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La “evaluación universal” de docentes. Apuntes en clave de twitter

Posted by Juan Carlos Yáñez Velazco

La evaluación universal no es la piedra filosofal. Los sistemas educativos no se construyen desde la evaluación; pensarlo equivale a construir una casa desde el techo, pero la cordura no lo aconseja.

¿Por qué entonces la fiebre evaluadora? Vivimos la era de la evaluación, dicen los expertos. Hay razones para la moda.

Una: compramos el discurso de que si no evaluamos, es decir, medimos, no mejoramos.

Dos: porque es más “fácil” aventurar cambios en el sistema de evaluación que en los de aprendizaje. En otras palabras: es más cómodo elaborar baterías de reactivos que transformar prácticas docentes.

Tres: evaluar así, como se concibe, es responsabilizar al docente por el fracaso escolar, asunto colectivo.

Si solo evaluando vamos a cambiar al país, entonces, pensemos lo que hace falta por evaluar. Hagamos un listado parcial.

La evaluación universal podría empezar en la oficina máxima de la SEP, luego, en la del SNTE.

¿Evaluación universal a los periodistas que, aun pagados con recursos privados, realizan una función social?

¿Evaluación universal a los empresarios que, además de arriesgar su dinero, reciben ayudas públicas por distintas vías?

¿Loret de Mola obtendría altas calificaciones en prueba Enlace o pasaría de panzazo?

¿Evaluación universal a diputados? ¿Evaluación universal a funcionarios públicos?

¿Evaluación a los árbitros de fútbol?, ¿a los futbolistas?, ¿a los comentaristas deportivos?, ¿a los “ventaneando”?

Con la evaluación universal muchos no tienen que preocuparse ya: exhibieron ignorancia y demagogia.

Como todos y todas prometen que van a cambiar al país cuando lleguen al poder, soñemos: ¿cuando vivamos en el país de las evaluación universales, quién evaluará a los evaluadores universales?

¿Entonces inventaremos otra historia, otro cuento chino, como dice Oppenheimer?



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31 thoughts on “La “evaluación universal” de docentes. Apuntes en clave de twitter

  1. Diego Alberto Rodriguez Jaramillo 2D

    Certainly this measure does not change much, or will be useful to implement it. My question is how they will be evaluated because there must be several aspects to be evaluated as the level of knowledge, some skills, psychological testing, and some others. But what is the point of all this, if nobody will be fired for fail assessments. Above all, this will not regulate knowing the corruption in our country.
    I think it is useless to evaluate. I doubted that the government make actions after these to change and improve the teachers.

  2. Jonathan Andres Llamas Cruz 2B

    I think that “evaluation” is something important, but not critical. An evaluation about something is just an abstract data. The real evaluator for each thing is knowledge. While continue implementing an evaluation method for each thing, results are useless, because evaluation is not a data worthy of qualifying some knowledge.

  3. Juan Pedro Tintos 2 B

    Evaluate is a way to know our knowledge in one assignature or topic and even to know how is our performance in one discipline or general activity (sports, games, culture activities , etc).
    Evaluate can help us to improve ourselves because it says how good we are or which mistakes we have, knowing this, we can put hands on work and change what we need to change to be better day by day and recognize our achievements when we have them.

  4. Rommel Salvador Juárez Rodríguez 2B

    Certainly, universal evaluations show nothing, there are times that the outcome of the evaluation does not demonstrate the true intelligence of the people. And as you say, if are doing assessments, whom an assessment which evaluated?, as we know that these people are actually trained.

  5. Luis Antonio Naranjo Mora 2B

    I think it’s right about if we don’t evaluate, we don’t improve. I’m don’t saying that we will improve with figures, but we will improve for mistakes learned. Certainly I think the evaluation method used is not correct, we are different, we think differently, we teach differently, we learn differently, and an evaluation that evaluate us with the same way, don’t reflect completly our capacity that is “evaluated”.

