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Un buen día para agradecer

Posted by Juan Carlos Yáñez Velazco

No sé a qué edad empecé a escuchar la RL, pero es uno de los más viejos recuerdos que conservo de la infancia, con la presencia de mi madre al lado, preparando el desayuno para venirme a Colima a estudiar muy de mañana, en el Bachillerato 13 y luego en la Facultad de Pedagogía. Varios años me desperté escuchando la estación de radio mientras viví en la casa familiar.

Por eso, cuando recibí una llamada de Dorian Levy para invitarme a participar quincenalmente, el primer recuerdo que vino a la memoria fue el de mi madre. Pensé: nada me haría más feliz que ella esperara mis opiniones en el noticiero con la voz de Ramón Santana, los martes antes de las ocho y media.

Hoy cumplo 50 participaciones en dos años, solo interrumpidas dos veces por circunstancias ajenas. Es un buen día para agradecerles: a Dorian Levy su generosa invitación, así como a los jóvenes egresados de la Facultad de Letras, quienes me apoyaron con la grabación, en particular a Fernando Castillo, por la paciencia. Muchas gracias: fue un gusto y un privilegio.

Después de andar caminos en el sur del continente, si la RL lo permite, volveré un día a compartirles opiniones y reflexiones Mientras, se quedará conmigo su música y recuerdos entrañables. Mi agradecimiento por estos años, especialmente a quienes me escucharon y tuvieron el tiempo para escribirme un comentario.

Su escucha le dio sentido a mi voz. ¡Gracias, hasta pronto, hasta siempre!



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31 thoughts on “Un buen día para agradecer

  1. arthur edwards

    Yes, participating on the radio in such an intense manner is and should be very satisfying. The radio is the most democratic form of communication, and it is often overlooked. Congratulations again on your participation. Maybe I can listen to you in the future on shortwave radio from Argentina. That would be something greaT!

  2. Hesed

    Buen día Doctor.

    Sin duda hablar de la RL es hablar del mayor medio de comunicación a lo largo de la historia de Colima y que mejor que escuchar a usted y sus sabias palabras en la histórica RL.


    1. Juan Carlos Yáñez Velazco

      Gracias Hesed!

  3. Alonso Hernandez 2A

    hello I think so , wthat a listen radio is very good

    and the besto for you if do you have many moments , several memories.

    Is goog well I should to listen the radio too someday XD

    is a fantastic thing what you were coment on the radio
    yours notes, opinions and reflections.


  4. Carlos Santoyo Lopez 2A

    Good things that remind us good people.
    Always, it is good fulfill dreams and goals.
    Congratulations, for you participation in the RL.
    We hope to hear you.

  5. 2A Daniela Moctezuma García

    I congratulate him on his 50 shares in the radio.

    Is pretty remember those moments of our infancy.

    Of those opportunities that should not be missed.

    We must that be grateful for what they put in our way.


    Congratulations on your 50th anniversary Doctor

    I share with you something like my mom always listening and so I also started to listen and they are very good for her old lady who put music and music is pleasant. Before I listened to my mom now I just put it to inform me or hear their music on their stations iferrentes up on your page and read the news very good RL greetings

  7. David Toledo Zúñiga 2B

    I listened to that station since childhood.
    I remember that listened in the evening.
    I would like to hear your views.
    Congratulations Doctor.

  8. J. Manuel Tapia Glez. 2A

    Congratulation Doctor!
    The RL is a form of comunication very important and the RL talk about of history of Colima.
    Very station of Radio.
    Again Congratulations Doctor.

  9. Marco Antonio Torres Soriano 2 B

    Listening to the radio is good.
    Is not harmful and there are good things.
    watching TV causes more damage.}
    Good that you have the opportunity to give your opinion on the radio.

  10. Keila Abigail Valdez Perez 2D

    Congratulations on your great work.
    Surely when you return to Colima, will have many experiences to tell on the radio.
    While traveling, we will miss his participation in radio.
    There is no greater satisfaction than make it to do the same who admired when you was kid.

