Cada nuevo día

Posted by Juan Carlos Yáñez Velazco

Entre tanto suicida y tanto loco, la naturaleza, sabia como nadie, también nos proveyó de buenos hombres y mujeres, de genios,  soñadores, rebeldes, de mujeres y hombres corrientes que hacen de la vida, a pesar de tanta desgracia, un sitio del cual uno no puede irse sino hasta cumplir el cometido. Inconforme con casi todo, me consuelo con poco, porque lo esencial se reduce a una cuantas cosas, salvadas las necesidades básicas. Por supuesto, no me refiere a las materiales: una gran mansión, al coche más lujoso y nuevo, al salario más alto, a la ropa de moda, al celular más sofisticado. Quiero referirme a otras, a aquellas pequeñas cosas que hacen de cada día una nueva oportunidad.  Aludo a los detalles, fugaces casi siempre que, sin el brillo del dinero, provocan el destello de las sonrisas y la genuina alegría de los corazones o los espíritus: las risas de un niño, de una niña, el aliento frente a la derrota, la mano para ayudar en la caída, un beso, un hombro donde reposa el cansancio, una mirada, una conversación íntima, la esperanza de un nuevo día para intentarlo otra vez. Por eso me gusta hacer un pequeño homenaje a cada día, porque algo deja, algo lo vuelve entrañable. Cada una, cada uno lo responderá a su modo. En mi caso, ahora les comparto el júbilo de saber que, sin esperarlo, apareció una nueva novela de José Saramago, antigua ya, en realidad; la segunda que habría escrito en su entonces moza vida. Claraboya, se llama. Llegará a México, a Colima, más temprano que tarde y, entonces, el escritor portugués volverá sobre sus pasos, o los míos sobre los de él, mejor dicho,  y sentiré que de nuevo lo leo mientras me mira, o que lo leo mientras le miro, con sus ojos vitales y su sonrisa complacida. Gracias, Don José, por este día.

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34 thoughts on “Cada nuevo día

  1. Maria Dolores Adán Santillán 2°D

    In my opinion is very important that as we are good to say negative things, admittedly there are wonderful things and we have to struggle to bring reality and dream will happen.

  2. Luis Antonio Naranjo Mora 2B

    Sometimes we are happy with material things, It lift our mood, but I think that to be really happy we must enjoy the
    little and big things that show us the life. Enjoy the life!.

  3. Alan Rair Guzman Delgado 2D

    I agree, every day leaves something unique, every day is special. Details in the coexistence with others, make beautiful moments. I also see every day like a new oportunity to learn, to do my best. I see the human nature, is a nature that distorts every think, in my opinion.

  4. Ernesto alcaraz andrade 2 D

    I believe that every day is full of opportunities that we could take for our benefit and the all society.

    I think that in the life we have to focus in those things that can give us a pace in our self.

    In this life we have to be dreamers to have somethings to fight for and wake up every day whit the illusion to follow those dreams.

    I think that the materials thing could be good some times but those things can disappear in seconds but the things that really remain are those things than we have inside us.

  5. pedro madrigal velasco

    Always happinnes is peopels who have lase.
    Because as they have material things wath little have enjoyed it much.
    And we don’t know much enjoy.
    So society is become unhappy.

  6. Ivan Alejandro Novela Macias 2°B

    Details the most beautiful of life sometimes little things for each other we can make the day

  7. Diego Alberto Rodriguez Jaramillo 2D

    In my opinion are more important those little details that change your humor that a big new. And is because the sum of little details in the end is bigger that a huge event, because in day by day you can have many little details but not so many great events.

  8. Luis Guillermo Briceño

    I’ve always said that even the small details of life, we must enjoy as if they were the greatest

  9. Armando Vázquez Zamora 2° B

    I always thought that to brighten up the day a person, just enough a smile to make it happy and make him change his State of mind, you can cheer the person with the most tiny smile up to something bigger and that the person can move forward.

  10. cesar castro carrillo

    In his commentary says reality humans decide how we should behave, people have the option to say whether that rowing hyacer evil or good, the people who choose evil is that Cren which is the easiest way to Survive that those who want to live full vatallarle know there a bit to live in peace with us himself.

  11. Osdy Fletes Arreola 2A

    I think we all doing our part can be a better human beings and so be better with our whole society.I think that although there are bad people and living people hurting too many people are good and which are examples of life.
    I think that someday there will be peace and love.

  12. salvador hernandez francisco 1°A

    people have the option to say whether that rowing hacer evil or good, you can cheer the person with the most tiny smile up to something bigger and that the person can move forward ?

  13. Francisco Javier Chan Ramirez 2 "B"

    I think as you, not always the material things must be appreciated, not as other things.World is like this just because people forget of the importance of the happiness and believes that money can solve everything. Personally I thought money is not a source of happiness

  14. Juan Francisco Arreola Hernandez. 2 A

    I think that like there are bad people also we are full of good people in our lifes.
    There are many things that do our lifes easier but is more welcome receive a smile.
    There are people that don’t have nothing, however they give us joys.

  15. Ramón Fco. Martínez Velázquez 1 "D"

    Yes indeed I think we should always celebrate everything that happens to us and instead of complaining about things, we must seek some teaching, or if it’s something that bothers us, something that backlog, rather than molsestarnos, consider the qe way to prevent us from happening again, because I think everything that happens to us helps us and gives us a esnseñanza.

  16. Irving De La Mora 2B

    It’s amazing that with only intending to yourself, we can better our day and that of others, our day will be as good as we want it to be.