  6. Maribel Peralta 2D

    I like the think this whole idea of questioning on the evaluation
    I like the question all these people that is devoted to question other
    But many of these journalists are people with great experience
    Importantly question not only stay with the information submitted to us

  7. Ivan Alejandro Novela Macias 2°B

    -It really makes me laugh, these “assessments” are useless, at least not in Mexico. They are only leaks money, political support, etc.. I do not expect anything, just problems, strikes and so on.

  8. María Lizbeth Ochoa Sarmienta 2B

    In my personal opinion they are right if we did not evaluate, we do not improve, it is necessary to detect progress in the teaching and learning, to the extent that teachers, students and the educational institution to determine the strengths and weaknesses to work on improving of them, and so do better in learning.

  9. Martha Cecilia Trevizo Villanueva

    El sistema educativo esta mal por el Gobierno y la sociedad, todo le queremos dejar alos maestros les recuerdo que el día tiene 24 horas y solo 6 estan en la Escuela. En la mayoria de los hogares los hijos ven, una hora de Laura en A merica, Una hora en las maquinitas, cinco viendo novelas y a la tarea solo una o media hora

  10. Rodriguez Niebla Manuela 2 B

    It seems to me that it is the same story, maybe it`s the reason of many deserter students, we don`t adapt to the new educational model, I think however we must go on to get our studies.

  11. Javier Alexis Cernas Avalos 2°D

    I think this evaluation is important, but it’s not the more important for we know how is the education.
    True problem is at house, because parents don’t be worry about their children education.
    Maybe if we will adapt new educational model, we could be get a better education.
    This kind of question show some, but don’t show all.

  12. salvador hernandes francisco 2 °a

    While continue implementing an evaluation method for each thing, results are useless, because evaluation is not a data worthy Certainly I think the evaluation method used is not correct, we are different, we think differently, we teach differently, we learn differently,students and the educational institution to determine the strengths and weaknesses to work on improving of them, because parents don’t be worry about their children education.
    Maybe if we will adapt new educational model

  13. Ruben Ricardo Trujillo Garcia 2*A

    I think the “evaluation” is important, but not critical. An assessment of something is just a set of abstract data. The real evaluator for everything is knowledge. As long as the application of an evaluation method for everything, the results are useless, because the evaluation is not a fact worthy to qualify a little knowledge, because when someone should have to show the world what we really learned the results are very bad few graduates of schools of taxi drivers are not going to work on something that has nothing to do with what they studied and learned nothing because all the reviews and supposed to have 100% … I find it illogical.

  14. Jose CArlos Hernandez Hernandez 2B

    I’m agree with you Yanez, education systems are not built from the evaluation.
    A good evaluation should be systematic and regular that allows for a comprehensive diagnosis in terms of academic performance compared to the topics covered in each subject.

  15. Chan Ramirez Francisco Javier 2 B

    I think that the assessment is essential. Because extensive knowledge about various topics and so you can collaborate to make proposals. Assessment is also good to qualify your level of different roles. That it isn’t only criticize but give actual views.

  16. Armando Vazquez Zamora 2° B

    Very true I think that the “evaluation” is very important to know how much we have learned in school, secondary school or degree. Evaluation is only a series of questions, which are only rationing or logic. Not only must assess students but also to implementing the evaluation.

  17. Ramon Francisco Martinez Velazquez 2°D

    I think evaluation is important only to realize that we failed, but it’s true what you said, the reviewers evaluate Who? How do we know how true is your assessment?
    but good to see that it happens to be the best.

  18. Miguel Rosales Ochoa 2A

    I think the universal evaluation is very important that there is sabra teacher quality account our national system of education.

    I think some teachers are against for fear of being exposed to a possible failure of his evaluation.

    I mentioned that this doctor is very important because not only do teachers have problems there are people who play certain positions that are very important decisions for the country as politicians.

    My opinion is that there be a restructuring in business schools everywhere states municipalities of the country for a better nation.

  19. Omar Alejandro Rios Del Toro 2ºA

    I think it’s a great truth that we are living the time measured by a test. Since no one is only for students of course. But the evaluation is not universal because if it were we would be giving an average very disappointing. Especially we would be disqualified on finance and politics. I also wonder who evaluated our country? Or what can we do about it? Finally after all are only empty views.

