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Hace algunas semanas no veo noticias en televisión. Era usual hacerlo al despertar. No sé si me informaba o me desinformaba, lo que sí estoy seguro es que las noticias tenían una buena dosis de parcialidad y pocos ingredientes para la comprensión de lo que sucede en los intestinos de este país y del mundo. Además, confieso que me volvía insensible a ciertos hechos. Ya me resultaba peligrosamente familiar el tren de imágenes que acompañaban las noticias: militares, policías, sicarios, armas, camillas, ambulancias, cadáveres, camionetas baleadas, mujeres llorando.

No sé si me habré perdido algún capítulo novedoso, no sé tampoco si es la actitud más ciudadana que cabía esperar de un profesor que coordina un curso optativo que, coincidentemente, se llama “Formación ciudadana”. No sé si he cometido un pecado ciudadano, pues, pero mis deberes como tal no los dejo de cumplir, ni he perdido la capacidad de seguir creyendo que me gustaría ver noticias con otro contenido, y que eso sucede, si el día llega, porque el mundo se ha vuelto más habitable para todos, para que quienes tienen mucho dinero no se preocupen porque los pueden secuestrar, a ellos o a sus hijos, y para que no haya otros cuantos –cientos de millones en el mundo- que padecen pobreza y hambre. Eso me gustaría, pero intuyo que faltan algunos veranos y sobran algunos malosos.

Un día Mariana me dijo: papá, ya no quiero ver noticias porque sueño feo. Desde entonces ella no ve noticias a mi lado y yo duermo tranquilo. El mundo no será el paraíso con la tele apagada, pero tampoco mejorará si sólo aguardamos el siguiente noticiero o el próximo partido de fútbol.


  1. karen dice:

    Profe creo que lo escrito en este articulo es muy sierto, ya que en la t.v. solo se basan a estarnos diciendo sobre todas las barbaridades que estan pasando en nuestro país, hasta miedo nos meten, pero no nos hablan de la educación, de aspectos que nos favorescan a todos, que hagan que los padres de familia junto con sus hijos se sienten a ver la t.v. agusto sin ninguna preocupación a que pasen cosas en ella que puedan asustar a los niños o inquietarlos de el mundo en el que estan viviendo…

  2. Arthur Edwards dice:

    When the people reporting the news become more important than the news..we have a problem.
    When the news is self-serving and promotes persons or interests… we have a problem.
    When the news is constantly about the same topic, it limits our vision and, yes…we have a problem.
    When real “news” and discussion is at midnight or on television stations that are not available to many…we have a problem
    When people become desensitized because of all of the death, dismemberment, abuse of power, corruption, etc….we have a problem.

    Our communications have many problems in this country. We speak at each other and don’t listen. We explain things and others do not reason. We plead and beg, but find nobody to have compassion.

    Television needs to help us all grow as a nation, as a people. It needs to provide us with culture, unity, values, and most of all, a pride of being who we are….regardless of our ethnicity or social and economic condition.

    • Arthur, sin duda, tenemos un problema, muchos problemas, pero tenemos también capacidades y fortalezas, tenemos claros los problemas y allí podría empezar el punto y aparte.

      Un abrazo y gracias por compartir la riqueza de tus aportaciones.

      Gracias sinceras a todos los estudiantes de tu curso.

  3. Tenochtitlan Xamonek Caldera Barajas 1° D dice:

    this is from bad to worse.
    how to say the sir. Juan carlos, this not improve or being all day see tv or tending turn off.
    about my oppinion i think that the most convenient is to be most caotius begore of all and continue forward.

  4. Maria Dolores Adán Santillán 1.-D dice:

    sometimes the tv show a world dangerous and few time look nice.

  5. Ivan alejandro novela macias 1°B dice:

    My opinion whit this kind the news that we could of the situation is awareness and figure how we help change is complicated it is better just be listening to the number of deaths there was a day, that were captured etc. besides are more 112 millions of the Mexicans something could do together

  6. Roberto Quintero (Alumno del Profe Edwards) dice:

    Most of the news are bad,sad and violent.I honestly dont like watching them,because they just report the worst things that happen in our country and scare off our people.

