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Posted by Juan Carlos Yáñez Velazco

A mediodía salí de la facultad rumbo a una entrevista importante. Desconocía pormenores del encuentro y eso me inquietaba un poco, por la desazón de no tener todos los elementos, todas las preguntas, todas las posibles respuestas. Distraído enfilé por la calle al auto. A unos metros un estudiante del bachillerato caminaba en la misma dirección. Una señora lo detuvo y brevemente intercambiaron palabras. Ella vino a mi encuentro mientras yo buscaba una canción en el teléfono para colocarme los audífonos. Me detuvo con correcta amabilidad. Habría sido guapa, o más que guapa, elegante, consciente de su edad; ropa limpia, recién bañada, peinado impecable. Cargaba en la mano derecha una charola transparente. Con gesto cortés me ofreció chocolates finos. Así dijo. Mi cabeza estaba dando vueltas en lo que me esperaba. Gracias, ahora no. Fue la respuesta, con sonrisa acompañada. Seguimos cada uno.

En el auto la imagen de la señora me persiguió. Pensé en ella unos años atrás; poco tiempo, nada más. Pelo recogida por el calor, vestida como para la comida del domingo con familia en casa, para atender a sus hijos, a sus nietos. Feliz de la congregación. Entonces, supuse, no tenía la remota idea de que los golpes de la vida la mandarían a la calle con su mejor sonrisa y sus pastelitos para ganar los pesos que ya no entran por el sueldo del marido, de ella, del negocio perdido, de la jubilación paupérrima. Pensé, solo eso pensé y maldije las vueltas de la vida en una edad en que difícilmente puedes remontar la caída.

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26 thoughts on “LAS VUELTAS DE LA VIDA

  1. Rosario Morfin

    interesante, muy interesante

  2. 1K Israel Alfonso Chavarín Castillo

    1.-Life takes many turns, that is true
    2.-We do not know what lies ahead in reality
    3.-That is why we must always strive
    4.-To get the best possible future

    1. arthur edwards


  3. 1k Gustavo Fernando Morentin Ballesteros

    1. It´s true that the life that life takes many turns

    2. Mrs. good instead of feeling bad about not receiving salary from her husband try to help your family

    3. Everyone should be like the lady and try to see the positive side of things

    4. People when something bad happens rather than thinking about it should try to fix it

  4. 1J Alejandra Peralta Escamilla

    1. Life is not always fair.

    2. Sometime somebody told me that maybe life doesn’t give you what you want, but it does give you the necessary.

    3. You never know what’s waiting for you tomorrow.

    4. The bad experiences are for don’t be repeated.

    1. arthur edwards

      Very good!

  5. 1E Alan Fco. Sánchez Cazarez

    1. I’ve experienced something like this article before.

    2. People around us can’t see what we are dealing with in our minds.

    3. Our daily experiences can be very meaningful.

    4. Even if we have problems in our lives, we should always keep a smile in our faces.

    1. arthur edwards

      Excellently written…good ideas!

  6. 1J Andrea Muñoz

    1. Life is like a roulette. You can’t expect for what is coming.

    2. Once something happens to you, you get prepared for a twice, but guess what? Anything happens a twice in a life.

    3. You can’t get prepared for anything, just learn to live with what you have at this moment, feeling agreed with yourself.

    4. And if an opportunity appears (and is a good opportunity),TAKE IT! Probably you’ll be regretting the rest of your life if you had not taken the opportunity.

  7. 1E Juan Manuel Brizuela Castillo

    1. When I see people like that in the bus station, I don’t think if I’m gonna like what they sell, I only think that they need to get money somehow, and they are doing it in a fair and humble way. Helping someone is priceless.
    2. Life is unpredictable, that’s why we have to take advantage of all we have right now, cause we’ll never now when we’ll lose everything.
    3. Helping is not about giving what you don’t need, but giving what you most need.
    4. The way you treat someone is the way they’ll treat you, and honestly I’m always willing to help, but just under two situations; If they treat me nicely, or if It’s within my possibilities.

