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Posted by Juan Carlos Yáñez Velazco

PPointCon muchas horas de trabajo a cuestas en el día más pesado de la jornada laboral (todos los lunes, no solo este) y algunas ideas para manufacturar mi diario, me dispongo a elegir tema. Antes, paso revista a mi muro en Facebook y encuentro un breve artículo compartido por Arthur Edwards, colega y amigo de la Universidad de Colima. Se llama: Por qué las universidades deben prohibir el uso de power point.

Aquí está mi tema, digo. Algo semejante había leído antes, hace un par de años. Y más de una vez hablé de ello en clase o una conferencia. El autor no anda por las ramas: Power point vuelve estúpidos a los alumnos y aburridos a los profesores.

Las tres razones que convierten en tĂłxico el power point son sencillas: desalientan el pensamiento complejo, los estudiantes piensan en el curso como un conjunto de diapositivas y desalientan las expectativa razonables.

Evidentemente no caben las generalizaciones. Ni todos los profesores promueven la imbecilidad en los estudiantes usando el power point, ni los alumnos se tragan las diapositivas como pastillas para la diarrea. Pero hay un fondo de verdad: sustancialmente usar power point no nos coloca, como docentes, en ninguna vanguardia pedagógica. El power point (y sus variantes) epistemológicamente no establece una relación distinta entre alumnos-contenido-profesor, al uso del pizarrón para escribir la clase, el modo más común hace algunos años, junto al dictado.

No me atreverĂ­a a prohibir el uso del power point, menos en la universidad, donde casi nada puede prohibirse salvo aquello que gravemente atente contra los derechos humanos. Pero sĂ­ que pondrĂ­a en serias dudas la eficacia (y probidad intelectual) de un docente que solo confĂ­a en sus magnĂ­ficos power point.

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  1. 1K David Alejandro Alvarado Villa

    1.- Slides do not have to be saturated with information.
    2.- Present is not reading.
    3.- To expose one must know the topic.
    4.- Powerpoint is a tool to help for expose a topic.

  2. José Manuel Ruiz Calleja

    Yo no sería tan absoluto, pienso de otra manera, no es el Power Point el que puede promover la imbecilidad, es el profesor. Los recursos didácticos de carácter tecnológico hay que saber cómo usarlos y cuándo usarlos, constituyen un apoyo a los métodos sin sustituirlos, lo que muchas veces sucede es que no se utiliza convenientemente, cuando no se sabe construir la diapositiva y los profesores apenas leen lo que en ellas aparecen sin análisis ni problematización de las cuestiones objeto de estudio, entonces puede provocar efectos indeseables. Usando una metáfora puede decirse que es como culpar al auto de un accidente fatal, no es el auto el que mata, es el chofer.

  3. 1J Andrea Muñoz

    1. I think that Power Point is just a TOOL, just for helping people to remember the main idea of something.

    2. This tool offers many ways to insert multimedia in a slide, not only plain text.

    3. Just because some ignorant people use it in a wrong way, doesn’t mean that anyone don’t have to use it.

    4. I’ve seen very good slideshows with different multimedia files, and they looked very visual attractive. It’s all about who’s using it.

  4. Perla del RocĂ­o Lara

    Coincido con José Manuel Ruiz Calleja.

  5. 1k oscar eduardo castrejon mejia

    1. on the one hand it is rigth, but we are used.
    2. if i´m really agree with that teachers they are less able for such comfort.
    3. on the other hand i appreciate that teachers allows us to use it for exhibitions.
    4. but i can finally say that it is only a tool for teaching support.

  6. 1J Alejandra Peralta Escamilla

    1. It depends on who use it.

    2. It is a double-edged sword. It can be helpful and can be boring.

    3. In my opinion, it’s a good tool to expose.

    4. Like Andrea Muñoz says, you can do a great job if you use audio, video or image, instead of just text. It’s more entertaining and is better utilized the tool.

  7. 1E Alan Fco. Sánchez Cazarez

    1. Personally I think PowerPoint is for teachers that can’t make a good class or they are just lazy.

    2. I like to use PowerPoint because it’s like a challenge for me to study the topic and share it very well to the class without reading 100 lines every presentation.

    3. Some people don’t have any clue of how PowerPoint works, they usually fill every slide with copy/pasted words from wikipedia.

    4. Arthur Edwards is my favorite english teacher.

  8. 1K Daniel GerĂłnimo ChacĂłn Carrillo

    *I think that powepoint its a great tool
    *if we know how does it work, and using other tools for teach
    *i dont think that have to be prohibited
    *its a support tool for exposure, but not to remplace an explenation in the blackboard or by teacher

  9. 1E Juan Manuel Brizuela Castillo

    1. We can’t blame PowerPoint for people’s stupidity, it’s just a tool, the problem is that students and teachers created a dependence to this tool.
    2. Personally I think that it’s a good way to help students to know a theme, the problem is that, as the author said, we just eat that information, we don’t try to taste it slowly, we just throw it directly to our stomachs and after that, we throw it away as poop.
    3. I also think that we shouldn’t blame a specific software, I mean… the problem are “Slides”, not PP itself.
    4. As I said in another article, teaches should learn basics things of pedagogy, because make their classes with slides filled with information.

  10. 1E Luis Alberto Robles Hernández

    1.- Many teachers use powerpoint to teach their students, but in a bored way.
    2.- Slides with many letters, the result will be that, students will get boried.
    3.- Agree with Arthur Edwards about the 3 points you mentioned, nice.
    4.- Students learn more, outside from the classroom, than inside the classroom, that means that if your teacher showed you like 100 slides, the student won’t learn anything, unless you practice it outside of the school.

