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¿Por qué no educamos bien?

Posted by Juan Carlos Yáñez Velazco

¿Qué hacen los mejores sistemas educativos para que sus estudiantes aprendan y obtengan buenos resultados en los exámenes internacionales? Unos, como Corea del Sur convierten las escuelas en cuarteles. Otros, como Finlandia, no riñen el aprendizaje con el juego. ¿Saben ustedes como se educan los niños y jóvenes finlandeses? La respuesta es un poco penosa: hacen casi todo lo contrario que México.

En una entrada reciente en su blog, la educadora ecuatoriana Rosa María Torres resume algunos porqués del éxito finlandés, con base en un texto que describe 26 “hechos sorprendentes” sobre el sistema educativo de ese país. Les comparto algunos.

-Los niños y niñas finlandeses empiezan la escolaridad a los 7 años.

-Hasta la adolescencia rara vez son sometidos a pruebas o se les envía tareas a casa.

-Existe solo una prueba estandarizada obligatoria, cuando los alumnos tienen 16 años.

-Todos los alumnos, independientemente de inteligencia o capacidad, aprenden en la misma aula.

-Finlandia gasta por alumno 30% menos que Estados Unidos.

-La diferencia entre estudiantes con bajos y altos rendimientos es la más pequeña del mundo.

-Las clases de ciencias tienen un  límite de 16 estudiantes para que puedan realizar experimentos prácticos en cada clase.

-Los estudiantes de primaria tienen 75 minutos de receso diario.

-Los profesores pasan 4 horas al día frente al aula y 2 horas a la semana en el plantel para desarrollo profesional.

-El sistema escolar es financiado totalmente por el Estado.

-Los profesores deben tener maestría, que paga el Estado.

-Los profesores son seleccionados entre el 10% de los mejores graduados; es decir, solo los mejores pueden ser profesores, sin importar de quién eres hijo o ahijado.

– Y no existe pago por mérito para los profesores, es decir, no hay “carrera magisterial”.

Cada uno saque conclusiones.

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39 thoughts on “¿Por qué no educamos bien?

  1. Edsel Barbosa 1D

    Hahaha I say once again, we need
    uan eficas estudiantel reform, trying to
    segir more steps avansados ​​countries, please
    get to work, worry about the
    country and not for personal interests

  2. María Guadalupe Alvarez Negrete 1° "B"

    It’s simple, that in other countries know that responsibility to say and commit to doing some action..
    That is to develop and benefit, in mexico people always qualify as the people its incorrect, conformists, confident and many are part of leaving everything at the end to end up doing less things

  3. Daniela Moctezuma Garcia 1A

    I didn´t know that in Finland so outside education.

    I could not believe they were given 45 minutes of recess.

    I think that not a very good method of study.

    In Mexico copied learning methods.

  4. Saul Alejandro Jimenez Mendoza 1ºA

    It’s amazing how education is handled in Finland.

    I thought it was more strict education in Finland.

    I think in Mexico not work the education system in Finland.

    Thanks for sharing the information about Finland and education.

  5. Luis Alonso Hernandez 1ro A

    is a done, what I believe the truth, we have, to take the best example of the education system and implement it filandes
    with those examples , is very emotional know what a we can fight for a one a better country


  6. Carlos Alberto Santoyo Lopez 1A

    Finland have the best education.
    Examples are very well, if these are learned.
    All students independently of their intelligence or capacity, it learn in the same classroom.
    We should be less selfish.

  7. Keneth Michell Luna Naranjo 1B

    That amazing! I didn’t knew it… We were focusing in the appearance of good education, instead of a real quality of this education. It’s surprising for me how a few education systems are subestimated.

  8. David Toledo Zúñiga 1B

    This is the opposite of what is done here.
    In Finland education is taken seriously.
    The education in Finland is a good example for this country.
    Thanks for sharing this information.

  9. Felipe Lao-kiun Alcantar Lam 1B

    Mmm this is the same post
    I have to comment in everyone
    So i can’t say more about this
    Also i want to live in Finlandia

  10. Jorge Caballero

    What the new president does not matter much if the company also helps.
    Education is not a problem.
    He is the lack of this.
    This publication is particularly extensive but good read

  11. Marco Antonio Lopez Mendoza 1B

    I think, because we have no idea of what we do not only teachers if not most professionals know not convey that knowledge and lack of culture is that we can cause the educational impact on children and the students.

  12. Marco Antonio Torres Soriano 1B

    All we Mexicans must change.
    We must change education that are in our homes.
    Mexico can be a better country.
    I would like had studied in thailand.


    The text is very interesting.
    I can now see why education is like this.
    I hope in the future to improve.
    I see that some teachers are not adequate to teach.

  14. kevin roberto gomez peralta 1"D"

    Mexico is because personal interests come before education.
    Resources do not reach schools.
    Also take the forms of education that have failed in other

  15. Ricardo Gomez Guerrero

    I really liked its publication Dr. Juan Carlos Yañez and the truth that is right when he refers to the filandese, contrari0o do everything to Mexico.
    Besides the truth that if they have many differences compared Filandia to us Mexicans.
    Well let’s hope so and not because there is nothing else to congratulate another very successful publication.