    The truth is that it would be diferent if they didnt report so much bad news,because people wouldnt be such afraid.

    Mr.Juan Carlos,as you can see,how sad that your daughter,i imagine that she is little,is afriad to watch the news.Imagine when you leave her at school,she will feel unsafe and afraid that something would happen like in the news.

    Honestly the news are more bad than good, its rare that they say a good news from Mexico.They should have more news that give joy to the kids from mexico and our childeren so they can feel more safe when we leave them somewhere else.

    • Roberto, pero tengamos cuidado. Esconder la cabeza no nos permitirá avanzar; lo que tenemos como obligación es la tarea de cambiar el mundo para que los contenidos noticiosos sean otros. Y cambiar el mundo tiene un punto de partida siempre: uno mismo.

  7. aldo david hernandez castañeda dice:

    Prof.my opinion what is you have the reason. Because every day program and documentary pass of extreme danger. But for you say country what is don’t paradise and t.v off the paradise what is having form citizen supporting all are not destroying and don’t Secuestro what should to be To pass documentaries or news on the students and school programs

  8. Alan Rair Guzman Delgado 1°D dice:

    Oh man! that’s right, we have a problem, is sad that children watch all of this death, tension, corruption, and realize this is where all of us live.

    We can’t deny the truth, but what we see on TV is an excess and isn’t healty for no one. This news “put the fear in you!”.

  9. Javier Alexis Cernas Avalos 1°D dice:

    In this times the news around the world regulary show the violence’s face of our world, and Mexico ain’t the exeption, a country where a time ago the insecurity governs the street, where are the good news?

  10. Maribel Peralta Larios 1°d dice:

    It is worrying, though the index us crime we in country. The we indication was TV only a part of it

  11. ramon francisco martinez velazquez 1D dice:

    the communication media every time they keep showing more bad things and less good things that are nace of valuable for families for watch

  12. Miguel rosales ochoa 1A dice:

    The situation in Mexico is critical by lack of culture.

    Some people is decide by it easy and missing to the laws.

    The education could change the problem of our country.

    The news not show the reality always contain alterations.

    • Miguel rosales ochoa 1A dice:

      The situation in Mexico is critical by lack of culture.
      Some people is decide by it easy and missing to the laws.
      The education could change the problem of our country.
      The news not show the reality always contain alterations.

    • 1The situation in Mexico is critical by lack of culture.
      2Some people is decide by it easy and missing to the laws.
      3The education could change the problem of our country.
      4The news not show the reality always contain alterations.

    • Hola Miguel, cuatro aspectos que merecerían ser discutidos en profundidad, y sobre todo, decisiones fuertes para cambiar y empezar a construir el futuro con un horizonte más promisorio. Buen apunte!

  13. daniel 1:D dice:

    today the Very expressive news is shows more images or facts that may be inanppropriate for our children

  14. daniel 1:D dice:

    the news only cause harm to people because they think when they leave home can be hijacked

  15. Juan dice:

    Me queda claro que ver los noticiarios en tv coayuva a mantenernos desinformados; como profesores no podemos quedarnos con una sola visión del ambiente que nos rodea, debemos tener la competencia docente de discernir, unificar, esclarecer y formar nuestra propio concepto de la realidad, generalmente leo periódicos digitales de diferentes “colores” y de diferentes paises, la verdad, considero que nuestras fuentes noticiosas locales son parecidas a las producciones de telenovelas, pero bueno, parece que el auditorio pide eso, continuando con el círculo más que vicioso de la desinformación y de la ignorancia. Saludos a todos.

  16. Manuel ALejandro Rodriguez Valdovinos 1°D dice:

    about this subject, i think is something worrying if we want to change what is happen i need to change, being a better person and respect others for a better society.