  20. Jose Antonio Aguiar Palacios 2 "A"

    In my opinion a perfect evaluation is important because it is a way to realize that level of preparation and that we have failed miserably and only see the rating and if we take 7,8,9 or 10 or if you only see the ratings disapprove and do not study all the error we see only bad point. Now is the criticism is what he does is right wrong is a good way to criticize it as the knowledge that as you know. It is tempting to put us to study assessment (some) to see us not so bad.
    ¿Loret de Mola get high test scores or pass of panzazo Link? Lol good question or not so do homage to their film now report the passing of panzazo

  21. 2A José Carlos Llerenas Montes

    I think that the universal evaluation can be useful, but not the only way.
    We must analyze the education existent in our country.
    Analyze learning methods, the position of pupils and teachers, the support recieved, etc.
    We should not only depend of the universal evaluation on teachers to know the kind of education we have, because the results may be inaccurate.

  22. j.Enrique Madrigal Díaz 2 A

    Do not believe in universal screening, the results for evolution, you can get in different ways, not always evaluate your skills, to evaluate, I do not help much.

  23. Ricardo Ploneda 2°A

    What I wonder is What happened after the evaluation? I do not think be debugged who do not obtain good results, then, what serve? Clear that the results are very obvious in my opinion, we have a lot of teachers who really do not perform their function as it should be, or sometimes it is even a shame to call teacher or teachers. I can not doubt that some results are “covered” or modified by whether or not actually show what we as educators of our future.

  24. Alvaro Arellano Gálvez 2A

    In my opinion the universal screening is very important in some partsas it is evaluating teachers according to their performance.
    But also wrong because some pupils do not evaluate consciousmind and sometimes evaluated to harm the teacher.
    I also think that teachers are against this for the same make andevaluated unconsciously losing their jobs.
    Hopefully this will change and be evaluated properly as it should be.

  25. Carrillo Mosqueda Gustavo Alberto. 2-B

    My opinion is that if this is done by takin as a reference to changer the perspective of the people is not very complet or very good, but in my opinion it isn’t very good evaluate.

  26. Luis Ricardo Hernández Rebolledo 2°A

    Very good topic!, That if the majority of the people in charge to see if we are good in the studio, maybe to make statistics for any things. The point here is that we need to improve assessments only and do nothing to improve, never thought about it and not know why. But as I said, it would be good that you begin to change our thinking in the education system

  27. Ivan Alejandro Vega Flores 2°A

    I do think that evaluation is an important part of a working system… but as you say, it is NOT the only part of it, nor the most important one. Personally, I believe that the most important part of a society that’s functional, is set on the base of values; being “responsability” the most important one for me. If we’re all responsible for what we choose to do, evaluations wouldn’t be such a hype. What we really need to do is work harder and become interested in what we do.

  28. Miguel Leon Bautista 2A

    Had an action before this evaluation,
    for example talking about teachers, to come out with acceptable results, remove them would be something good that was done, unfortunately this does
    not happen.
    As he says “is to measure, not to improve” then, that this movement will assess, in my
    opinion, for nothing will.
    It is not necessary to check for the type of people who are leading a group, if we see
    them since we can realize what they can and what can not offer.

  29. Madrigal Velasco Pedro 2°B

    Evaluate it’s a good instrument to see how well we are doing things. So we can improve in those points were are failures. Talking about education is a bit complicated, maybe an evaluation can tell us we are doing something wrong but it doesn’t tell us how to fix it. In my opinion, I don’t feel like we are going in a good way.

  30. adrian alejandro vizcaino martinez 2B

    I think like several that universal assessment is not appropriate, it is not the right thing to improve, with the evaluation educational systems are not created. Perhaps to evaluate us we could improve any thing in what we are wrong but it will not always be so.

  31. Maria Dolores Adán Santillán 2°D

    I think everyone wants to have a quality education but little result is also easy to promise, but compliance is different, it is true as will be the results if we apply tests of any item to footballers, journalists.

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