    1. Juan Carlos Yáñez Velazco

      Gracias Ricardo!

  16. Jesus Roberto Trejo Quiroz 1B

    Wow, Finland does very well.
    It’s amazing how a country does the opposite that Mexico and it is doing very well.
    We should follow the same example as Finland.
    The good education is around of the corner.

  17. José Eduardo Aguilar Anguiano 1°B

    I find interesting the education system in Finland

    I would like to go to Finland

    I will investigate more about this country

    I would like to read the full text of the educator Rosa María Torres

  18. José Eduardo Aguilar Anguiano 1°B

    I find interesting the education system in Finland.

    I would like to go to Finland.

    I will investigate more about this country.

    I would like to read the full text of the educator Rosa María Torres.

  19. Antonio Torres Figueroa

    Didn´t know that in Finland so outside education.

    It’s amazing how education is handled in Finlan

    I think in Mexico not work the education system

    I could not believe they were given 45 minutes of recess.

  20. miguel virgilio jimenez brena 1A

    It’s interesting how is this education system.
    I think that the best thing of this system is that teachers need a master degree and only a few of them are selected to work as a teacher.
    And it’s amazing how they only have a exam until they are teenagers.

  21. Luis Alonso Hernandez 1ro A

    good day doctor

  22. Edwin Preciado

    Very interesting your text
    Very good sentences to reflect.
    Very good way to express
    thanks for your article

  23. Ignacio Ramirez 1A

    The problem began with the widespread corruption that start frauds and crimes issue of education.
    Teachers need to train them better for a good education.
    In Mexico is a major education reform.
    Good article Dr.

  24. Jose Manuel Tapia Gonzalez 1A

    Very good text Doctor!
    The comparison between Finland and Mexico is very different, because in Mexico, the childrens begin your studies at the 4 year and in primary at the six year.
    Finland is a model to follow to that Mexico have a better education.
    Thanks for you article Doctor.

    1. Juan Carlos Yáñez Velazco

      Gracias José Manuel!

  25. Erick Donaldo Arceo Magaña 1D

    It’s pretty interesting.
    I like these education system.
    That we must to do, to choose at the best teachers.
    Nice article Doctor.

  26. Keila Abigail Valdez Perez 1D

    Your article is very interesting.
    It is true that we should encourage cooperation rather than competition.
    Because students sink each other instead of helping each other.
    Politicians compete to do their will, they not cooperate for a common goal.

  27. Adrian contreras 1 A

    I fell rally bad that way of educting.

    Thait youth and children do not deserve this education.

    Mexico is because personal inrests come before education

    The choice of teachers is very bad.

  28. Víctor Iván López González 1A

    In Mexico the studio system should change.

    The state has to be 100% with the study of the students.

    They must have more teachers who care for if their students learned.

    Teachers need to motivate the students.

  29. Amayelli Itzel Silva Contreras 1º D

    Education should not be any different for anyone but it is.

    The success of some is that they seek to improve and enhance others see as others, but we should not look better too

    The facts that Dr. Torres shows are interesting.

    The education provided elsewhere shows improvements to those shown in relation to ours.

  30. Christian D. Rentería García 1.-D

    Everyone get diferent types of education, we need to create a big and better one.
    Most of the teachers should worry more about how their students learn.
    Most of the students dont succed because they’re not well motivated.
    They study because they get force to do it.

  31. Jose de Jesus Jimenez Garcia 1D

    In Mexico are due to end monopolies in trade unions.
    We need only select the best teachers.
    Remove the old leaders of the unions.
    That’s one of the many solutions that can be.

  32. José Luis Garza Gallegos 1ºD

    Wow! there are many big diferences!
    I think that our situation is not only our fault like generation.
    I think that our goverment, or someone higher never wanted that our society grow up in cience and culture, and it still beeing like that.
    The problems are too obvious, and the solutions too. I think that they want us in our actual level or lower, may be higher but only for some little thing like use computers or new tecnology to do our work like they need that we do, like a show a man how to use a machine for a correct function of a factory.

  33. edgar eduardo zepeda orozco

    I thought it was more strict education in Finland.
    I could not believe they were given 45 minutes of recess.
    Also take the forms of education that have failed in other

  34. Manuel Salvador Saldaña Rojas 1°A

    I think that not a very good method of study.
    Maybe the problem is us.
    The education is necessary in this time.
    I will investigate more these country

  35. Miguel Arias Sandoval 1A

    The mexican education need a new reform educative.

    But the authorities don’t want do their work.

    Mexico is nothing compared with finlandia.

  36. Roberto Banda 1A

    Very drastic difference.
    Haha, always we had reason, we want more recess.
    And less homework.
    With globalization will influence to others.

  37. Luis Enrique Flores Ramirez 1°a

    The state has to be 100% with the study of the students.

    Teachers have to prepare more.

    I think that not a very good method of study.

    I think in Mexico not work the education system

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