  17. Ernesto Alcaraz Andrade 1*D dice:

    in the present or mexico’s reality all in the news is about crimes,deaths,corruption,”sicarios” and other kinds of barbarities. whit the pass of the time oneself can get tired of all bad news and tried to disconnect oneself to all this negative news.

  18. Julio Daniel ROdriguez Puga 1 A dice:

    I Feel what the education how all in mexico is very to corrupt for the corruption of the governments, of the senior, and very things more, I am from which you call say which just with my effort I to achieved enter to bachillerato and also whit my effort to the faculty of telematica where I meeting but ¿few students don’t enter whit the calls “palancas”?. The true I am very pround of the education which give our country but one or another form I have to go out forward, ¡GOOD ARTICLE! 😀

  19. Francisco Javier Chan Ramirez 1°B dice:

    I agree with Juan Carlos. Nowadays, there are many disasters and awful events that happened every day; we can see them in the news, a mean of communication. Every day, the news says that many people died, that a truck was damage, that some officials were kidnapped, etc. it is sad to hear these kinds of events, however, it is the reality. I hope that one day, we can see in the news subjects about t
    *that Mexico accomplish its expectations in Europe in creating this prototype, that became extinct robberies and kidnappings in our country. Unfortunately, the same responsible or managers are involved in the corruption.

  20. Luis Guillermo Briceño Ochoa dice:

    and the worst part is that the people begin to see it like a normal thing and begins to adjust themselfs to the situation in the country and nobody does anything to change it, so we need to start making a difference.

  21. Juan Pedro Tintos Mendoza 1 B dice:

    In my very personal opinion, i absolutly agree with you, really, we always see the same shit on the news, everytime that we turn the TV on, it is the same, i liked the form how Mr. Edwards said the problems we have with news on TV, the most important thing here is to be objective giving the news, I do not know if the world is really that bad or it is just what people want us to see on tv, but what i am sure about is that if we try to change ourselves as individual people, the world could be better in the future, “Do not try to change the world, change yourself first”. Luis Guillermo Briceño said something really importnant and sadly true, “the worst part is that the people begin to see it like a normal thing and begins to adjust themselfs to the situation in the country and nobody does anything to change it”, and i agrre with him, BUT WE HAVE TO MAKE THE DIFERENCE.

  22. Juan Pedro Tintos Mendoza 1 B dice:

    Early in the morning today, I woke up and listen that my dad was watching the news on TV; fortunately, it was not really bad news. It is really a shame that almost 60% in the world news are bad news, but it is confortable to know that there are good news too, technologic advances, science advances, good laws approved, etc.

  23. Rommel Salvador Juárez Rodríguez dice:

    That is very true, as I had said in other post “México is really going down” but not only México, the world is really going down, because every day in the news there are many deaths, shootings, murders and many things that we only make us live in fear. One would like just turning off the TV, these problems resolved alone, but the reality is other.

  24. Rommel Salvador Juárez Rodríguez 1 B dice:

    That is very true, as I had said in other post “Mexico is really going down” but not only Mexico, the world is really going down, because every day in the news there are many deaths, shootings, murders and many things that make us live with fear. One would like that with just turning off the TV, those problems were solved, but reality is other.

  25. Luis Antonio Narajo Mora 1B dice:

    I agree with you, now I am use to see this kind of images. I’m not surprise when I watch the acts violence that happen it. Seem like the acts of voilence are common. I remember that when I was young I barely listened this kind of stuff.

  26. Maria Lizbeth Ochoa Sarmienta dice:

    sometimes it’s better don’t know what happens in world for find the tranquility of moment and forget the reality although too it’s good be informed the news.

  27. Maria Lizbeth Ochoa Sarmienta 1 B dice:

    in my personal opinion sometimes it’s better don’t know what happens in world for find the tranquility of moment and forget the reality although too it’s good be informed the news.

