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Posted by Juan Carlos Yáñez Velazco

Las palabras pueden ser un insulto, una ofensa, o la promesa, el anuncio esperanzador.

Las palabras son un puente que une, fusiona, acerca; las mismas palabras son un pozo profundo donde se entierra cualquier posibilidad de aproximaciĂłn.

Las palabras pueden ser un paño de seda, una caricia; pero pueden convertirse en bala de cañón.

Con Ivonne Bordelois aprendí que las palabras son gratis. También con ella, en su sabiduría, descubrí que son lo que queda, cuando los objetos se nos perdieron.

Las palabras están poseídas por la magia, y tienen la magia para el encanto o la maldición.

Las palabras son tan indispensables como el silencio.

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41 thoughts on “LAS PALABRAS

  1. 1k Gustavo Fernando Morentin Ballesteros

    1.It is true that words have many ways of being interpreted

    2. There are many people who can not make good use of the words

    3. People who do not know how to express well with their words are very difficult to understand

    4. I think we should treat all people know very well express in words

    1. arthur edwards


  2. 1K Israel Alfonso ChavarĂ­n Castillo

    1.-The words are a double-edged sword
    2.-If they not used correctly they can hurt someone
    3.-It is important to know when and where to talk
    4.-It is better to remain silent, than to speak without thinking of the consequences

    1. arthur edwards

      good comments!

  3. 1J Alejandra Peralta Escamilla

    1. Words are like powerful weapons that can be dangerous.

    2. Sometimes is better to be silent. Sometimes silence says more than words.

    3. We must be careful with what we say, because when all is said, there’s no turning back.

    4. Is interesting learn several lenguages to express ourselves around the world.

    1. arthur edwards

      And words have the significance we give to them. They can mean a lot, a little, or nothing! Good work!

  4. 1K Anuar Avimael Jiménez Anguiano

    1.- Words are unvaluable, they are our live, as well they are our point of view.

    2.-Sometimes, even the right words are wrong. We have no idea sometimes.

    3.-The most important thing is not stay quiet; actually, it’s know the right time to tell.

    4.-If we don’t know how to use them in the right way, we could hurt somebody, and we’re not looking for the begin of a lot of troubles.

    1. arthur edwards

      Very good!

  5. 1E Alan Fco. Sánchez Cazarez

    1. I agree, words can be a blessing or a curse, we use them like we want.

    2. Sometimes i’ts hard for me to express my thoughts to other people.

    3. We usually don’t think before talking.

    4. I spent so many time thinking about this sentence… that explains the sentence number 2.

    1. arthur edwards

      Your comments are so true!!!! And expressing yourself is often the most difficult thing!

  6. 1K Miguel Angel Carrasco Olvera

    !. The words, it is a world inifinite.
    2.I lost words for love. I earn a love for words I died and revived words.
    3.the words, i´m love with the words
    4.Very well blog

  7. 1K Daniel GerĂłnimo ChacĂłn Carrillo

    *the words are the social connection with people
    *we can hurt someone if we dont express good
    *its an expression of the soul and heart
    *but some people just talk and talk for nothing

  8. 1J Yazmin Gutierrez Solorio

    1.the words have many interpretations
    2.sometimes words can also be good, they are not necessarily bad
    3.the words can be used as you like
    4.silence is good because it says more than words

  9. 1E Eduardo MartĂ­nez Santoyo

    1. The words are the most powerful tool of the human being.
    2. Sometimes is better to stay in silence that speak words with no sense.
    3.Without the words the communication will be very difficult.
    4. I like the way that Juan Carlos think about the words.

  10. 1J Andrea Muñoz

    1. The best gift you can give to someone, are words. Why? Because words express feelings.

    2. There’s nothing better than expressing yourself with words, this keeps your mind away, like living in a different world pararel with this.

    3. But be careful, because it isn’t as easy as it seems, finding the correct words is a hard work.

    4. Even if your words are good or bad, they never get forgotten of people’s mind. So, be careful but not quiet.

  11. 1E Juan Manuel Brizuela Castillo

    1. Although words were created to communicate something, they became a double-edged sword (as everything human make).
    2. Even if we say something, words become Ideas in other people’s minds, that’s why sometimes when we say anything,someone thinks we say something rude, even when we didn’t wanted to sound like that.
    3. Words are the only think that can express how things really are, that’s the way we learnt from our past civilizations.
    4. Words are the reflection of people, the way the use them is the way they are.

  12. 1E Luis Alberto Robles Hernández

    1.- We have to think before saying something
    2.- Words help us to communicate with other people in a formal way.
    3.- We have to be careful what we say.
    4.- When you say the words, you feel something in every single word, like if they have feelings.

  13. 1J Jose Ricardo Mendoza Martinez

    1. Wise words has been written.

    2. I usually be mitaken for the tone that i use some kind of words.

    3. Even if you don’t think that, you can offend someone with your words without knowing it.

    4. We can be destructive or either helpful, when we talk.

  14. 1J Kevin Padilla Garrido

    1. We have to think before talking
    2. words are like coins, one might be worth a lot, like a lot are not worth a single one
    3.words are like bullets some might hurt and some others might kill you
    4.some words might hurt you even more than a punch, always be careful before saying something you never know how will the others take it

  15. 1J Aylin A. Hernández Reyes

    1. I agree totally with what you say.

    2. The words are a powerful double-edged weapon.

    3. I think that as well as a person can be cured with a word also they can kill.

    4. We must be careful with the words because they are our legacy, they are eternal.

  16. 1J Christian Cagide

    1.- Words are like bullets, when aim well, they can be devastating
    2.- Words are our way of comunication, but not always it’s the right one
    3.- We need to think what we are about to say, because it may not be the right way to say it
    4.- In the end, words are just that, words

  17. 1K David Alejandro Alvarado Villa

    1.- The words are weapons if we know combine.
    2.- All people use the words but sometimes we are not known that we say.
    3.- One world without words are very complicated.
    4.- Sometimes we ingnore the power of the words.

