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¿Es posible educar a todos?

Posted by Juan Carlos Yáñez Velazco

Hay asuntos que no nos son ajenos y comprometen. El derecho a la educación es uno. O mejor dicho, la imposibilidad del derecho a la educación para todas y todos. El panorama no alienta optimismo: casi 800 millones de analfabetas en el mundo y varias decenas de millones de mexicanos expulsados del aparato escolar.

De acuerdo con un reporte oficial reciente, 40 por ciento de los mexicanos, especialmente mujeres, no han hecho efectivo lo que constitucionalmente es un derecho. El director general del INEA reconoce que hay 5.3 millones de analfabetas, 10 millones sin primaria y 16 millones sin secundaria, entre la población mayor de 15 años. A ellos se agregan más de un millón que cada año son expulsados de secundaria y bachillerato.

No especulo con una cifra, pero más de 32 millones es escandaloso. Un gravísimo problema, invisible hasta hoy en las políticas públicas y ante el cual no hubo respuestas eficaces.

¿Cuánto tiempo requerimos para solucionar el reto en México? Don Pablo Latapí hizo un pronóstico dolorosamente vigente: el siglo veintiuno. Los hechos y la estadística oficial no lo han desmentido.

Si bien asistir a la escuela superior no garantiza un empleo con salarios dignos, ser excluido del sistema escolar es un pasaporte a la exclusión social. Y si para cada familia que enfrenta la situación es una condena perpetua, que un país tenga a la mitad de sus habitantes en rezago es un impedimento severo para el desarrollo económico, humano y la democracia. Lo demás, es demagogia.

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16 thoughts on “¿Es posible educar a todos?

  1. Balvanero

    Lo frío de los números son dolorosas y sentidas realidades que nos topamos todos los días… y así se quiere levantar “bandera blanca” en analfabetismo…

  2. Jose Antonio Aguiar Palacios 2A

    I think it’s a very, but very good question is it possible to educate all? I think we must make the attempt is not likely but I think if we can educate them all.
    Now the question is who is to take charge of education for everyone? Because nobody works for free or if you’re not going to benefit you do not include myself.
    But most of all looking for something that you find so you will want to study what to do on their own and those are the people mostly just the ones reached great.
    For me, Mexico is so great that if it were possible.

  3. Ramon Francisco Martinez Velazquez 2°D

    It’s truly sad to watch the news and realize that not much is being done to solve this problem. I have great faith that one day in Mexico is a great country that talent and ingenuity of the Mexican is recognized not only in jokes, but as people who knew how to overcome as a country.

  4. Jonathan Andres Llama Cruz 2B

    I think that education is posible for all of them who want to take it. Problems come when would like to study but it is hard because economy causes. On this cases, government should give more support to this group of people. Schools should focus in gifted students, but not because that, exclude those who don’t advance at same speed.

  5. Luis Ricardo Hernández Rebolledo 2°A

    This problem is very important but many people do not see well, I say the problem is that most Mexicans do not have enough culture, failing that, people see the studio with another point of view.
    It should be someone, someone that stops the problem and decided to face this.

  6. Miguel Rosales Ochoa 2A

    I think that education is a right that some lost through lack of resources
    to pay inscriptions on occasion it is difficult for some familys support it.

    I think the country’s economy is affecting this because if all Mexicans earn a better salary habruia more opportunity to attend education.

    When you want something really fighting for it if education is something you have in mind will be something to fight and not let you conquer any problem.

    I think that is because there are more illiterate women to the customs of the past where occassionally educated to home and could not receive education.

  7. Jose CArlos Hernandez Hernandez 2B

    Education is a right, should be quality and received over a lifetime, not just as a child or young school age. In Mexico, as in much of the developing countries, the right of access to education is fulfilled virtually all children between 6 and 12 years, in primary school age. However, this is not true with children of 3 to 5 years, or with young people aged of 13 to 15, much less with the population over 15 years, and it is not possible to ensure that those with access receipt, to the most cases, a quality education

  8. Ruben Ricardo Trujillo Garcia 2*A

    In my opinion this question is very good this matter to you people because the truth is said to be easy to educate someone but really what you see now days is very difficult because few politicians say they have a high education when when the elections are not dedicated only to mistreat our neighbor from the other party to speak ill, briefly throwing earth to the other people with lies about people being fake.
    In my view if I would see what the world to improve education in adolescent children to people in older people because if we have few drug should not be killed, how many people do not steal, just when people throw trash in uneducated street but it is something that starts from our homes and go well, we have instilled every day.

  9. 2A José Carlos Llerenas Montes

    I also think that this numbers are alarming and worrying.
    32 million are a lot of people, one third of the country, more people than the entire population of other countries.
    This means that we must do even more in the field of education to reduce these numbers.
    People educated is the solution to several problems that we suffer.

  10. Roberto Quintero Cervantes 2D

    I think it’s sad to watch the news and realize that not much is being done to resolve all these problems.Hopefully one day we can change Mexico and improve all the problems around the world so it could be a better place.Hopefully the goverment can do something about all this and find a way to make all this right.

  11. Omar Alejandro Rios Del Toro 2ºA

    In my opinion there may be able to educate everyone. The right is a privilege because the numbers are cold but do not lie. There are many illiterate in our country that is a bit irrelevant who want to educate all without a good structure. They want to educate all without having a structure of education, it is best to do things step by step can not run without learning to crawl before.

  12. j.Enrique Madrigal Díaz 2 A

    I think the change is in us, since I can remember I have, politicians always promise campaigns and make proposals for education, and promise to change the educational system, improved. But the problem is that they have done nothing to solve the problem, not just care about the education their personal benefits.

  13. Ricardo Ploneda 2°A

    Certainly, If education is a right for all, because there are problems of expulsion for students, then we are not being consistent.
    Unfortunately, in Mexico we have an exaggerated population and many poor people , Or living in populations rural very remote, but this should not be an impediment to their reaches education every corner where they are.
    It is necessary to try and make this right is exercising.

  14. Alvaro Arellano Gálvez 2A

    Of course it is possible to educate all just a matter of people youwant to throw because if they try to educate and would not want that.
    To all who are middle and high school is because they are not interested in studying and doing everything possible so that thethrow.
    I also believe that there are people who really wanted to study but if you do not have the resources to do so.
    But if given support to all the people who really are interested in studying all could be students.

  15. Ivan Alejandro Vega Flores 2°A

    You ask if it’s something that can be done… yeah, I do think it can be done, but if it’s going to be easy? or quick? No… I don’t think so. However, it’s something we do need to work for, a better education means better prepared people, that means we, as a society would become more critics about what happens, not only in our country, but in the world, and to make the right choices, we do need to see the whole picture.

  16. Miguel Leon Bautista 2A

    Good teacher, trying to answer your question with my opinion, do not think it possible, because not only is in our hands, but in themselves (who must be educated).
    And old customs are such that women do not study, although there are few people who follow these customs are being counted in the indexes.
    Others are for example, young couples who, for whatever situation can not continue their studies.
    Or the economic situation of many is a big impediment to study.

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