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Posted by Juan Carlos Yáñez Velazco

La política en México es un caso raro por misteriosas razones. Me referiré a uno solo de sus rasgos (no sé si se reproducen en otras partes). Le llamé la generación espontánea. Lo confirmo ahora que empezaron las campañas políticas en mi estado.

Es fácil de explicar: apenas erigirse candidata o candidato le afloran las virtudes más extraordinarias y exquisitas. A veces me pregunto: ¿y cómo carajos no lo habíamos hecho gobernador, presidente o diputada? En delirio he llegado a pensar, deslumbrado por las cualidades sobrenaturales: ¿y si nos convertimos en monarquía para tenerlo con nosotros siempre?

Tengo muchas hipótesis para explicarme esta versión tropical del subdesarrollo democrático y ciudadano. (Una especie neopospretérita del rey desnudo, el cuento de Hans Christian Andersen). Ninguna es edificante.

A esa generación espontánea, que refleja nuestra subnormalidad política, la refuerzan y martillan medios aflojerados, veleidosos, banales, sensacionalistas, poco exigentes, que a su vez, exhiben deficiencias en las productos formativos de las escuelas de periodismo.

Cuando Giovanni Sartori escribió Homo videns. La sociedad teledirigida, advertía que en la sociedad a que arribábamos la muerte de una gallina aplastada por la pared se convertiría en noticia. Así estamos ahora, atestiguando, cual súbditos, la danza gozosa de noticias insulsas, abundantes pero escasas de poder explicativo.

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  1. 2D Isaias Antonio Orozco Rios

    The democracy in mexico is nonexistent starting with the plunimominal politicians.

    In the article mentioned things that the vast majority know.

    likewise the media lie to us everyday hidding the truthfulness of the news.

    Homo videns i must to read that book

  2. 2B Dulce Rosario Vargas Zepeda

    1. The media of communication now it seem circus.

    2. We only realize what they want us to know.

    3. In the country, the democracy is more important than the thousands people in extreme poverty.

    4. It seem the story of the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  3. 2B Luis Armando Duran Vega

    1) It is very curious how the news have changed and become in meaningless abundant trash.

    2)The mass media can transform each new nominee in a extraordinary and glorious person who could save us just if we choose him.

    3)The people are going to have the governor that they deserve. If our people do not demand the government that they want, we would never have it.

    4)I wish that at least, we wouldn’t believe in everything which media tell us.

  4. 2B Abraham Morales Inurreta

    1.-The democracy in mexico is nonexistent starting with the plunimominal politicians.
    2.-many problems in this country for corruption
    3.-newspapers put what they want to know and not the truth
    4.-the government steals more d eloo supporting

  5. 2B Jonathan Hali Gorbea Aguayo

    1.The polity is a case rare in the actuality.

    2.He named spontaneous generation.

    3.This generation reflect our subnormality polity.

    4.He mention a writer Giovanni Sartori, in your book talk about the society.

  6. 2B Angel Ricardo Manzo Puente

    1.the spontaneous generation, more than appropiate.

    2.We only know what they want us to know.

    3.everything is full of unsubstantiated news.

    4.We are all chickens crushed against walls.

  7. 2B Luis Gabriel Romero Cervantes

    1.- In politic´s time all the aspirants are the best.
    2.- It´s true. I notice in these days everything is notice like the dress that change colour that was stupid.
    3.- Today´s all we seen we believe and that´so bad.
    4.- That´s because exist the way for manipulate info and make credible or manipulate us.

  8. 2D Aldo

    -The democracy in Mexico is misterious because it isn’t transparent.
    -During campaigns, politicians start to put makeup on their candidates just to make them more “beautiful” for the people.
    -The new of today just show us what they consider is better for them.
    -When Giovanni Sartori wrote his book “Homo videns” he knew what was going to happen to the Mexican politic.

  9. 2D Christian Lau Heredia

    1.-It’s hard to believe that there exists a more convoluted system of government than we’re currently using
    2.-things were definitely worse back in the day
    3.-Bad and incompetent governments are ubiquitous in practice
    4.-Some of this is just pure theft by regimes that remain in power by force

  10. 2A Rafael Ramírez Rodríguez

    It’s the same story every election time.

    They want to be “the goberment we need”, but, are they?

    they are introduced as if they were heroes.

    Maybe, in the future, we will have the goberment we need.

  11. 2D Luis Alfonso Llerenas Maciel

    1.When they begin the political campaigns all candidates make promises to the people and when they reach a political office away from her.
    2.Democracy in Mexico not be complete while there are multimember designations.
    3.The media do not say exactly what happens.
    4.The people must demand them to politicians that they do their work.

  12. 2D Osorio Alcala Jonathan

    -We only know what they want us to know.
    -Today´s all we seen we believe and that´so bad.
    -Homo videns i must to read that book
    -He named spontaneous generation.

  13. 2a Ivan Alejandro Bautista Bonilla

    The news make look at people only that it’s good to them.

    I think that there isn’t democracy in mexico.

    All the candidates say that they will do the best to Mexico but when become president do them the same like others president.

    It´s a funy thing see that all the candidates are very promising but they only know lie us.

  14. 2B Hector Miguel Rodriguez Muliz

    1. Politics in Mexico is crammed with corruption.
    2. Interestingly, in times of political campaigns, politicians who apply are always exceptional people, as time passes cease to be. Hypocrisy Where?
    3. The media, just tell us what they want us to know.
    4. Homo videns …. I need to get that book.

  15. 2D negrete caudillo aaron

    yeah polititians are epic in elections time
    when they start the campaign they are like ghandi…
    then when they’re elected all that stuff is forgotten
    as soon as they are in power they got crazy of it

  16. 2D Méndez Hernández Germán Eduardo

    1.- there are too many corrupt politicians who see only for his sake.
    2.- people feel more powerful than they really are.
    3.- there are people who are really good at what they do.
    4.- our political system from my point of view is not very strong.

  17. 2D Francisco Javier Vega Barbosa

    1.-The most of the politicians are corrupts and make them our captians isn’t the best idea.
    2.-How can you know if that person can be the indicate to be in that
    stand? How could’ve we knew that before chose them.
    3.-We are not smarts to choose the indicates. We’re fools tho.
    4.-We need to improve our democracy. That’s obviusly.

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