  28. Manuela Rodriguez Niebla 1B dice:

    Certainly the world doesn´t change just neither one human being it may change. The people see the facts and nobody to say anything, perhaps I’m wrong. But we live fear day to day.

  29. Carrillo Mosqueda Gustavo Alberto 1-b dice:



  30. Alejandro Gilberto Heredia Morán 1° B dice:

    I agree that the media just show the problems of the nation. Narcotraffic, corruption and power struggles are topics of every day, but they aren’t able to show to the people the important of a change that is to the country.

  31. luis humberto urzua araiza 1b dice:

    i agree with that i think the reality is very hard not think that drug trafficking will never end as if never request that the sun rose.
    because the most important news is almost always a murder, because he always exalt the atrocities commited by these barbarians.society is very silly, so much so that their minds sing somo narcocorridos and still able to ask
    “high-wing violence in colima”

  32. Pedro Madrigal Velasco 1°B dice:

    I think that most of the times the news don’t talk about relevant themes and this situation causes that people don’t show interest about then but see the news serves to know as this the world and know this educate the children.

  33. axel orozco 1B dice:

    I totally agree with you, nowadays all you see on television is drug lords fighting for each other’s territory, kidnappings, killings all sorts of violence. I wish I could say that its different news everyday but it isn’t every single day all I hear is the same crap over and over.

  34. 1A Ricardo Ploneda Espindola dice:

    Well,i agree whit you,but if the goberment says that of or country is because the true is other, the situatio we are going is bad,i know but may be worse because the goberment the little does they do,they are doing well; now the newspapers are full of bad news,we need hope to think that Mexico can do better.

  35. Irving De La Mora 1B dice:

    Today the news are no longer an suitable means for all the public, from children to adults, because I see some things differently than they show, as you say, professor, do not know if we are informing or misinforming us.

  36. Armando Vazquez Zamora 1° B dice:

    The news is means of communication what the people watch the TV, the people see the tragedies in the countries, the people is solution the problem for stop violations, theft, killings, etc. The family is having the preoccupation for children by what they see on TV.

  37. Jonathan Andres Llamas Cruz 1°B dice:

    I’m completely agree with you, cause we lose the time just watching news and lamenting, or worse, exciting when we
    look things that happen in the country, we should dedicate more to be part of few people who still have the value
    to try to improve another people, doing little as possible for themselves or their families and then, be an example
    for others to form a chain of good manners, and not a delinquency chain, corruption chain or similar things that are
    not news in our country.

  38. Jose Carlos Hernandez Hernandez 1B dice:

    The news are basically a tv show then they have to show news wich the audience want to see and the true is that the audience dont want to see good news like news wich talk about the achievements as country, they want to see things like the people doesn’t see commonly and it is the violence

  39. aldo david hernandez castañeda 1b dice:

    The TV truth we sometimes a frightened by things what happen in other countries. Don’t because we have to learn from everything that happen in the other countries. But everyone is beautiful and don’t by much people, it`s dedicated to destroying the unethical and kidnapping, instead of that we should support each other

  40. Enrique Madrigal Diaz 1-A dice:

    I think the T.V. news show the problem or defects of the society or country.
    But must show the good virtues of our country also.
    And sad are more bad new than good

  41. José Carlos Llerenas Montes 1-A dice:

    I agree with the article, are becoming less the good news presented on the TV.
    We seems normal see daily people murdered or kidnapped from the organized crime.
    I think that the majority we still have hope that someday won’t have so bad news.
    The current security methods must evolve to that all the Mexicans can “dreaming nice”.

  42. alvaro arellano galvez 1"A" dice:

    I think for that we dont progres on this life all on the tv is violence and more violence . The cartoon have a lot of violence too and nothing of comon sence. we need join furzes and learn to the children to be good people and hate the violence.

  43. Ismael Perez Avalos 1B dice:

    I think than the news and the TV shows in general make people insensitive to some kinds of scenes that they suppose to impact us but they are so common that we only ignore them. I don’t know if it’s good or not that they keep us so “informed” or maybe they only talk about what a little part of the society tells them?

