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Posted by Juan Carlos Yáñez Velazco

Me asombra el cariño que los santafesinos le tienen a los perros. No sé si en cada casa habrá uno, pero es un paisaje común: hombres, mujeres, jóvenes, viejos acompañando a sus perros (o viceversa) en ciertas horas del día. Los tienen hasta donde no está permitido, como los edificios de departamentos. Pero me sorprende, y desagrada aún más, el escaso respeto que tienen por sus semejantes, por los otros hombres, mujeres, jóvenes, viejos pero, sobre todo, por los niños.

Seré breve y, espero, no muy elocuente. Los santafesinos hicieron un deporte masivo de pasear sus perros en las calles, en parques, en los jardines donde juegan los niños, para que allí hagan sus necesidades fisiológicas, como se dice en términos elegantes. Pero después de las defecadas, a ningún santafesino, santafesina he visto comedidamente agacharse con su bolsita y buscar el siguiente bote de basura, o siquiera, como los gatos, taparla con discreción. Como los canes la tiran al mundo ahí se queda, al aire libre, para que con los fuertes vientos que azotan las calles con frecuencia las respiremos o traguemos todos en minúsculos bocados, primero los que salimos a caminar, a pasear, a hacer ejercicio pero, sobre todo, para que la respiren los niños y se sigan “educando” en esta repugnante relación hombres/mujeres-perros-ambiente.

Al principio quise creer que ese paisaje era solo invernal, pero con la tímida primavera nada cambió y nuestros paseos nos delatan ignorantes, como en la canción de José Alfredo Jiménez; aunque no, no es que no sepamos mirar, es que no queremos ser víctimas del inminente próximo campo minado.

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28 thoughts on “CAMPOS MINADOS

  1. Carlos Santiago Núñez Romero 1°K

    I think that is bad, very bad and worrying.
    My parents don’t leave me have a dog, i like de dogs very much.
    When i have a dog, i will try very well and love very much.
    I will try never make the same that santafesinos.

  2. Jorge Ricardo Villalvazo

    I think the problem is the culture. The education of the country, our education, is not good. We never think about other’s welfare, or what to do for have a better place. And the biggest problem is that we are teaching to next generation to no have education or a bad culture, and we are teaching that we don’t must care the others.

  3. Rodrigo Alejandro Ortega Rodríguez

    I really like dogs and cats, but i’ve never had one.
    My neighbors do have, and it’s the same situation with them.
    I clean my street, but the dogs make their “necessities” near my house, so, sometimes smell very bad and I have to clean again.
    All the people should really take care of what their pet does, because it’s a resposibility.

  4. Perla Esmeralda Rivera Rueda

    The dogs are like babies, they call for more cares.
    I personally don´t like animals, that’s why I don’t have pets.
    That unconscious people are not careful with their pets.
    we see how much we care about the environment, for our own health and that of others.

  5. José Luis Torres Cervantes 1°K

    I like dogs, but definitely I think that we should have the habit of collect the excrement of our dogs.
    We have to be respectful with other people even with the enviroment.
    If the Santafesino aren’t respectful with uu, then we have to show them how to be respectul.
    Starting to talk with them, if they don’t understand by this way, then take another way to try that they understand this.

  6. Alexis Buenrostro Arreola

    We are very lazy people is why we act as we do have pets but not pick up the “needs” of our pets is a habit that must change gradually but is something that can be achieved by making people look bad causing or putting fines as in states USA

  7. Jhonatan Gonzalez Perez

    Personally, I like animals but I respect.
    Should have more education to collect waste from their animals.
    Having a pet is like having another child more at home.
    We need to teach the little ones of the house to respect our planet and our animals.

  8. Pulido Partida Josué Gamaliel

    Personally I think that you need to have another perspective of the situation. People need to have more education and responsabilities for their pets. I think that if we have a animal we have to clean their poops when we take them out. The dogs bring love to so many homes.

  9. Sergio Omar Lopez Ceballos

    I like dogs but need some these aspects as for other people can be unpleasant and we have to have respect for people

  10. german mtz.

    As I was reading throug the comments I found something interesting and true, we can blame it on the countrie’s coulture and education, for example, in Canada, they have plastic bags in the parks so people don’t have to carry them arround while walking their dogs, it all depends on how clean is the coulture of the country.

  11. Gabriel Andrade

    Should have more education to collect waste from their animals.

    we see how much we care about the environment, for our own health and that of others.