  17. Miguel Rosales Ochoa 2A

    I think every day is a moment that we must live as if the last but sometimes we just say so and not put into practice.

    We must realize our dreams and express what we feel we do not know if tomorrow will have the opportunity.

    We live thinking that money is the greatest happiness pro sometimes only brings problems and the small details take more smiles and last longer in the heart.

    I think there are times when the smallest detail is worth more than it costs more money.

  18. Roberto Quintero Cervantes 2D

    I agree,everyday is a day to learn and to do something new.Everyday is special because we can make a difference in this world.We all have a moment of life and we should appreciate every single day that we have.Live life to the fullest!

  19. Rodriguez Niebla Manuela 2 B

    I think the most important think in the life is accepting it just the way it is. Material things are just a way to survive and we always have happiness, sadness and without this details we couldn´t live enough to understand it. I like your comment because with the daily routine it remember us that something so simple make us get out of the quotidian…

  20. María Lizbeth Ochoa Sarmienta 2B

    the life is beautiful we should enjoy every day with joy and gratitud.
    not all days are good but we must accept and continue without looking back.
    feelings are more important than material things, money is not everything in life, exite the love that is the most important.

  21. Adrian Alejandro Vizcaino Martinez 2B

    As you already said, not concerned with material things in order to be happy, besides emotions also can make us happy, we have to realize that we can be happy without material things, you just have to live each day as if it were the last.

  22. Jonathan Andres Llamas Cruz 2B

    You’re right, each day, each one of us do something new or learn something new. While other people waste that pleasure of wake up a day and being happy, us the happy ones, because i’m considering me one of them, us try to learn and teach everything as we can to try coexist in armony and join our joys.

  23. Rommel Salvador Juárez Rodríguez 2B

    Sometimes smaller things, as you say, are those that give the taste of living. After a bad day where you already feel like that day to finish, more than a smile of a child with limited resources that despite so many calamities that passes the always brings a smile on the face, those things are what make it worth living.

  24. Heredia Moran Alejandro Gilberto 2B

    I think the current situation that exists in the country we have forgotten the things that really are worth it. We have to enjoy every moment we do what we like. The vision that exists to improve the world around us is not impossible. We are able to achieve this, many of us want to.

  25. Juan Pedro Tintos 2 B

    I love my life, my daily living style, the way I drive it, the good decisions I take, the knowledge I have, the wisdom of stop a little and think about it, anyway, lots and lots of things. I think every day is a new opportunity of knowledge, a new opportunity that God is giving to us, a new beginning, but sadly, the only thing that doesn`t forgive is the time. A few years ago, reading The Book of Mormon, I found a really interesting phrase there referring to the good things we can do just with thinking about it and start working on it, this phrase says: “By small and simple things come the great ones…” it is really true, we can make great things, actually, everything created or discovered in this world, was made for a human, people like us, there are always good and bad things, so there are good and bad people too, What kind of people we want to be?

  26. Jose CArlos Hernandez Hernandez 2B

    The world is full of dreams, touches, colors, lights, those little things that if you learn to squeeze them and enjoy them, you have the key that fits into the lock magic of happiness, in the end the great gifts, bulky buildings, gasoline and oil his father, burn them and only ashes remain ephemeral, light, part of a past without a history, and end up being the cause of covert conflict.

  27. Alvaro Arellano Gálvez 2A

    In my opinion I say that every day is full of opportunities we have to make the most to achieve great goals. We must think big to be improving more each time. We must be ambitious. But not in a negative way but to improve the world.
    I think the material thing can be good, but sometimes things can disappear in seconds, but the things that really remain are those things that tenemosdentro us.

  28. Javier Alexis Cernas Avalos 2°D

    1.- Every new day is a new opportunity to make good actions.
    2.- If we make good actions every day, we will have contributed with a better world.
    3.- Good and bad persons, just are a show of our society.
    4.- I we belive in our dreams, maybe we could get its.


    I think that each new day have that live to the fullest because inisificativo something can be that change all you life.

    what chaos theory says if something had changed everything could be different.

    because our de cisions do our future.

  30. Jose Antonio Aguiar Palacios 2 "A"

    I think that in life takes a damn fool to the wise is right. It takes a fool to the genius himself known. In my case I always like to smile because I feel happy when I see that glow in her smile. Whenever I ask a favor I always give away a smile. But only in women because I think his smile is very beautiful they can deliver without any complications.

  31. Omar Alejandro Rios Del Toro 2A

    It is true that today everyone is disappointing. But of course there are more people who make you day with a smile. As you say, a gesture or a cry makes every day worthwhile. I can only say we appreciate the little things.

  32. Carrillo Mosqueda Gustavo Alberto 2-B

    My opinion is that every day there are new things that up every day and must be unique as his fierce the last day, after all the end is not desegradabl.

  33. j.Enrique Madrigal Díaz 2 A

    I think every new day is an opportunity to continue with our lives and dreams, and in these new days also gives us a chance to smile and you got by moments of happiness.
    are moments of happiness and life gives us new days, then life gives us the opportunity to continue to build opportunities for happiness.

  34. Ivan Alejandro Vega Flores 2°A

    That’s what we really came here to learn… to be happy.
    Even though it sounds cheesy, and even when it seems like it’s a simple thing to achieve… being truly happy is one of the hardest things to do in life; however, if we manage to understant that everything is about growing up, evolving, and becoming better, we’ll eventually see that being happy is a choice we can make, and that sharing that happiness is a duty to our fellow earthmates.

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