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Posted by Juan Carlos Yáñez Velazco

Camino a la escuela Juan Carlitos me pregunta: ¿papá, eres feliz en tu trabajo? Me desconcierta. ¿De dónde vino la interrogante? Le respondo: sí; ¿no te parece? No dice nada. Su vista permanece fija en la avenida, o no sé en qué.

Después, solo, en el auto, me pregunté: ¿suficientemente feliz? ¿Cuán feliz?

Después de los despueses siguen danzándome las mismas cuestiones. Y siguen.

Como escribiera José Saramago en El equipaje del viajero: hay que tener cuidado con los niños. Mucho cuidado. Sobre todo, si no queremos movernos de la fila de los cómodos o resignados.

Los niños son un peligro. Sus preguntas pueden ser bombas detonando en la plaza central de nuestras presuntas certezas.


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  1. 1J Alejandra Peralta Escamilla

    1. Maybe children aren’t dangerous. is just they are not afraid to think or question themself about things around them.

    2. I think that we are too busy thinking about everything we are going to do, that we forget to give the same importance in how we feel.

    3. Maybe because we are not accustomed to think if what we do makes us happy, when somebody else asks us out loud, we don’t know what to say.

    4. Sometimes is better to think like a child and act like an adult, to be complete.

    1. arthur edwards

      Nicely said!

  2. 1K David Alejandro Alvarado Villa

    1.- Children have another way of seeing the world and sometimes they ask things that adults overlook.
    2.- Sometimes we are not questions for fear of the answer.
    3.- The children are curious for all things that is in this world.
    4.- I like this publication

    1. arthur edwards

      Very good coments!

  3. 1J Andrea Muñoz

    1. Mostly children see more than we think.

    2. They doesn’t care about material things, they just care about the feelings of the people that live around them.

    3. Maybe adults have to be more inconspicuous about their bad feelings, because children realize about the smallest thing that could exist.

    4. Children are more open mind than the adults, they use their imagination and maybe that’s why they’re happier than mostly adults.

  4. 1K Daniel Gerónimo Chacón Carrillo

    *the kids have an other way to see the world
    *they dont think in money or work they just are kids
    *the parents work for her children
    *the kid feels when her father is sad or tired for his job

  5. 1E Juan Manuel Brizuela Castillo

    1. Children see the things completely different to us, and that make a big difference on the way we act, what we say, what we do.
    2. Children don’t know exactly what is considered as right or wrong. That’s why their innocent comments sometimes are the meanest.
    3. What we think it’s mean, or wrong, for children is called being honest.
    4. Unfortunately we are accustomed to think everything is right, even when we know we are about to fall down, just to keep calm and forget about the problems, that’s why we leave everything to the end. But sometimes we have to let that child out and listen carefully to him, just to be honest with ourselves.

  6. 1J Yazmin Gutierrez Solorio

    1.Children are usually curious, but they do not know if they’re asking questions that make you think
    2.should not bother that ask for happiness in our work, because we chose
    3.children see more than what we see
    4.Good to see the perspective of children

  7. 1J Aylin A. Hernández Reyes

    1. The children have a natural curiosity about the world around them.

    2. They aren´t afraid of what the older people.

    3. Many times we think that your questions don´t make sense but the children are wise and intelligent.

    4. And maybe the children if they are dangerous, but only for older people, because as Saint-Exupéry says the older people never understand if things stand alone, because they have lost that fascination child and beatiful view of the world around them.

  8. 1J Christian Cagide

    1.- Children are smarter than with think
    2.- They can be an inspiration
    3.- We see the world as a responsability, children see it how it is
    4.- May be we need to think more like children

  9. 1E Luis Alberto Robles Hernández

    1.- But all the questions of the children aren’t intentional (to be a difficult question)
    2.- Sometimes, maybe children, could help his parents, about what he or she is asking.
    3.- The father of mother can feel those questions, maybe they could feel well, bad, or undecided.
    4.- Because they are children, they want to know all, but i think they aren’t aware of their family situation.

  10. 1E Erik Parra

    1._ I think that the child asked that ‘cuse he is just curious
    2._ Those questions are commun when the children are in the kinder garden.
    3._ Maybe the child just was watching the avenune for something else
    4._ The kids always say akwards questions

  11. 1 K Alan Cerna Olivares

    1.- a kid its better than a young person
    2.-the kids always say the truth.
    3.- the kids ask the most difficult quiestions.
    4.- kids are smarter thar our

  12. 1K Javier Perez Mendoza

    1. though not what children know the parents feel as if they are well or not

    2. children sometimes ask questions that may surprise parents such as Dad how much you love me? Or Pope you are tired when you get to work? Children are a box of surprises

    3. parents don’t always know to answer questions to the questions as innocent of children

    4. children are sometimes so innocent that they do not measure the questions that make

  13. 1k Mildred Silva Méndez

    1. The children always have question
    2. Children see the world with other eyes in comparation with the old people.
    3. Children are innocent
    4. I think children don’t know the impact their questions have to the old people

  14. 1J Jose Ricardo Mendoza Martinez

    1. The children say the first thing that pop into their minds.

    2. That’s why they sometimes make us “awkward” questions.

    3. But also that “awkward” questions could be good.

    4. They can help us to remove our blindess.

  15. 1K José Daniel Ceballos Peregrina

    1.- Children are smarter than we think
    2.- I find more difficult to know what a kid is thinking than an adults
    3.- You can never know whats in a kids mind
    4.- They will always trhow these awkward random questions

  16. 1K José Daniel Ceballos Peregrina

    1.- Children are smarter than we think
    2.- I find more difficult to know what a kid is thinking than an adults
    3.- You can never know whats in a kids mind
    4.- They will always trhow these awkward random questions

  17. 1J kevin padilla garrido

    1. Sometimes kids ask something but they dont understand how will we take it
    2.they say such things not to bother you, they just wanna learn
    3.its not a bad question, he dint do anything wrong, also you could learn from this, are you really happy with what you do everyday?
    4.its not so easy to answer some questions they ask sometimes

  18. 1E Moreno Olmos Atzin

    1. This topic is very interesting
    2. You know that answer to a son
    3. Children are your reflexes
    4. We must teach children about doing that you like

  19. 1E Juan Plata Hernandez

    1.-often happens

    2.-Sometimes children can ask questions that we stop to think

    3.-Sometimes kids ask something but they dont understand how will we take it e,e

    4.-Children are smarter than we think, this is really

  20. 1K Cesar Alejandro Ramirez Arreola

    1. is why we must focus on what you really like
    2. children always realize everything and tell the truth
    3.- if you work on something you do not like just for the paycheck, you are wasting your
    4. often do not ask us if we want this

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