  8. 1E Juan Manuel Brizuela Castillo dice:

    1.- Sometimes I masturbate in my school
    2.- I love tacos
    3.- Naruto suck
    4.- One piece is endless

  9. 1J Yazmin Gutierrez Solorio

    1.I think life takes many turns
    2.the future is uncertain, you may be right or wrong
    3.always do good deeds
    4.we always have a good perspective on things that happen to us

  10. 1E Erik Parra

    1._ The words just bleed but mend too
    2._ Sometimes the paople take to heart the things
    3._ The people don’t know how to use their tools for the life
    4._ When I was a child , I used to just take a lot of care to the peple said.

  11. 1 K Alan Cerna Olivares

    1.- one day you are in the top of the life, the next day youre nothing.
    2.- you should help other persons
    3.- don´t do to other what don´t want to do with you.
    4.- that reminds me a song

  12. 1E Eduardo Martínez Santoyo

    1. Life is unpredictable.
    2. Something similar happened to me few months ago.
    3. Treat people the way you want them to treat you.
    4. You should bought a chocolate.

  13. 1J Saraí Jacqueline Mojica Torres

    1.-It was inquiring and really struck me the title.

    2.-Because a few days ago he was in a taxi on the way to college and the taxi driver wanted to pass a semaphore…

    3.-Thought I would die, because we almost crashed with the car.

    4.-Life revolves without asking.

  14. 1k Mildred Silva Méndez

    1. I don’t know why you write this if you don’t help her
    2. The people one day is someone other day is nothing
    3. The best form to help someone is beginning to change our values for exaple humility
    4. Now is the time to change

  15. 1E Rodrigo Velasco Rivas

    1. I found myself in a similar situation a couple of years ago.

    2. I went to visit to visit a familiar of mine to an hospital in Guadalajara.

    3. When we went out, I saw an old lady selling candies, saying it was to help her pay for an operation for her son. I bought some, in part to help her, in part because I really like candy.

    4. While I didn’t know the details of her situation, it made me realize it’s true, a whole life can change from one day to another.

  16. 1K Alvaro Rodriguez Ramirez

    1.- It this what happens when we take bad decisions
    2.- Not always is our fall, the important thing is not be dropped
    3.- Work, work and work, not always work.
    4.- But we can shake hands with the friend in need.

  17. 1K Miguel Angel Carrasco Olvera

    1. you win my respect Dr. Juan Carlos, so really, I remember to my mom.

    2. Your Blog sums have given me desire to create thoughts like yours, what would be the benefits? Speaking in every way.

    3. Although sometimes one thinks there are better ways to make money, so sometimes I do not support the hawkers

    4. Nice reflection.

  18. 1k oscar eduardo castrejon mejia

    1. that´s the principal problem nowadays.
    2. unfurtunately, we not put the time necesary for us carrer, and that happend.
    3. that´s the amazing turns of life.
    4. for that, i wnant put so much time to mi carrer.

  19. 1K José Daniel Ceballos Peregrina

    1.- This is something to think about
    2.- Everytime i walk home from school i see people and i think in things like this
    3.- How can we change this? we can’t, if something bad happens the only thig to do is to don’t back down
    4.- It’s unfortunate what happens with this lady

  20. 1E Nájera Cortés Brian

    1.- We need to think about it
    2.- Not always work must be a work.
    3.- Many people are in this situation.
    4.- I have the chance of study my carrer, then I do my best.

  21. 1E Rogelio Oseguera de la Cruz

    1. Nowadays, each day people are like that for diferent reasons like the ones you speak on your article.
    2. While some people win money honestly and struggle for it others just steal it.
    3. There are no limits for the people who work and earn money.
    4. In this life we shouldn’t be dependent of other people but of ourselves.

  22. 1E Omar Guadalupe Manriquez Bravo

    1. Life is hard.
    2. Some times we fail but we learn from that.
    3. We have live our life like if it was the last.
    4. That’s why I’m studiying, I want to be a person who helps others and have financial freedom.

  23. 1K virginia martínez castro

    1.-Sometimes it does not didn’t prepare for any interview and did not care about that
    2.-But not two realize that with only exchanged a few words is more than sufficient
    3.-And thus begin with a conversation Correta
    4.-And forget the nerves for a few moments.

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