  44. 1A Omar Alejandro Rios Del Toro dice:

    This is the world in the live. All should be more humanist.
    In this world nothing is with moral. You are one big man Mr. Yanez 🙂

  45. In my short life that i have the only thing I remember from the news are problems; robbery, murders, danger, etc.
    I would like to know what was news 40 years?
    If MEXICO has changed?
    I was glad to know if mexico pasific.

  46. Edgar Daniel Gaitan Rodriguez 1°A dice:

    I suggest that news and do not attract attention because Mexico is really high crime and high crime and the media really are dedicated only to focus this area go back to other things but do not blame them relevant is what live, but please please think of ways that children spend watching TV is not so aggressively or at least give the shocking news to a schedule integrity dañemos no children are our future and make the most interesting news or put new things to attract viewers

  47. So true and clear as a spelled agua.Ha MEXICO unfortunately much of that if it looks today. Even if not by political parties or injustice or the Pobresa. I do not want blames but he added that there one responsible for all this there is ………
    At least that is the same company ..¡¡¡¡¡…?

  48. osdy gersaid fletes arreola 1 "A" dice:

    This is very sad but true.All news in Mexico are about the “narcos”.Would the news view and dont view bad red news in Mexico.The “narcos” control Mexico

  49. Rubén Ricardo Trujillo García 1 A dice:

    In my point of see I think that already is should do something in the case because the truth not is can be quiet knowing that to the return of corner can see any shooting or something by the style, but to the contrary when the people must of be united to change why this affecting to the country, there more people that is links to that movement of people that are destroying the country.

  50. Jose Antonio Aguiar Palacios 1A dice:

    Let me think,I,like some people we see the news in the TV in the morning and always it’s the same ¡ALWAYS! is the same but at different state. Me too I would like see other content nicer,that is why I turn on the radio in the morning that the end of the day I do not get anything because I follow to hearing the same but we will not nothing avoiding see o listen the news,If anyway I hear it on the streets with my friends or with the people.

    My ask is ¿Why we do not talk about something nice?

  51. diego alejandro 1b dice:

    juan carlos I find it very interesting way you talk of news what certain as see are stuff we damage each time pass shooting is the lawsuit gadafi many deaths children that cry what as are parents or acquaintances as far as see news to nice are for us

  52. Alicia Soto 1°A dice:

    I do not believe that is a mistake move away so little this medium. On the contrary, I think that is even better,anyway we learned what happens, but sometimes whit less impact.
    It really is very sad see so many notes bloody, people corrupt,crimes and more.


    My opinión is that news in east moment are regularly speaking of the violence..
    because of that the country of Mexico have much corruption…

  54. Julio Daniel Rodriguez Puga 1 A dice:

    In my opinion the television of today on our news we can that are very sensationalist, but really is the reality is living in our country. We have become very insensitive to the situation actually see very days soldiers, police, judicial, murders. Has become a habit, regrettably

  55. Ivan Alejandro Vega Flores 1ºA dice:

    Sadly, as you said, I think that the means of communication have been accustom us to see like “normal” criminal behavior, murders and the presence of drug traffickers ands criminal groups. And because those are the news that the people are interested to watch, these will continue in the air, so the futurs generations (inevitable victims) will consider those actions like “normal” and “comun” and maybe learning them.

  56. Miguel Leòn Bautista 1º "A" dice:

    I think is true this as today any means of information is only used to give bad news.
    But not everything that happens in this country is bad.
    There are also good things to meres be said nationwide.
    For all to see that just as there is evil there is also good things that happen around us.

  57. Adrian Vizcaino Martinez 1B dice:

    In my house happens a similar situation, my little sisters don’t watch the news with my parents, they have to wait until my sisters are sleeping, so they can watch the news, because all that are in them are really violent, I hope that after a time, these news have disappeared, and that I can watch better news, some information we could use.

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