  18. 1E Glenda Gpe. Camarena Gtz.

    1. I think we should treat all people know very well express in words

    2. Even if you don’t think that, you can offend someone with your words without knowing it.

    3. Wise words has been written.

    4. Words help us to communicate with other people in a formal way.

  19. 1 K Alan Cerna Olivares

    1.- you need to choose the correct words to talk with the people.
    2.- one word have a lot of meanings.
    3.- each people have different ways to show feelings
    4.- most people don´t think what are saying

  20. 1E José Juan Santillán Torres

    1.- The words can are magic when you think before you speak.
    2.- The words are beatiful, like the silence.
    3.- Excellent blog.
    4.- Your opinion is very well about the words.

  21. 1E Otoniel Ramos Andres

    1.- just simple, only one word can make or ruin your day

    2.- always we need analyze the words, and know how to use them

    3.- one word cant be the key from, a lot of oportunities or vice versa

    4.- the words can be memories, or only words……..

  22. 1E Noel Gabriel Camacho Cardenas

    1.The words are a weapon that can hurt them.
    2.There plabras magic, they are called sincere words.
    3.bless or curse that is achieved with the right words.
    4.Sometimes silence says more than words.

  23. 1K Javier Perez Mendoza

    1. Words are a weapon of double edge that must be measured

    2. Be very careful with what one says or writes that you can get our words to hurt someone

    3. As well as they can be soft, elegant and peaceful; the words can become threatening, tough and painful than a blow

    4. Do not speak or write without thinking about the words that you used; You can than when you express it do not correctly

  24. 1k Mildred Silva MĂ©ndez

    1. Everything that we say is expressed with words
    2. The words are unseen
    3. The words are perfect because you make a lot of combinations and are endless.
    4. The words are perfect to express feelings

  25. 1E Luis Gerardo Galindo Luna

    1. Some people don’t understand how meaningful word can actually be.
    2. Nice post.
    3. Words can be used in many ways but not everyone realizes that.
    4. Your opinion is very true.

  26. 1E Luis Gerardo Galindo Luna

    1. Some people don’t understand how meaningful words can actually be.
    2. Nice post.
    3. Words can be used in many ways but not everyone realizes that.
    4. Your opinion is very true.


    1. The Bible says that words kill or give life
    2. According to the psychology of a person he is known even by the words
    3. What is the cause for a person to have an unpleasant vocabulary
    4. When a person is in silencion which is what communicates

  28. 1E Rodrigo Velasco Rivas

    1. This makes me remember an old saying that goes ”It takes 3 years to learn how to talk, but it may take 70 to learn to keep silence.”

    2. It’s true, sometimes I wish I could shut up. How many times have I gotten in trouble because of my mouth? Can’t remember.

    3. However, words have real power that’s undeniable, a single word can heal wounds, or kill a person.

    4. If we all could just think every time before saying something…

  29. 1K Alvaro Rodriguez Ramirez

    1.- The words are free and send a world of feelings in them.
    2.- We must always think before you speak.
    3.- The words began as a form of communication, but became the interpretation of our soul.
    4.- Talk intelligently leaves a good feeling.

  30. 1k oscar eduardo castrejon mejia

    1. basicly, it´s one of the most impornt thig of our lives.
    2. we need tu know, how use the words in difrents moments.
    3. somenitmes the words be just lies or trues.
    4. can talk with words, it´s one of the most beautiful thing that i can do.

  31. 1K José Daniel Ceballos Peregrina

    1.- Words could mean a lot of things or could mean nothing
    2.- Sometimes it depends on who is sayĂ­ng the words
    3.- It also depends on the way the words are being said
    4.- This is a pretty cool poem

  32. 1E Moreno Olmos Atzin

    1. This topic is very interesting
    2. Sometimes words can be misinterpreted
    3. Think before you speak
    4. Sometimes we can say words and wrong

  33. 1E Omar Guadalupe Manriquez Bravo

    1. Words are the best way to express our fellings.
    2. You have to think twice what are you going to say!
    3. The words some times can be misinterpreted so watch your tone.
    4. It’s important to know how to use the words correctly.

  34. 1K Francisco Xavier Batista Ibarra

    1. It’s true that words aren’t just a letter after another when they have a meaning.
    2. Words have the power to create and destroy
    3. Someone said “You can say what are you thinking, but you must think everything you’re going to say”.
    4. I agree with the last phrase “Words are as indispensable as silence”.

  35. 1J Luis Fernando Gonzalez Sandoval

    1.-words can create hate or love.
    2.-we can always think that words have diffrent meaning.
    3.-the way someone say the words is also very important becacuse you can see how really that person is.
    4.-we always need to think before we start to talk.

  36. 1K virginia martĂ­nez castro

    1.-We have the power to comuncarnos.
    2.-But sometimes the words we use incorrectly.
    3.-Other times we need to express the feelings.
    4.-The words we need to use correctly without offending the other.

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