  11. Marco Antonio Lopez Mendoza 1B

    Always nice to remember things we marked in childhood and more in the company of any member of our family, congratulations for your participation Doctor, although I have not been privileged to hear, is that making great contributions deve like this medium.

  12. María Guadalupe Alvarez Negrete 2° "B"

    Doctor, it’s a good text.
    because certainly when we listen to the radio,
    is an amazing thing to learn about many things, friendly,
    informative and above all his music that relaxes
    us when we need..

  13. José de Jesús Jiménez García

    For me it is an honor to work on a radio.
    I wish I could work someday.
    I hope I can continue to provide opinions to the radio.
    Regards teacher.

  14. Jesus Roberto Trejo Quiroz 2B

    Sometimes I listen the RL in my home, my mom likes it. The RL is the best radiofrecuency. Some day I will listen to you on the radio. I wish you success.

  15. miguel virgilio jimenez brena 2°A

    Congratulations for your participation on radio.
    I think it make ou have a lot of good memories.
    You’ll share with us a lot of great things on radio as you do in this blog.

  16. Erick Donaldo Arceo "2D"

    Congratulatios Doctor!
    That is a good memory.
    It’s good do our dreams.
    Some day we’ll listen you again.

  17. Saul Alejandro Jimenez Mendoza 2ºA

    Congratulations for his 50 shares Doctor.

    The RL is part of the history of Colima.

    Should be exciting to participate in the station with more history in the state.

    Thanks for sharing your achievements and experiences.

  18. Amayelli Itzel Silva Contreras 2ºD

    I think everyone at one time or some have come to hear the RL before going to school.

    What an honor to participate in this estation that such personality.

    Several memories brought us listening to RL.

    For it is a great achievement I can carry semegante number of units in a short time.

  19. Jose Eduardo Cortes Cernas 2B

    It is good that can spread their word and their views on one of the larger media.
    I hope someday to hear you on the radio.
    Also hope someday to see it in person.
    Would be really interesting to talk with you.

  20. Felipe Lao-kiun Alcantar Lam 1B

    Honestly I don’t hear the radio
    ‘Cause it bothers me
    I just hear it because the alarm
    Maybe I heared you sometime

  21. Edsel Barbosa 2"D"

    I also I have reuerdos of that great
    radio station, I remember from when
    horror stories passed, and also issues of reflections
    interesting topics, in addition to their music.

  22. Manuel Salvador Saldaña Rojas 1°A

    Memories that are not cleared jejeje.
    Congratulations on your achievement.
    Participate in RL is something that few people of his half ago.
    Your effort must have been very great to be what it is.

  23. Jonni Eduardo

    I talk RL sometime in the morning.
    Interesting the RL in news.
    Congratulations by your 50 shares
    You reviews supported people.

  24. José Luis Garza Gallegos 2ºD

    – I would like to hear you at least one time.
    – In 3rd grate of secondary school I spoke in RL, it was funny 😀
    – I like too much to hear Pedro Ferriz de Con.
    – Well, now there are another reason to turn on the radio 🙂

  25. Keneth Michell Luna Naranjo 1B

    Radio it’s closer interaction with other people with common interest. You can meet new people and transmit diferent emotions and ideas. The radio it’s accesible. The radio means freedom without appearances.

  26. Víctor Iván López González 2A

    I imagine pleasure he felt to the go.

    It is very nice to hear the radio.

    I think it is 1000 times better than TV

    I hope soon to you hear.

  27. Luis Enrique Flores Ramirez 2°A

    Remember the radio listening when I was in kindergarten.

    Congratulate for many shares.

    Also radio brings back memories.

    Good text.

  28. Christian D. Renteria Garcia 2D

    I would like to read your articles one more time.
    I used to hear scary stories on the radio.
    Now the radio it’s just full of music.
    You could be so good speaking at the radio.

  29. Gerardo Borjas Carrillo 2°A

    -Remember it is good to live and amotionally.
    -Is a nice touch to be grateful.
    -With people who have supported you.
    -In making such important decision in your lefe.

  30. Jever Amezcua García

    Good thing there’s been invited to participate in the radio station.

    I hope to hear someday.

    Since almost no one listen to the radio when I’m on the way to school.

    My best wishes to you.

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