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Mis enemigos

Posted by Juan Carlos Yáñez Velazco

Tengo muy pocos enemigos. Poquísimos. Podrían ser suficientes los dedos de una mano. De aquí para allá, claro. Si para algunos cuantos más lo soy, no es problema mío. No se me juzgue por ellos.

Si cada cual elige sus enemigos, no necesito muchos. Los tres o cuatro me sobran y bastan para perder impunemente el tiempo en odios malsanos.

Uno de esos enemigos que más me provocan sufrimiento es la aglomeración, el gentío. Me resisto y casi estoy dispuesto a cualquier batalla familiar cuando el cine, por ejemplo, estará repleto y habrá que hacer filas en boletería y dulcería. Por eso el fin de semana no salí sino por lo estrictamente obligatorio. No estuve cerca de las gangas y lo festino. La indiferencia familiar contribuyó enormemente.

Cuando el domingo termina y debo comenzar los preparativos de mi viaje, el buen fin terminó con resultados altamente satisfactorios: libré la basura, las compras superfluas, la tentación consumista.

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17 thoughts on “Mis enemigos


    1. Exactly the capitalism is the enemies of actually world
    2.i contributed with my family trying of that they no to have spend of el buen fin
    3.el buen fin should to be in tenencias, hipotecas, luz prepagada, agua… or discount extremly amazing
    4. Mexico is so beautiful but so fool

  2. Galindo Luna Luis Gerardo 1E

    1. I don´t even know why you have enemies, you shouldn´t.
    2.´El buen fin´ is just a commercial business.
    3. Nice post.
    4. I agree with your opinion.

  3. 1K Daniel GerĂłnimo ChacĂłn Carrillo

    *that reminds me the trash that the people leave in the street in the march-past of november 20.
    *the people don’t have education to throw the trash in the correct place.
    *El buen fin it’s an informal way to give discounts or months without interests.
    *I think that this kind of “offers” have to be regularized.

  4. 1E José Juan Santillán Torres

    1.- Cool post.
    2.- I am liked your mentality.
    3.- I don’t like the city crowded.
    4.- Your opinion is very well.

  5. Camacho Cardenas Noel Gabriel 1E

    1. Capitalism always up to date.
    2. Everyone has some enemies, some more than others.
    3.”El buen fin” only he gave us more problems.
    4.It is better to save to buy what you want and not due to companies without shame.

  6. 1E Eduardo Martinez Santoyo

    1.-I think most of the people have the same enemy.
    2.-I don’t like to be waiting in a row either.
    3.-“Buen Fin” only makes people to spend money in things that they don’t need.
    4.-I agree with your opinion.

  7. 1K Francisco Xavier Batista Ibarra

    1. When I read the title, I suposed that your enemies were people.
    2. Most of people hace similar enemies.
    3. An other common enemy on poeple is the impulse of buying things on sales.
    4. Everyone must think about our own enemmies.

  8. 1K Alvarado Villa David Alejandro

    1.- The good weekend is only to buy things are not necessary.
    2.- I don´t like to leave home in festive day.
    3.- When I go to see a movie i prefer go in monday or in the first function.
    4.- I opine same you.

  9. 1K Anuar Avimael Jiménez Anguiano

    * Somepeople doesn’t trust in the Buen Fin because of it has no “offers”, and they’re just 3 days of capitalism invading our country.

    *Most of people think the same as you.

    *The people on this weekend, they’re a just buying and spend money in things and stuff that they don’t need at all.

    *We are so fool sometimes

  10. 1J Leslie Jordana Fernández Moreno

    1. The enemies are just people who do not deserve our attention.
    2. It has no reason to feel important by people you consider enemy.
    3. I also think it’s very uncomfortable to leave when everyone leaves.
    4. And rather go during the week and rest on Sundays.

  11. 1J Alejandra Peralta Escamilla

    1.- I hate people too.

    2.- I don’t like small places with a lot o people, I feel locked.

    3.- Consumerism is a serious social disease.

    4.- Buen fin is fake.

  12. 1J Yazmin Gutierrez Solorio

    1-i believe that hate is a feeling that you should not take much importance
    2-I think the same thing, but I think even more people think the same agglomerations
    3-it is good that the “buen fin” finish, so people are not deceived more
    4-I think that the “buen fin” is a lie

  13. 1J Aylin Hernánndez Reyes

    1- I think that enemies while less are better, but that if you have not you must go with them.

    2- I agree with you, I feel disgusted when I see too many people in a place.

    3- I didn´t go out of my house during “el buen fin”.

    4- This weekend was full of materialism and consumerism, spend money that is not had without thinking about the future

  14. 1k Francisco David Preciado Mendoza

    1-I don’t like to be waiting in a row either.
    2-Nice Post.
    3-Always capitalism
    4-I agree with your opinion.

  15. 1E Alejandro Buenrostro Romero

    1. Haha I agree with you in that one, a lot of people in the same place is a really stressful situation.
    2. “El buen fin” The best joke of all time, it’s funny to see how markets just high their prices a few weeks before and just return to the original prices at the “Buen Fin”
    3. A poor and sad imitation of the “Black Friday”,
    4. Makes people buy stuff they don’t really need or want just because it is “cheaper”
    5. Kinda weird to see all this english comments huh? It has nothing to do with this but I just had to mention it.

  16. 1E Moreno Olmos Atzin

    1. To have friends must be enemies
    2. There are many envious people
    3. Always be yourself
    4. That does not matter to us the opinion of others

  17. 1J Andrea Muñoz

    1. I’m agree with you about hating the crowd, I can’t stand it, too.

    2. You won’t be agree with me, but sometimes at the “Buen Fin” you can find good things of daily use in a nice price.

    3. Not everything is cheaper, but in my case I had been looking for an iron, it was in $3,500 approximately (normal price since one year and a half) and at the “Buen Fin” I got it in $1600.

    4. Also, as almost everyone says, the “Buen Fin” is just a waste of money if people buy things that they don’t need.

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