    I will try never make the same that santafesinos.

    I always I have to pick my dogs feces because I have in the yard and not let out much.

  12. Alan Heriberto Gutiérrez Vigil

    This situation, is no more than a reflect of our poor culture. Is only one example of that, but there are many others. Something as simple as that, should be the minimal than the people must do, if not to respect the others (as it should be), then for respect for their own children or family, or for their own hygiene, but if they aren’t able to show that they are careful even in that, just give yourself an idea of the rest of their manners.

  13. hector priego

    I like dogs , but people some no education a other people, that in mexico in country other is much education and statute
    pets people.

  14. carlos espinoza

    Having a Pet is a big responsability too. Thr Dog reflects the Type of education it recieved by its owner. We can see everything about the owner in a Pet. Not everyone can be in charge of a Pet.

  15. luis manuel sanchez paez

    In this days people dont take the reponsability of having a dog seriously they just “want a cute puppy”.

    I do like animals but i dont have pets i dont need that kind of responsability right now.

    Having a dog and take care of it it’s like having a baby and just ignore him.

    It’s sad that in mexico we dont take care of the animals as they deserv, but coming from a place where people live in the street and the goverments dont seem to care about it im not that suprised.

  16. Felipe Adrian Juarez Robles 1K

    i like the dogs.
    i think is bad action from the people.
    you have one dog?.
    is your responsibility have one bag when get out with u dog.

  17. Daniel Enrique Godinez Medina

    *i like the dogs, i have one in my house :3 his name is sky
    *everybody, when get out with his pet, forget raise the poop, or simply, the people dont care and still walking
    *But this is a very important think, we have to change, because, i saw in the notice, the pulmonar cancer is killing a lot of people in the world, and the pollution its a first thing that we have to eliminated,
    *If i will a gobernator or somebody important of the state, i will propose a law, if you leave a poop of your pet in the street, or sidewalk, your must pay money.. seems like when you put your car in the discaciti place

  18. Luis Montes de oca Flores 1J

    The dogs are like babies, they need care.
    The problem is more about the education of the people.
    People don’t think about the damage they cause.
    What would you do in this situation?

  19. Armando hernandez

    ¿really there are so many dogs?

    As you describe, its like the garden close to my house.

    The people that live there, should be more concerned about the others.

    things like this has to stop, but it’s difficult changed the way of think of the people.

    1. Juan Carlos Yáñez Velazco

      Armando, lo que en realidad hay es un problema de conciencia ciudadana, de indiferencia ante una situación que no manejan adecuadamente.


  20. Brian Alexis Florian Peralta 1ºK

    I think is a problem there should solved.
    But the dogs aren’t guilty, the dogs do their need where can.
    The persons dirty are, because cleaned not.
    The boys are the affected.

  21. Gerardo Orbe Sánchez

    I agree. Like you said, everything is about de owner and his/her lack of awareness.
    I have a dog, and when I go with him to the park, street, etc., I take with me a newspaper and a little bag. The problem is that, where I live there isn’t any trash can, so I have to walk a lot just to find any.

  22. David Batista Rodríguez 1J

    -i like the dogs.
    -dog is a man’s best friend.
    -this information is very interesting.
    -it would very nice take the dogs for a walk.

  23. César Pérez Vuelvas

    I never have a dog but I do not regret.
    always I thought that having dogs in very small houses or properties is very poor igine.
    Dogs are to be kept in large properties.
    But always I wanted to have a canine companion.

  24. Salvador Alan Pérez Tostado

    -Not only in Santa Fe have these problem, also in many cities have the same problem of human conscience.

    -I hate that people don’t respect rules as not introduce animals to forbidden places.

    -This is a massive problem.

    -Many people (including me) should be more aware.

  25. jorge salvador ciprian figueroa 1J

    All this is worrying.

    Dogs must be careful.

    We have ma conscience to take care of our pets.

    We care for our environment.

  26. Alexis Noel Ceballos Amezcua

    Not only in Santa Fe have these problem, also in many cities have the same problem of human conscience, This situation, is no more than a reflect of our poor culture. Is only one example of that, but there are many others. Something as simple as that, should be the minimal than the people must do.

  27. jose guadalupe ojeda martinez 1J

    That’s a bad habit of people today.

    Do not think of the damage it does that waste to the urban environment.

    I do not tolerate that kind of people.

    The dogs are not to blame, if not its owners are not educated, and not assume their responsibilities.

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