  11. 1J Yazmin Gutierrez Solorio

    1.students need to read more, not just read
    2.I think the power point is misused by students, since only read and do not understand the topic
    3.Some teachers just use this to leave the topic to students
    4.I don’t think that should prohibit its use, since it is a good tool

  12. 1K Miguel Angel Carrasco Olvera

    1. Power Point is a tool secondary but for students not for teacher.
    2.The teachers must have charisma and be a expert in the matter.
    3.Arthur Edwars is a excellent pedagogue.
    4.UdeC is my disappointment

  13. 1J Jose Ricardo Mendoza Martinez

    1. I think powerpoint make a boring class.

    2. The tool is usefull but it’s overused.

    3. Some teachers use it in the wrong way.

    4. But others make their slides short and fun.

  14. 1J Christian Cagide

    1.- Power point is a useful tool but it is boring when it’s overused
    2.- A teacher that uses it all the time is not a good teacher
    3.- Teachers need to learn how to use it properly
    4.- It sometimes is a good addition

  15. 1j kevin padilla garrido

    1. Power point its a great tool, all dependa on who and how is it used
    2.ive seen many teachers using it umm maybe not wrong but in a boring way
    3. Some teachers use it wrong, just pasting some text on it, that makes it boring
    4. Anyway its a very useful tool and like this guy said above, teachers shouldnt overuse it

  16. 1 K Alan Cerna Olivares

    1.- its an excellent choice to do presentations.
    2.- is easy to use.
    3.- have many utilities.
    4.- the class are more interesting

  17. 1E Noel Gabriel Camacho Cardenas

    1.PowerPoint tool that saves classes.
    2.if used correctly can help the learning
    3.this tool becomes boring classes and alienates students of the teacher.
    4.I think that PowerPoint is neither good nor male tool, I think given a bad use

  18. 1K Mildred Silva MĂ©ndez

    1. I think Power point is good tool
    2. Power point state our own ideas
    3. I don’t think Power point turn idiots to Students
    4. If you use a tool the incorrect form is obviously the Power Point doesn’t work and make you idiot, It all depends the way to use

  19. 1K Javier Perez Mendoza

    1. Powerpoint is a tool very easy to use but is boring

    2. as student of the UdeC I think it would be better that teachers simply us the use of Powerpoint

    3. only Powerpoint should be used for certain classes or materials from the University

    4. is should know to use the tool properly to make classes more didactic and not boring

  20. 1E Eduardo MartĂ­nez Santoyo

    1. When teachers use Power Point the classes are boring.
    2. Power Point is a good tool, but you should know how to use it.
    3. Teachers should use less Power Point.
    4. Slides shouldn’t have too much text.

  21. 1E Rogelio Oseguera de la Cruz

    1. Powerpoint is a tool that helps the students make better formal presentations.
    2. I don’t think it’s bad, at the end you decide to use it or not.
    3. it’s good for formal presentations since signs aren’t being used anymore.
    4. The subjects are better placed if they are used in an electronic tool like this one, instead of using signs or other outdated forms.

  22. 1E Rodrigo Velasco Rivas

    1. It depends on the teacher of course, while many of them simply read what’s on each slide of the presentation, others use them to illustrate their ideas, which I think is good.

    2. Power Point can be a good teaching tool, if used correctly.

    3. I don’t remember a single teacher who didn’t use PP at least once.

    4. But overall, yes, PP is getting too overused by most teachers. And what once was a great teaching tool, now is getting bad fame thanks some lazy teachers.

  23. 1E Nájera Cortés Brian

    1.- I agree.
    2.- PowerPoint is a tool for an exposition more visual and atractive, not a replace of the teacher.
    3.- Many of our teacher can’t understand this.
    4.- I’m not paying for a file of PowerPoint, I’m paying for a class where I can learn.

  24. 1K José Daniel Ceballos Peregrina

    1.- I disagree with this, i don’t think this tool promotes foolish
    2.- I think it’s an excellent tool, if it’s given a good use of course
    3.- It’s a support tool
    4.- Of course a teacher shouldn’t use this tool everytime


    1. explanation of students want the teacher and interraccion
    2. but not everything is wrong use of the tool only when the subject requires something visually complex
    3. but ( sorry for the repetition ) angry abuse
    4. prefer books and dictation

  26. 1E Otoniel Ramos Andres

    1.- totally agree , classes are so boring.

    2.- PowerPoint is a tool not a teacher.

    3.- there are few teachers who do not use this.

    4.- PowePoint should be used less.

  27. 1E Moreno Olmos Atzin

    1. This topic is very interesting
    2. Teachers use this tool much as it is more comfortable for them
    3. So only hurt the students avanze
    4. Should oversee more classes teachers

  28. 1J Luis Fernando Gonzalez Sandoval

    1.-power point can make a class boring.
    2.-Power point is used wrong because the real use of this tool is just to rememeber some idea about what the are talking.
    3.-some students just ignore the teacher when he/she uses powerpoint.
    4.-it also can be useful if it is used correctly.

  29. 1K Cesar Alejandro Ramirez Arreola

    1. I think PowerPoint is for teachers that can’t make a good class or they are just lazy.
    2. classes with teachers who only use power point are boring
    3. often do not learn anything about the slides
    4. is a good tool if you know how to use it

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