was the vocation.

  31. Ivan Alejandro Vega Flores 2°A

    Well… what I have to say on this topic is that it’s pretty hard improve the educational system because it doesn’t depend only to the government but also the young people and of course, their parents. I have known a few families whose do not have the resources to send a son (or daughter)to middle school because they need them to work in the family business. It’s kind of sad but it’s the economical situation in the country.

  32. Alan Cisneros Godinez 2A

    My opinion is that there may be no good schools in those states may by money.
    The economy of the state to care about education.
    But you have reason must aver equal education throughout the country of MEXICO.
    All Mexicans have the right to education.

  33. 2A José Carlos Llerenas Montes

    I think it’s right that the baccalaureate be mandatory.
    Although isn’t sure everyone to study, at least there is one more reason to do it.
    In this way there will be more Mexicans with more education than at present.
    Therefore, we grow as country.

  34. Ivan Alejandro Novela Macias 2°B

    The film review at least interesting to me is not to mourn or sadden us to see how this education in Mexico but to open our eyes as it really is the education to know what to do to improve.

  35. salvador hernandez francisco 1°A

    That would make the country less competent in the field of education.
    Now anyone enters the ISENCO And where was the vocation.
    what I have to say on this topic is that it’s pretty hard improve the educational system because it doesn’t depend only to the government but also the young people and of course, their parents.

  36. J. Enrique Madrigal Díaz 2 A

    I think to make mandatory the upper secondary education, not guarantee such event the solution,
    I think they should take into consideration other aspects of students of why leave their studies

  37. Luis Guillermo Briecño 2 "D"

    People without education come to govern our country,and this people don’t have interest on give a good education in México. Therefore young people are left without studies,and these young people grow up to govern the country. Is like a vicious circle.

  38. Luis Ricardo Hernández Rebolledo 2°A

    In my personal opinion, the school has to take obligatorily

  39. Ana Laura Ochoa Vallin 1 D

    I´m agree with your comment, education should be equal for all Mexicans and the motivation for to study begins at home. I think that we must to cooperate for to the success.

  40. Carrillo Mosqueda Gustavo Alverto 1-B

    My opinion of the topic is that a person who has desire of studying and has the commitment and the motivation to be able to entitled the lazines to the a problem that here are person who are left to win.

  41. Alan Rair Guzman Delgado 2D

    I think is uselessness the aproval of that decree. I found this a vicious circle that leads to nowhere. I agree with you Carlos, the secundary school is an obligation and despite of that many people can study. The change depends a lot of all the persons that form this country, in my opinion.

  42. Manuel Alejandro Rodriguez Valdovinos 2°D

    We must see things as they are, to support those who really want to, that serves high school students are not required if you have the desire.
    That would make the country less competent in the field of education.

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